Globalization as a process Essay

I see globalisation as a procedure that brings people of all states closer together through common mediums like economic system, commercialism and through technological promotion like the cyberspace and telecommunication. It has encouraged free trade and has increased the economic achievement, and has opened out new avenues of chance for many developing counties. Outsourcing is one of the footings per se tied to globalisation. Outsourcing is a company ‘s contract with another company or a individual ( 3rd party ) to make a specific map. Outsourcing can be within the state or travel overseas. Many companies outsource to cut down the cost of operation, to better service degrees and pat in new endowment. Outsourcing takes many signifiers. Most common signifiers are information engineering outsourcing ( ITO ) like research and package development, support and concern procedure outsourcing ( BPO ) like human resources outsourcing ( HRO ) , finance, accounting, and claims treating outsourcing.

Although outsourcing to foreign states has cost benefits, enable companies attain operational efficiency, acquire specialised expertness, and increase handiness of services, operation and direction could acquire complex and many companies find that it could go a complicated, merely given the nature of the needed services to back up the operation of outsourcing.

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Globalization as a process Essay
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Problem Definition

Regardless of the cost economy of outsourcing and the “ World Flattening ” ( Jessup, 2009 ) consequence it has created towards globalisations, the construct has progressively become a controversial subject because of some identified hazards associated with it. Businesss like the fiscal sector, public-service corporations, telecommunication, wellness attention and even some authorities section, that is outsourcing its information system and services to foreign states, instantly risks the flow of sensitive informations of its concern operation and of its clients, out of the state. Once out the state, there are no solid ordinances on how these sensitive informations might be used and poses a security hazard and possible fraud hazard. Often times, apart from impacting the terminal clients, company informations is so sensitive that the success or the failure of the full organisation depends on how this information is safeguarded.

To understand the deeper job associated with outsourcing, particularly to foreign states, we have to look at the challenges faced. The challenges can be categorized loosely into three, governmental, geo-economics and cultural ( Jessup, 2009 ) . With outsourcing here to remain and expected to go on turning, efficaciously work outing and pull offing these challenges has become more of import.

Justification For The Problem Definition

Some of the challenges that overseas outsourcing that come under the governmental challenges are the geographic scene of the outsourcing company, political status of the state, Torahs and ordinances in the state, informations sharing policies, jurisprudence pertaining to labour, and cultural issues. Some of the geo-economical jobs include geographic scene of the outsourcing company, clip zone barriers, infrastructural jobs, unequal communicating substructure, hapless catastrophe recovery capacity, power coevals capablenesss and resource and labour force handiness. Outsourcing besides faces cultural challenges like, linguistic communication and speech pattern jobs, different work moralss and cultural norms associated with information sharing. But I think the biggest challenge of outsourcing is operational hazards that organisations face refering to information security, protecting deceitful usage of sensitive information and legal conformity hazards. Security breach and inappropriate usage a company ‘s information has become an increasing hazard. Particularly, entree to database of a fiscal organisation that contains personal information like societal security figure, account information, watchwords, pin Numberss, reference and contact information, pose a great hazard for abuse. This information in incorrect custodies could do serious job like selling information and deceitful history activities, as evident from 2005 larceny of money from a Citibank client by an abroad call centre operator ( **cite ) . Hence the company ‘s repute is at interest and its values and unity is questioned. The operational hazard of information security entirely can construct or nail the success of an outsourcing committedness of an organisation.

Alternate Course Of Action – List

Information is one of any company ‘s most invaluable ownerships. Some of the options that organisations can follow to extinguish or minimise abroad outsourcing:

Careful and punctilious operational planning and appraisal of abroad sellers, see partial outsourcing – information encapsulating techniques, guaranting keeping of sensitive information with the company and with the state.

Education facilitation for domestic production of package codifications specialized in information security.

In Sourcing

Businesss should promote streamlining its information systems and technological procedures like redesigning, set uping new preparations plans, quality control and offer inducements, to guarantee maximal attempts were taken to pump up productiveness and cut down costs ( hypertext transfer protocol: // % 7Emeinkej/inss690/gruenberg/outsourcing.htm ) .

Unionizing the domestic package coders

Copy rights, patent policies in the US and Europe has lead to unneeded and expensive cost.

Adopt a productive attitude in this competitory environment.

Measure The Options.

The three alternate class of action that I chose to measure with advantages and disadvantages are explained in item below:

Careful and punctilious operational planning and appraisal of abroad sellers, see partial outsourcing – information encapsulating techniques: If a company ‘s direction determines that its domestic IS/IT divisions is truly non be effectual, as expected or compared to its rivals, it may be in the best involvement of the company to outsource some or portion of its operation. The operations could include package coding, clerical shell informations entry, organisation of informations coding, merchandise support etc. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // % 7Emeinkej/inss690/gruenberg/outsourcing.htm ) But before any outsourcing contract is agreed upon, the company must understand all features of outsourcing, including hazards and associated costs. Then indulge upon careful and persevering seller choice. Laws and ordinances of that country should be carefully studied and complied with. Then a structured and good defined contract should be formulated. They should be unfastened communicating to work out jobs associated with linguistic communication and understanding issues. Then construct several controls, comprehensive hazard direction and security steps that includes seller ‘s duty for security and confidentiality of the company ‘s resources ( e.g. , information, hardware ) , disallow from utilizing or unwraping the company ‘s information, inform company about any security breaches, invasions, lost informations if and set up supervising systems. Once the lineation of the advancement of outsourcing is in topographic point, the undertaking could be shipped for outsourcing. However utmost attention should be taken to encapsulate and group together the information and functionality, ( conceal the sensitive information ) or hide the information of how a peculiar category maps, from all users who make usage of these inside informations. In other words encapsulation prevents interface clients from depending on those fragments of an execution that might acquire altered in the hereafter, therefore leting such alterations to be made in a simpler mode, without doing any alterations to the clients. ( http: // )


A company can dauntlessly partly outsource cognizing that company and client day of the month are safe and besides their technology-related services get improve quality. This allows the company to concentrate on other issues while being cost effectual and remaining competitory at the same clip.


