Grade deserved Essay

The Letter Grade Speaking for any studious college student, the best letter grade will always be the top, A+. Evaluating a letter grade for ourselves can be so easy but at the same time so difficult putting it down in words with out bragging about one self. Personally, with out the brag, I strongly believe I deserve an A. Carrying with a full time paid Job and a full time student cannot be easily pulled off but I have managed to handle the responsibility, the attendance, and the participation.

The responsibilities consist of dates. Paying attention to the dates while having thousands of things on your mind at once can be pretty nerve wrecking. I have been on time with all the due dates with all the assignments. I give my best quality work. I will always make time to make my assignments on time because that is responsibility and that’s the start to success. Attendance has been a major issue in my life but I have tried my very best and I haven’t missed one class without being excused.

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Grade deserved Essay
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Having a late night class after a hree-hour class right before work can be exhausting especially on this day of the week, Monday. But lets put the excuses aside. The life struggles will always appear in anything that will be successful but yet we will have to overcome them. I try my very best to drag myself every Monday and I will do whatever it takes to accomplish and get that letter grade that will boost the GPA. The participation is very crucial for any valuable subject. I have presented and given my participation with reading the assignments.

I have shown my interest with assisting to class every evening. Working with groups and expressing my ideas like an A student should. Maybe at the end of the day im exhausted but it gives more of a reason to try harder and show the A student work. I may not be an A student in anyone’s eyes but speaking for me, I have given my all to prove I what I deserve and what my goal is. This A consist not only in the GPA of this fall but in a lifetime experience I am looking forward to. Grade deserved By queenJays


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