Graduate CV and Covering Letter Sample Essay

Introduction This brochure is written for pupils and alumnuss to assist you to fix and update your CV and to compose an effectual covering missive. In add-on to this brochure members of the Student and Graduate Careers squad will present workshops during your class. in Level 2 as portion of Work Based Learning readying and in Level 3 through capable sections. Watch out for posting and IBIS posters publicizing the workshops you are welcome to drop a bill of exchange CV or covering missive into Student and Graduate Careers. or e-mail it to [ electronic mail protected ]or [ electronic mail protected ]. and we will give you feedback. The Purpose of a CV As you likely know. CV is short for “curriculum vitae” . which translates as “stream of life” . It has become the most popular manner for prospective employees to show relevant information to employers. and is designed to acquire you an interview.

It is hence a important first measure – acquire it incorrect and your application will travel no farther. A CV is a dynamic papers which alterations and develops as your experience grows. and it’s ne’er excessively shortly to get down. It’s much easier to amend an bing. good prepared CV than to get down from abrasion. peculiarly when you’re under force per unit area because you’ve merely seen that dream occupation advertised! Not all occupation applications require a CV. but maintaining yours up to day of the month agencies that you have to manus most of the factual information you are likely to necessitate when finishing an application signifier or online application. Remember. each clip you use the CV you will necessitate to aim the contents to run into the demands of the occupation. Fixing your CV A CV is a factual sum-up of the cardinal characteristics about you which are relevant to a future employer. But it is more than a dry list of makings and old employers – it is a manner to sell yourself.

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Showing your Curriculum vitae There are assorted manners for building a CV and we will look at two of them ; but foremost. there are some clear conventions for showing your Curriculum vitae which are strongly recommended because they are what employers expect. A CV must be No more than two sides of A4 ( this is the UK convention – in the USA the outlook is a one-page sketch ) Word-processed in a clear fount like Arial. Tahoma. Verdana. Times New Roman Presented in black ink on good quality white paper so that it photocopies good and feels good! Spaced out good. utilizing indent. bold. underline. and slug points systematically and in a manner which aids lucidity. Avoid at all costs utilizing colored paper or ink. exposure or illustrations. or luxuriant booklets. Quite apart from the photocopying jobs. brassy presentation is assumed to mask hapless content! Content and Layout For alumnuss who have progressed into higher instruction directly from school or college. with possibly a spread twelvemonth. a good format to utilize is the chronological CV. which emphasises your educational history since this is the most significant portion of your experience to day of the month. Mature pupils. nevertheless. might prefer to bring forth a skills-based

CV which begins with a sum-up of accomplishments developed over clip. through paid and voluntary work and instruction. Whichever format you choose. there is no demand to get down with Curriculum Vitae – it’s obvious that this is what it is and you are blowing cherished infinite. Get down with your name and set your personal inside informations underneath like this:

Sarah Thomas 14 Garden Lane Chester CH2 3LX 01244 657433 Mobile: 0774 397584 electronic mail: [ electronic mail protected ]Giving inside informations of your day of the month of birth is wholly optional. If you choose to include this. it is usually listed within your personal inside informations. For a Chronological CV. continue with the undermentioned headers: Career Profile this is a brief description of who you are and what you are looking for. for illustration “A concluding twelvemonth undergraduate of Business Studies with German. now seeking a alumnus preparation programme with a company with European links where I can use the accomplishments and cognition gained in my degree”

Note: there are some classs of employer eg jurisprudence houses. who dislike Career Profiles. so seek advice from Student and Graduate Careers about this portion of your CV. Education and Qualifications • should get down with your current class and include the day of the months of survey. the establishment attended ( observe the current rubric is University of Chester ) and the making ( s ) obtained. including inside informations of any relevant faculties studied and the rubric of your thesis. • you should besides include your secondary school. List your A flat topics passed and classs. and your GCSE topics ( C and above ) and classs. and any other significant makings you have achieved like GNVQ or BTec or Access classs. Leave short classs and certifications for a ulterior subdivision. ( set your permanent reference if needed on this side )

