global social problem Essay

Global Social Problem #6 http://www. bbc. co. uk/news/science-environment-23779561 Some reference from http://health. howstuffworks. com/food-nutrition/could-radiation- impact-Japans-prized-fish-exports. htm also http://www. smartplanet. com/blog/ bulletin/fukushima-nuclear-disaster-now-global-environmental-problem/32034 This week global social problem continues to deals with the environment this week we will be looking at Japan and the Fukushima nuclear power plant spill that they had back in 2011.

One would ask what does a power plant spill that happened three years ago has to do with the rest of the world? It becomes a global social problem when the leak is starting to spread through the Pacific Ocean and neighboring countries. “The Japanese government has finally asked for global aid to stem radioactive leaks entering the Pacific Ocean, which is endangering the world’s food supply and ecosystems”. Japan is one of the world largest consumer and exporter of fish; they export 1. billion dollars in fish yearly. When fish is one of your main staple in food this does not only impact what you are going to eat but also the amount of money circulating around your country. Appadurai’s scapes is one that I will be using yet gain; to begin we have the finance scape due to the spill affecting the ocean and the wild life there the amount of fish that Japan would export and also the amount that the Japanese people would consume decreases because of the food being contaminated.

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Another one of his scapes would be media scape because of globalization we have access to new reports much faster than we did in the past; because of this advancement more people around the world knows about this situation and because of that more and more researches are pressing Tepco to give clear information about what is really going on with the water. With the advancement that we have in technology the Japanese people are able to make storage tanks that hold water that is supposed to cool the reactor cores.

Since the leak is in an enormous quantity and the amount of thanks that they have is not enough to store all of the water. Although the article does not say that people are maoving away from Japan we can infer that if situations continue the way that it is now that eventually people will start to move and when they move they take their ideas and practices with them which will lead to a spread of ideas (ideoscape).


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