Goal Attainment Theory Sample Essay

Received her basic Nursing Education from St. John’s Hospital School of Nursing in 1945. Received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Education with bush leagues in Philosophy and Chemistry from St. Louis University in 1948. Received her Maestro of Science in Nursing from St. Louis University in 1957. Received her Doctor of Education from Teacher’s College. Columbia University. King has had experience in Nursing as an decision maker. an pedagogue. and a practician. Her country of clinical pattern in big Medical-Surgical Nursing She served as Director of the School of Nursing at The Ohio State University in Columbus She has been a module member at:

St. John’s Hospital School of Nursing. St. Louis
Loyola University. Chicago
University of South Florida
The end of the nurse is “to aid persons maintain or regain wellness. ” Nursing’s domain includes advancing. keeping. reconstructing wellness and lovingness for the sick. injured or deceasing. The map of the professional nurse is to construe information in. what is known as the nursing procedure. to program. implement. and measure nursing attention for persons. households. groups and communities.

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Goal Attainment Theory Sample Essay
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Nursing Paradigm

King describes human existences as societal. sentient. rational. responding. comprehending. commanding. purposeful. action-oriented and time-oriented. King provinces that a concern for Nursing is assisting people interact with their environment in a mode that will back up wellness care and growing toward self fulfilment. King has derived the undermentioned premises that are specific to nurse-client interaction: Percepts of nurse and of client influence the interaction procedure. Goals. demands. and values of nurse and client influence the interaction procedure. Persons have a right to knowledge about themselves.

Persons have a right to take part in determinations that influence their life. their wellness. and community services. Persons have a right to accept or to reject wellness attention. Goals of wellness professionals and ends of receivers of wellness attention may be incongruent. King stated that human existences have three cardinal wellness demands: The demand for wellness information that is useable at the clip when it is needed and can be used. The demand for attention that seeks to forestall unwellness.

The demand for attention when human existences are unable to assist themselves. King indicated that nurses have the chance to happen out what wellness information the client has how the client views his or her ain wellness what actions the client takes for wellness care

King defined wellness as “dynamic life experiences of a human being. which implies uninterrupted accommodation to stressors in the internal and external environment through optimal usage of one’s resources to accomplish maximal possible for day-to-day living” . King affirms that wellness is non a continuum but a holistic province and identifies the features of wellness as “genetic. subjective. comparative. moral force. environmental. functional. cultural and perceptual “ . King defines illness as a divergence from or instability in person’s normal operation. This divergence may be related to biological construction. psychological makeup. or societal relationships.

Environment and Society are indicated as major constructs in King’s conceptual system but are non specifically defined in her work. Society may be viewed as the societal systems part of her conceptual system. Although King’s definition of wellness references both internal and external environments. King besides stated that ‘environment is a map of balance between internal and external interactions’ . King presented her stuff based on unfastened systems and it is assumed that the definition of external environment was drawn from the general systems theory. Systems are considered to hold semi-permeable boundaries that help distinguish their internal constituents from the remainder of the universe. The external environment for a system is the part of the universe that exists outside of the system.

Nursing is defined as the nurse and client utilizing action. reaction and interaction in a wellness attention state of affairs to portion information about their perceptual experience of each other and the state of affairs. This communicating enables them to put ends and take the methods for run intoing the ends. Action is defined as a sequence of behaviours affecting mental and physical activity. Chemical reaction is non specifically defined but might be considered to be included in the sequence of behaviours described in action. Action

Mental Action & gt ; Physical Action & gt ; Mental Action & gt ; Physical Action Recognize the presenting conditions.
Begin activities related to those conditions. Effort to exercise control over the state of affairs. Seeking to accomplish ends.

“It is non adequate to take stairss which may some twenty-four hours lead to a end ; each measure must be itself a end and a measure similarly. ” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ( German Writer 28 August 1749 – 22 March 1832 )


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