Work Experience – once more get downing with the most recent. name your employment. giving the day of the months ( month/year is adequate ) . name and location of employer and your occupation rubric. and a sentence or twosome of slug points which summarise what you did. Think in peculiar about the “transferable skills” you developed which can be applied in a alumnus occupation – communicating. planning and organizing. record maintaining. There’s no such thing as irrelevant work experience! If you have done important voluntary work. include it here – it’s non merely about paid employment. And do certain that you include your work-based learning arrangement if you have completed it. Skills and Achievements this is a much more positive header than “other

information” and enables you to pull attending to IT skills. linguistic communications. athleticss and training. first assistance. awards and awards. driving license. and even avocations and involvements. Mentions – Supplying mentions is optional. If you decide to include them you should supply the name. occupation rubric. postal reference. electronic mail reference if applicable and contact phone figure of two referees. One must be your Personal Academic Tutor. who is the lone individual who can compose your university mention. A good pick for your 2nd referee is a current or old employer. or your work-based acquisition supervisor. many of whom are highly willing to move as a referee. It is gracious to inquire whether they are prepared to be a referee ; they are improbable to decline! You need merely inquire them one time. non each clip you apply for a occupation. If you are truly stuck. take what is known as a “person of good standing” . possibly a household friend who has a responsible occupation and who knows you good plenty to compose about you. Never choose a relation. Here is an illustration of a chronological Curriculum vitae: –

Jennifer Brown
Woodbine Cottage College Lane Chester CH7 8SD Tel: 01244 456789 Mobile: 0778 1234567 Career Profile: A originative and committed concluding twelvemonth undergraduate seeking a first station in finance or concern where I can do a valuable part and at the same clip develop my calling. Education and Qualifications 2004-2007 University of Chester BA ( Hons ) Geography Modules include: Urban Environmental Management. Consumption. Society and Space. Geodemographics and Database selling Rydal Comprehensive School. Shrewsbury A degrees: Geography A. General Studies A Economics B. German C GCSE: Biology A English Language A English Literature A German A Geography A* History A Physics A Latin A Mathematics A Chemistry B

Work Experience Assessed Work–Based Learning Placement Chester and Ellesmere Port Enterprise Agency • Managed a 6 hebdomad undertaking • Created online pupil support stuffs • Researched and redesigned members’ website • Obtained 1st Class Hons for undertaking study July – September 2004 English instructor. Heredia. Costa Rica • Planned and delivered lessons • Completed TEFL class and one hebdomad intensive Spanish class June 2004 – July 2005 Customer Satisfaction Representative ( holidaies and part–time ) MBNA Europe Bank Ltd. Chester • Used computerised package to react to client questions and jobs July 2003 – January 2004 Gross saless helper ( holidaies and part-time ) K Shoes. Chester • Interacted with clients. displayed stock and used boulder clay April – June 2006

Skills and Accomplishments • Calculating and IT: competent in Microsoft Word. Excel. PowerPoint and Access ; statistics bundles ( Minitab and SPSS ) ; GIS package including MapInfo and ArcInfo ; experience of CARDPAC and BPA fiscal history direction systems gained through work experience. Undertook extra college classs to increase my cognition. Languages: colloquial German. Italian and Spanish. Positions of Duty: Student academic representative 2005 to day of the month ; President of University Geography Society 2006/2007 ; voluntary computing machine wise man helping new pupils during initiation. 2005 to day of the month. Sport: Sports Diver with British SubAqua Club. preparation for dive leader making ; active member of College Trampoline. Boxercise and Ski and Snowboard Clubs ; Tae Kwon Do green belt. Work Placements: While in the Sixth Form I arranged and carried out work arrangements in Warrington Crown Court. Steggles Solicitors in Chester. and Cheshire Trading Standards Department. Additional Qualifications: full drive license. LAMDA Silver Medal Distinction for Acting. GNVQ Young Enterprise Distinction. Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award