Even with persevering be aftering during seller choice, sometimes the abroad operation face a hazard of traveling out of control. Political agitation and catastrophe due to natural causes in the seller ‘s state might do holds in the due day of the month. Travel associated with review of seller sites, jobs with cubic decimeter with conference calls, normally during off hours ( due to clip difference ) . Decrease in the quality of work or service due to complacence, misunderstand, ensuing in headlong completion of undertakings to have payments. Furthermore, delivered good has to be reviewed and crosschecked many times to guarantee the occupation has been done as per codification and to satisfaction.


Cost of quality instruction and entree to low-cost preparation in the US has greatly influences the transportation of occupations and outsourcing to abroad states. I would mention this factor as the figure one cause of the occupation drain overseas where there are many more educated and trained people that offer endowment at inexpensive monetary value. The cost of higher instruction in the US is really high compared to higher educational cost in other developing states which outstand in supplying outsourcing. This has lead to reduced figure of qualified package and IS/IT professionals, twelvemonth after twelvemonth. The bing professionals were in high demand and were extremely compensated for their endowment. But this raised the overall cost of operation for the company, and finally resulted in looking for cost effectual options. Even company preparation and instruction is unequal to run into the turning challenges from competition.


The advantages coming from an low-cost higher instruction is infinite. Our state would so go self-sufficing non merely in the country of package technology and IS/IT, but out- radiance in all facets and countries every bit good. We can so self-reliant in our demands, increasing productiveness and retain occupation within the state.


Although I do non see any disadvantage in acquiring higher instruction, the cost associated with it still remain high for an mean individual. Apart from that, in this field ( IS/IT ) , uninterrupted instruction is necessary to maintain abreast with the turning alterations in engineerings. Even educated package professionals realized that in order to run in front of the battalion, one must hold ongoing instruction and preparation to get by up with the of all time altering environment in the field. This farther increases the cost of overall operation of the company.

In-sourcing as an option for outsourcing

In-sourcing is an alternate that is the actual antonym to outsourcing. In-sourcing, permits a company to build an assignment internally or in-house, which could besides offer alone services to external organisations. But, before put to deathing this program, internal clients & A ; hellip ;

hypertext transfer protocol: // % 7Emeinkej/inss690/gruenberg/outsourcing.htm

must be wholly contented that they are to the full backed by their IS/IT organisation. The focal point here is to assist internal clients to win, than to let the IS/IT organisation create net incomes by itself. Companies are in general focused on back uping internal/domestic clients who provide value added service. ( support* )


The advantages of in-sourcing include keeping of informations and occupation within the county. It saves companies some money and a great alternate to outsourcing in respect to the hazard direction and boring overseeing, monitoring and cross-checking of finished undertakings. It eliminates the demand to work off hours and less cost associated with telecommunication charges.


There are some disadvantages to in-sourcing every bit good. It is non as cost effectual as outsourcing. Questions have been asked about the quality of services provided and demands met with on clip mode that have harmed the company ‘s repute in the yesteryear.

Decision And Recommendations

From this instance survey, I come to the decision that foreign outsourcing provides a figure of benefits to concern organisation, right from productiveness betterment, to costs decrease. But any signifiers of outsourcing associations pose hazards. The best attack is to acknowledge the hazards and pass on candidly about them in order to bring forth a program to relieve them. With careful security steps in topographic point, punctilious operational planning/assessment of sellers, executing and uninterrupted seller monitoring, a company can hold a fruitful outsourcing experience that non merely capitalizes on the benefits and returns of such an experience, but besides protect the involvement of its clients, while keeping an exceeding quality of service/products. Sing this, I recommend my first alternate action program. I recommend this because in this fast paced digital universe, a company needs to be competitory in order to last. The end of any concern is profitableness. To make so, cost film editing ways need to be adopted and executed in a legal, good planned and ethical manner. If a company ‘s direction determines that its internal divisions are non run intoing the end, cost or other resource wise, in order to acquire back in to being profitable, it may make up one’s mind to outsource. The operation should be done hypertext transfer protocol: // % 7Emeinkej/inss690/gruenberg/outsourcing.htm with due diligence paid to proper planning, executing and ethical direction of information handling.

Evaluate Procedures

An outsourcing rating should prosecute a well disciplined, supervisory attack from be aftering through dialogue and executing. The planning, analysis and design stairss followed during an outsourcing development procedure should include: a ) Viability survey that evaluates the seller, cost associated, and control and seller relationship. B ) detailed analysis of outsourcing demands. degree Celsius ) Design a program of action that includes seller choice and contract dialogue vitamin D ) edifice and implementing operation. vitamin E ) On-going operation and care till terminal of contract. The full rating process should be done by a responsible senior with much experience in the country of outsourcing in the presence of legal forces familiar with domestic and foreign Torahs and policies.


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