Grade point Average Essay

Grade Point Average (GPA) Grade point average (GPA) is the measure of how well you are doing in your academic studies. At Costaatt, the academic grading scale goes from A-F with matching points ranging from the highest 4. 0 to the lowest 0. 0. This is a mathematical calculation that indicates where an average of grade falls on the scale. When calculating your GPA firstly multiply the amount of grade points achieved, by the amount of credits for each subject, and then divides the total amount of grade points earned by the total mount of credit hours attempted.

At Costaatt a GPA of 2. 0 must be maintained. The knowledge of how the calculation of how to calculate to GPA is important, it will assist you the student to know how well you are doing in your academic studies. Students would be able to tell whether or not improvement is necessary. Participating in this activity allowed the students to have an advantage to other students who don’t have the knowledge on how to calculate their GPA.

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Grade point Average Essay
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This will help with calculation of grades efore grades are posted and also students would be able to do re-calculation of grades to make sure their GPA was calculated accurately. This activity was very useful since our GPA is an important part of our college life, and we all want to be successful by keeping our GPA at the level of 2. 0 or above. The understanding on calculating our GPA and what grade is given, for each point average is important because everyone is striving to be an A grade student.

In order to be an A grade student you must have a GPA of 4. and above. Having done this activity, I think will allow me to be able to always keep track of my success, in my degree and know if I’m keeping on the right track of obtaining a A grade. My GPA is a very important part of my college life; I am working towards a GPA between 3. 5 and 4. 0. The knowledge I obtained from this activity, will help me keep track of my GPA on a regular basis and also I will be able to help other students who don’t have the knowledge on calculating thetr GPA.


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