Going to College as a Freshmen

When selecting a college that is right for you, there are many decisions one must make. For many first time students, attending college can be severely mind boggling and frustrating, though at the same time can be an enjoyable experience. Going to college and making the right decisions are often extremely difficult for freshmen. Many students coming out of high school are accustomed to having everything done for them, so the first year in college is usually a “Reality Check”. Choosing the right college, registering for the right courses, and preparing oneself as a freshman can take time and many hours of thought.

One item to consider when choosing a college is whether or not the college has a degree plan to help prepare one for their career. For example, if one’s aspiration is to become a registered nurse, one should choose a school with a highly recognized nursing program. Many times students choose schools because their friends and family have gone to a certain school. Instead, they should choose a school that will help them achieve their career goals. Another aspect to consider when choosing a college is one’s financial situation.

When choosing a college, many students seek out financial help such as grants, loans, or scholarships. The amount of grants, loans, or scholarships received from different schools can greatly influence one’s decision on where to attend. Once one has chosen a college, there are still other decisions to make. On registration day, one must choose the right schedule needed to complete her degree plan. It would not make sense for one that is working towards an accounting degree to fill her schedule with sciences and no math.

In most cases, the first two years of schooling are usually filled with basic courses required for most degree plans such as: English, social sciences, government and basic mathematics. The years to follow are generally focused on the specific degree paths. For instance, if one were going to school to get a coaching degree, they would take classes such as kinesology, food nutrition, and other health and teaching related courses. After choosing the college and preparing the right schedule, it is now time to prepare oneself for their freshman year in college.

One important item one can do is preparing herself to be independent and responsible for her actions in the absence of her parents. Many freshmen are often unprepared to be independent and responsible. The more irresponsible freshman often makes mistakes including not going to classes, partying too much, and getting involved with the wrong crowd. In college, one has more freedom to act and do as they want; whereas in high school, they have a specific schedule and times to follow.

For example, in college one can make out their own schedule and times which they take the classes, unlike high school where classes and class times are more restricted. Part of being a freshman is finding the right place to live and a roommate to share expenses. In some instances, a freshman has to choose between a dorm and renting an apartment. Many students do not like living in dorms, because they may have to share a dorm with a stranger. Also, other rooms may have inconsiderate students that play music too loud and disturb others.

In conclusion, there are several aspects to starting one’s college life. First, there is the decision of which college to attend. Next, there is the task of selecting the proper courses to fulfill one’s degree plan. Finally, there is the task of preparing oneself to be a freshman and finding a place to live and someone to share the housing expenses. Students must also be able to handle the freedom of college so they will succeed, instead of failing. Choosing the right college is an extremely big choice in one’s life and can be exceedingly beneficial to one if chosen with thought.


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