Gr. 7 - Sponges, Cnidarians, and Worms

Question Answer
What is the basic unit of structure and function of living things? Cells
What is a group of similar cells that perform a special function? Tissue
What does a group of different tissues form? Organ
What are the levels of organization of living things? Cells, Tissues, Organ, System
What type of reproduction involves the joining of two cells to create a similar offspring? Sexual
What type of reproduction involves the process of a single organism producing identical offspring? Asexual
What are two types of asexual reproduction? Budding and Splitting Off
What are animals with a backbone? Vertebrate
What are animals with no backbone? Invertebrate
What type of symmetry is it when there is only one line of symmetry? Bilateral
What type of symmetry has many lines of symmetry? Radial
Where are the sense organs located on an animal with bilateral symmetry? Front End
Where do all animals with radial symmetry live? Water
What type of symmetry does a sponge have? None
What type of animal has no symmetry and no tissue or organs? Sponge
What whip-like structure beats back and forth helping a sponge trap food? Collar Cells
What do sponges get from water that they filter? Food and Oxygen
How does a sponge reproduce? Asexually and Sexually
What is an immature form of an animal that looks very different from the adult? Larva
What cnidarian has a vase-shaped body plan? Polyp
What cnidarian has a bowl-shaped body plan? Medusa
What is the stinging cell in a cnidarian called? nematocyst
What is a group of many individual animals called? Colonies
What builds coral reefs? Cnidarians
What are the three major phyla of worms? Roundworms, Flatworms and Segmented Worms
What is an organism that lives inside or on another organism? Parasite
What does a parasite take its food from? Host
What type of worm is flat and as soft as jelly? Flatworms
What are animals that feed on dead or decaying materials? Scavengers
Does a flatworm have one or two openings for its digestive system? One
Does a roundworm have one or two openings for its digestive system? Two
Does a segmented worm have an open or closed circulatory system? Closed
What type of circulatory system is made up of blood moving only within a connected network of tubes call blood vessels? Closed
What type of worm needs to stay moist in order to obtain oxygen? Earthworm
How do cnidarians capture food and defend themselves? Stinging Cells
What is a characteristic that helps an organism to perform basic functions in their environments? Adaptations
What do corals spend their adult lives as polyps or Medusa? Polyps

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