For a Skills-based CV the order of the content is somewhat different to put more accent on experience. and you may take to exclude your day of the month of birth. You should get down with a Profile as described above. but include a positive statement about your adulthood – it isn’t a disadvantage! Use phrases like “a mature alumnus with a wealth of wide-ranging employment experience… . ” . Your following header is Skills and Achievements. offer grounds. On a clean piece of paper set out the undermentioned headers. and any others you can believe of. Under each header. compose the accomplishment ( s ) you think you have. and how you know that you have them: Communication Planning and Organisation Teamwork Research and informations direction Problem work outing Computer literacy Use examples from coursework. paid and voluntary work. and involvements and avocations. Now summarise this in a signifier which emphasises the accomplishments most relevant to the occupations for which you are using. You can now go on with Education and Qualifications and Work Experience ( see guidelines above ) . If you are a mature pupil with tonss of work experience which you now regard as irrelevant. it’s mulct to summarize the earlier occupations. for illustration 1992 – 1998 A assortment of parttime occupations in retail and providing while conveying up my household ( You can name work related accomplishments ) .

Here is an illustration of the “Skills and Achievements” subdivision of a skills-based CV. Team Working Work based larning arrangement involved guaranting that I was rapidly absorbed into an established squad of eight. join forcesing daily in the accomplishment of undertaking marks. Course work often requires team readying and presentation of studies. I was one of a squad of four people who set up the University Biology Society and marketed the nine to pupils. Communication Consistently achieved high classs in written assignments. Interpersonal communicating demonstrated through my chairmanship of the PTA of my children’s school. necessitating leading. dialogue and persuasion. and through my employment in gross revenues and client service. Problem Solving I have learned through my class work to take a job. place the cardinal constituents and happen a logical. systematic solution. During work-based acquisition I was given the undertaking of planing a new database which involved research. IT application. trialling and feedback and execution. Calculating Working cognition of Windows-based programmes including Word. Excel. Powerpoint and Access. Regular user of Internet and electronic mail. Competent in statistics bundles ( SPSS. Minitab ) and journal database hunts.

The Importance of a Covering Letter Job searchers sometimes place great accent on the CV at the disbursal of the covering missive. A CV without an attach toing missive of application about guarantees rejection. Please note that it is now common pattern to direct a CV and Covering Letter by electronic mail. In this instance. the covering missive should organize the organic structure of the electronic mail and the CV should be an fond regard. It is of import to keep the formality of a written missive and non to utilize a more insouciant manner frequently used in electronic mails. The intent of the application missive is to condense from your CV – which should incorporate everything that is good about you – the really specific qualities ( accomplishments. abilities. experience. preparation etc ) that qualify you to be considered for assignment to the occupation in inquiry. This should enable you to take straight at run intoing the occupation description and individual specification – that is. the demands of the occupation and the features of the ideal campaigner – in footings of accomplishments. abilities. experience. accomplishments and so on. So. before you can compose your missive. you need to cognize the occupation description and individual specification. These are normally included in the information the employer supplies about the occupation. Occasionally nevertheless. the lone information you have is the occupation advert and you should analyze it carefully to place the key accomplishments and experiences being sought by the employer. Have a expression at the illustration on the following page.

PR Graduate opportunities… XXX is a extremely focussed engineering PR and selling bureau based in Surbiton. Established since 1990. it continues to turn and as a consequence is looking for motivated. enthusiastic alumnuss who want to interrupt into a PR calling in our lively. merriment. ( and frequently feverish ) spread outing concern. The right people can anticipate to have the preparation and support that will develop their accomplishments and motive to derive a house bridgehead in the PR universe. And there are great chances here if you have the thrust and finding to win and a acute involvement in engineering. Fancy a challenge? Please e-mail your CV and a covering missive stating us your salary outlooks and why you are interested in a calling with us. Reach inside informations at World Wide Web. xxx. co. United Kingdom

In answering to this advertizement. your Curriculum vitae and the covering missive will necessitate to supply grounds that you meet the individual specification. i. e. that you are: a alumnus motivated and enthusiastic seeking a calling in PR interested in farther preparation interested in and knowing about engineering

