Good Friends Essay

I believe that a friend is like a twin brother or sister. This is the reason we rely on friends so much and don’t stop to think about life without them. What is it that makes a good friend? In my opinion, the three most important qualities are loyalty, a sense of humor, and being a good listener. One of the basic needs of people is to know that they are not alone. A loyal friend is always there when you need him. A friend supports you in times of trouble.

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However, just spending time with someone is not all there is to friendship. Good relationships are based on good communication. A good friend is not only someone you can talk to about your interests, but is also someone who is willing to listen to your opinions and keep all your secrets. You can’t expect your friend to accept everything you say, but he should respect your right to have your own ideas. Of course, being a good friend is not always easy.

Friends need a sense of humor! If you cannot share a common Joke or look at the humor of a situation in a similar fashion, you probably won’t be able to enjoy someone’s company or create a close bond with that person. In my opinion, being able to laugh at the same things brings friends closer together. In conclusion, if you have found someone who is loyal, understanding, and able to share life’s ups and downs with you, you have truly found a soul mate and a good friend.


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