Global activities of a local McDonalds

Everyday in the newspaper and the news we hear about the term globalization. Flipping through the pages of the business section in the daily newspaper, one would come across many articles on expansion of multinational corporations, new trade partners, improvement in economies and etc. To average person, these articles and reports have structured the term globalization as a world wide process, a concept that can not be analyzed on local basis. But this concept can easily be proven inaccurate by simply analyzing the operations of any well known business in the local area. With some research, it can be proven that a local restaurant like McDonalds is linked to many global activities. When analyzing its everyday operations, one can discover how the restaurant functions under a global brand, the movement of its goods and services, and the effects of a global corporation on the local neighbourhood.

It is clear that over the years McDonalds has spread its fast food chain throughout the world. It offers an opportunity to local entrepreneurs to open franchise restaurant, and operate them according to the policies and principles of McDonalds. Similarly this local branch might be located in a small neighbourhood, but it still functions according to McDonald’s worldwide standard of quality, service, value and business structure. All the franchisees are trained at Hamburger University, including the local franchisee. As a result, all the franchisee have same standard of service and training. The menu that one sees in the local McDonalds is very similar to the menu that is available at McDonald restaurants in other parts of the world. The Big Mac, Chicken Burgers and the French fries, might not have the same names on each menu but will look and taste the same in every restaurant. Thus, all these principles followed by the local McDonald’s, link the restaurant to the consistent experience of McDonald’s across the world.

In order to make sure that customers all over the world enjoy the genuine tastes of McDonald’s food, the local restaurants are provided with many brand name food products such as the Nestle, McCain Food, and etc. McCain Food, which has many production factories in different countries, is the only supplier of French Fries for all McDonald restaurants. Therefore, the French fries that one is eating in the local McDonald’s, are similar to the one that are being eat in some other McDonald’s across the world. Nestle also provides many dairy products to all McDonald restaurants. Through out the local restaurant one would find dairy products which were produced in branches of Nestle, located across Canada or across the World. Leaving food aside, the uniform wore by the crew workers is also imported. The shirts are manufactured in China, and the pants in Pakistan. It is surprising to see that the uniforms are brought from different parts of the world. All these were only few examples, but upon a detailed look in the restaurant; one would come across many other products that are supplied by global food production companies.

A local restaurant, which is linked to a multinational corporation like McDonalds, will bring many changes to the community. The restaurant creates more employment opportunities for the local people. Many people are able to get part-time jobs or pursue a full-time career at McDonalds. Every year, the local restaurant contributes into the McHappy Day, raising money for the local and international charities. A large industry like McDonalds also sponsors many small activities for the local community. Some common activities are organizing sports events and providing donations. Therefore, a local restaurant, which is owned McDonalds, definitely benefits the surrounding community.

All these were some ways, that one can apply the concepts of globalization to a local business like a McDonald’s restaurant. As one becomes familiar with the rules and policies followed by the restaurant, it becomes evident that many operations are linked to the head offices of McDonalds Corporation. The local restaurant consists of many food products which are produced by multinational companies like, Nestle and McCain Foods. And with all the global activities and relations, the McDonalds Corporation brings many changes in the local area. Lastly, these findings can be enriched and enlarged if the research is extended to more than a local restaurant.


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