You besides need to demo that you know plenty about PR to hold an apprehension of what will be expected of you. i. e. the occupation description. To an employer your missive of application is of critical importance and it will be what drives them to either contact you or throw your application in the bin. Your missive of application must:

Attract the recruiter’s attending. This does non intend utilizing fluorescent or unusual letter paper. fonts or layout. criterion concern format Raise involvement by being positive and by demoing what you can make ( for a new employer ) . Make a desire in the recruiter – for a meeting with you. Stimulate action by the recruiter. The Basic Structure and Presentation Your first contact with an employer by missive might be in one of the undermentioned ways: 1. Letter of application attach toing a CV 2. Letter of application ( CV non specially requested ) 3. Letter bespeaking an application signifier or covering an application signifier A good first feeling is of critical importance in all of the above illustrations. so your missive should be clear and good presented. In illustration 3. a missive bespeaking an application signifier should be brief and gracious – salvage your elaborate information for the application signifier itself. Similarly. a missive attach toing a completed signifier should be brief. unless the signifier specifically invites you to spread out on your application in a covering missive. We will now concentrate on illustrations 1 and 2. There is no individual right manner of puting out a missive. Whichever manner you choose. nevertheless. there are some basic regulations you should follow. Always include: It does intend composing the sort of missive that is a mark of a well-organised head – a utile work accomplishment in itself – in

Your reference and postcode The day of the month Any mention which you have been asked to cite The name and reference of the receiver including ZIP code. If at all possible. happen out who you are composing to. If you know their name. utilize it and complete the missive with “Yours sincerely” . As a really last resort usage “Dear Sir/Madam” and finish with “Yours faithfully” . One illustration of a layout construction is as follows ( besides see illustration of missive at terminal of brochure ) : Heading or letterhead. your reference inside informations in full including telephone figure Reference Date Name and full reference inside informations of receiver Dear…… . . First paragraph Middle paragraph ( s ) Final paragraph Complimentary near Legible signature and name under your signature Note of enclosures The aureate regulation of job-related correspondence is maintain it short and to the point – to the recruiter’s point that is. Bad letters and petitions for farther information should be confined to a individual page of A4 text. Application letters should non widen much beyond one and a half pages. Ideally. jobrelated correspondence should be word-processed unless the recruiter expressly requests a handwritten format.

If the missive is attach toing your CV. utilize the same good quality white A4 paper. Good quality white paper is preferred to color paper unless you are using for a originative occupation. Send the missive of application together with your CV or application signifier unfolded in a large/A4 envelope. Content The first chief paragraph ( s ) of the missive should advert the advertizement or occupation vacancy and how you came to cognize about it. ( Employers are acute to cognize which signifier of advertisement produces the best consequences ) . It should besides mention to your making for the most of import of the specific demands for the occupation that appeared in the advertizement. and your look of involvement. It should be written in enthusiastic footings. If this is a covering missive. in the in-between paragraphs. first draw attending to the affiliated documents.

Then set out your accomplishments. abilities and experiences that meet the staying demands of the advertised occupation. Say why the employer should be interested in you – highlight any specific merchandising points. These would be relevant work experience. related involvements and accomplishments ( particularly if these are non to the full covered elsewhere ) and peculiarly relevant facets of your class. This is non the topographic point. nevertheless. to add any farther information which should hold been included as portion of the application signifier or CV. Try to place a twosome of grounds why you are attracted to this peculiar employer. bespeaking that you have done some research to happen out more about them. Summarize your suitableness for the occupation in the last paragraph and show the position that you are looking frontward to hearing from them – but don’t say when. Mention any day of the months on which you will be unavailable. End the missive on an optimistic note.

Sign your missive in the usual manner – but besides print or type your full name underneath since you can be certain that recruiters will non look kindly on a missive if they can non read the name of the individual who sent it. Use Of English Avoid at all costs grammatical. spelling and punctuation mistakes. