Globalization and Reporting standards Essay

The universe has seen enormous alterations of late. The boundaries are shriveling and investings are being made across continents. Businesss are non being limited to a specific state but alternatively they are runing in assorted states, geting houses through Amalgamations and Acquisitions and besides runing under assorted legal powers. Financial describing signifiers a major portion for the companies. As we see a immense assortment and complexness of minutess and the prediction, gauging and the premises a company has to do when showing its fiscal statements, they can take any signifier if reporting criterions does n’t be. Every state has their ain set of coverage criterions. Globalization has given rise to a standardised format of fiscal coverage in the signifier of International fiscal Coverage Standards ( IFRS ) .

IFRS and its ends

IFRS are the criterions adopted by International Accounting Standards Board ( IASB ) . IASB is the independent criterions puting organic structure based in London, England. It has 15 members from assorted states, diverse backgrounds and with huge experience who are responsible for the development, publication and reviewing of criterions. The thought of holding a common set of criterions across the Earth started in 1973 when International Accounting Standards commission was setup with corporate attempts of few states. This commission came up with International Accounting Standards ( IAS ) and this laid the foundation by advancing for the usage and application of these common set of criterions. In 2001, this commission was replaced by IASB and the IAS was replaced by IFRS. Gradually these criterions were adopted by over 15000 companies and besides by over a 100 states. The two accepted criterions internationally are IFRS and US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles ( GAAP ) . Fiscal Accounting Standards Board is the criterions puting organic structure for US GAAP. In the current scenario of globalisation these two boards are working towards convergence into IFRS. IASB was formed on four declared ends. Develop planetary accounting criterions necessitating transparence, comparison and high quality in fiscal statements. Promote the usage of planetary accounting criterions. Account for the demands of emerging markets and little houses when implementing planetary accounting criterions. Achieve convergence between assorted national accounting criterions and planetary accounting criterions. In line with these ends and besides to hold fiscal information that is consistent, comparable and apprehensible, these criterions took a rule based attack.

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Globalization and Reporting standards Essay
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Global Relevance of Principle based attack

Principle based attack gives a conceptual position alternatively of supplying a strict set of regulations to be followed. This attack gives the comptrollers to take their determination based on the rules provided. In a regulations based approach the criterions become longer and complex. There would be regulations to turn to many eventualities. With the figure of regulations increasing the comptrollers ever find a manner to besiege the regulations for the fiscal coverage. This leads to many dirts. In this age of globalisation, there are many establishments and other investors puting in a peculiar house. If the house choose to besiege the regulations and show cooked up consequences and so eventually declare insolvency, the reverberation would be felt in a really large manner as everyone are connected to each other after globalisation. IFRS being a rule based attack gives the comptrollers to utilize their judgements. Though there are regulations even in IRFS, the purpose is non to supply counsel for every possible state of affairs. These criterions merely show us as to how to make the finish alternatively of giving every way to make the finish. On the flipside, there are certain countries when a rule based attack like IFRS becomes equivocal. For illustration, in the instance of rental accounting it becomes truly hard to see it as capital or non, besides involvement income and dividend income to see them as operating hard currency flow or non. With such and many more equivocal instances originating, the comptrollers would prefer a regulation based system like US GAAP or GAAP of their state.

IFRS Framework

The thoughts on which the IASB bases its criterions are expressed in the IFRS “ Framework for the readying and Presentation of Financial Statements ” that the organisation adopted when it was formed in 2001. This model inside informations the qualitative features of fiscal statements and specifies the needed coverage elements. IFRS model gives the qualities required for fiscal statements as being apprehensible, relevant, dependable and comparable. The importance of this model is to supply foundation for the investors and policy shapers to take a better economic determination and besides to supply fiscal position of the company to the stakeholders.

Global Relevance of IFRS

In this age of globalisation when we look at a planetary common criterion like IFRS, we find legion advantages. With so many exchanges deriving importance in this minute, many companies are seeking to acquire listed in these exchanges. With a different GAAP followed by the company and to alter to the required GAAP and so acquire listed is a boring procedure and this involves immense costs to the company. If a common international criterion is accepted everyplace so the company can cut down on these costs. For illustration, companies seeking to acquire listed in NASDAQ have to follow with the demand of Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) and so the company has to demo the fiscal studies in US GAAP. With so many studies and many more differences in the ratios, this could take to be issue for company and besides confusion in the heads of investors looking at studies done in two different GAAPs. If IFRS is accepted in every state, this altering study would n’t be at that place. Every twelvemonth one million millions of dollars are being invested in companies situated in different states. These investings are to be made with strict analysis and besides looking at the assorted activities of the company.

For this intent the investors look through the fiscal statements and besides comparison with the companies runing in the same sector and are situated in a different state. If the studies of these companies are made harmonizing to different criterions so the comparings would non give the existent result. So, to compare ‘apples with apples ‘ one needs the studies to be made harmonizing to same criterions and this is where IFRS would be of so much relevancy in the current scenario.

The corporates from developing states besides could raise their repute and could be compared with their equals in developed states and this comparing would be done on the footing of a similar platform, i.e. , IFRS. IFRS advocates the usage of just value method where the assets and liabilities are to be shown on the mark-to-market value alternatively of the amortized cost. The unfulfilled losingss and additions would come into image while describing the value of the assets. Here lies the ambiguity. IFRS experts claim that the company incurring immense losingss will hold to reflect them as grade to market in their study. This will give a batch of lucidity to the investors as to what the company ‘s existent state of affairs is. There will be a immense alteration in the ratios to the ratios that will be calculated by the historical cost value method. But so if there is a immense unfulfilled addition so this could be highlighted by the company and could be used to derive unjust advantage. This is the major critic about the just value system. Investors with small cognition about these new criterions across the Earth could be misled by such an act. Furthermore the revenue enhancement policies and the dividend distribution would be chiefly affected by this just value method.

In the epoch of fiscal inventions there are so many intercrossed instruments that are being designed. If we have a criterion that is regulation based, it becomes extreme hard to describe about the intercrossed merchandises. Globalization is paving manner to convey a set of criterions to provide to such inventions. These international criterions guide the companies to describe them establishing on the experts judgements. There will be healthy competition as there will be a common degree playing field for the companies. After the coming of WTO and later merchandise widening freely beyond the boundary lines of a state, there will be grosss coming from assorted topographic points and the company would be runing under assorted revenue enhancement Torahs. A common coverage criterion would cut down the cost for a company as it has to do study for assorted exchanges and revenue enhancement sections. On the macroeconomic forepart, following a common platform of coverage criterions is traveling to assist the economic systems of the states besides. IFRS would be profiting the capital markets and this in bend would be adding value to the economic system.


The biggest challenge involves converting the developed states to implement such an international criterion and which would take to the decrease of laterality by these states. Even now if we see, it is more of the developing states that have used these criterions. Certain companies do n’t desire to incur extra costs and does n’t desire to change over to IFRS given a pick. Such issues could be major hinderances for doing IFRS a globally relevant and of import criterion.


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