Google Research Paper Essay

3-5 page paper for mgmt Internal analysis The company we’re researching is Google. This is a well known company known for its simplicity in searching the internet. This company started with some money from investors and became one of the best sites on the internet because of the “dotcom” boom. Google is used to research anything that has website or an image and it has recently expanded to Google earth and its own email. If you’ve been on the internet since around the 2000 you have almost definitely heard of the search engine Google which now has over 3 billion searchable documents and over 21 million users per month.

Google has had a very unique start before it came to be as big as it is now. In 1998 its office was in a garage in California when Stanford computer students started the search engine known as Google. Google’s mission statement has always been to take nothing seriously except for searching, meaning that Google will always be known as an easy search engine. Google is on CCN’s website in the top ten for best companies to work for. Google states that as a search engine it puts its users first and in company headquarters Googleplex puts its employees first.

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The Google Company prides itself on its simplicity and its hard workers. Google has 12,580 employees in the states and 7,013 outside of the United States. This company also attracts 770,000 applicants a year because of Google’s great structure and how well they treat their employees. Google expects its employees to have a lot of teamwork involved and seems to be a very close knit community and as of this year have 350 opening available throughout the Unites States as well as 35 different locations throughout the States.

Google’s revenue in 2007 was 16,594 million. Some internal aspects of Google would be mainly there small company feel even though Google is such a big company now; they have weekly street hockey games and a company chef who formerly worked for The Grateful Dead. Google also has its ten laws to follow by, these aren’t really laws however they explain to people what Google stands for. 1 is to focus on the user, this means it will provide simple easy searching to accommodate the everyday internet user. is to do one thing really well, this means that Google is a search engine it will only be very good at being a search engine and not trying to do too much. 3 faster is better than slower, meaning everyday google strives to be a little bit quicker in providing useful searches even though it is now at less than a half of a second. 4 democracies on the web, Google allows anyone to be brought up on the site but it also has “page-rank” which allows the top 200 to come up more than others. you don’t need to be at a desk to need an answer, here Google wants to provide technology on your phone so you don’t need to sit down at your desk when you can be outside the office and still able to find information. 6 you can make money without doing evil, Google makes money off of ads but it does not make the ads flashy and well known on the pages in which you search, they clearly state that ads are indentified as “Sponsored Links”. there is always more information out there, Google is as always trying to provide its users with the most possible information not only will it give you a company name but also a fax or telephone number in which to reach whatever it is you are looking for on the internet. 8 The need for information crosses all borders, this means that people will be looking for information throughout the world and in 110 different languages and going to 50 different countries, all this in a matter of seconds is pretty impressive. you can be serious without a suit, meaning that people can give it their all within the company and Google prides themselves on having energetic diverse people who are willing to make Google a better search engine, Google wants people to be creative and that doesn’t necessarily mean people need to dress up in a shirt and tie everyday as long as they provide good work Google is happy with that. Finally number 10 being great just isn’t good enough, Google wants to be great but not end at being great they want to be constantly getting better, hiring more people, creating more ads, and being known even more throughout the world.

External Analysis Externally Google has never really advertised for a long time mostly Google came on the market and was so easy and simple to use that it spread rapidly throughout people who used the internet because when the internet came about it affected a lot of people and today almost everyone in the United States has a computer or laptop or in some cases both. Google also uses 10 different languages to search from which makes it well known in other places outside of the US as well. Europe and Asia use Google for others to find there company throughout the world which is very good use to them.

Everyone also knows that Google does not charge you to use its site which is very convenient and many more people use it. Google set up keywords to be used to help advertise for companies who can be searched on Google. Some other efforts has externally is to provide clean energy with Green Initiatives. Also Google has a venture capital side with Google Ventures and its philanthropic side with Google. org. Google’s technology believes it’s at the head of the race in being the very best search engine so that it would be perfect to all users.

With page-rank technology which allows Google to get its views of the importance of web pages by considering more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms and also Hyper text matching which analyzes page content. SWOT analysis Google’s strengths would be how well it treats its employees and seems to make its workers a very close group of people and allowing them to work freely and inspiring them to focus on the 10 google laws to provide a great search engine and constantly improve and not settle for being great, another strength that Google has it’s a very easy to maintain and understand website.

This search engine gives you what you need when you need it. Google gives you what you need depending on what you search for in less than a second. By striving to be the best at what it does, Google makes everything simple for the everyday internet user. Google has very little weakness because it is always improving however and is a relatively easy to maintain and use for people. It also doesn’t have very many rivals because Google has purchased many of its rivals to be used for Google’s own search engine.

Its simplicity also allows people to choose Google more than other websites that are similar. Google has many opportunities because it’s constantly challenging its employees to come up with more creative ways to be the best search engine. With going Green, Google Ventures and Google. org it allows to get more people to use Google. Some other opportunities Google has it’s Ad pages, Page-Rank, and Hyper text. As well as Google Earth and Gmail these give people a new reason to get on google. com and explore what they have.

As well as the 110 different languages that allows people to search throughout the world Some threats which are few that could be imposed upon Google would be other search engines, finding companies without using Google is also another threat. Many people in the United States have computers as well as Asia and Europe but there are also many other places that computers are nonexistent and hard to come by. This makes it hard for Google to reach these places because Google is based upon the internet and computers.


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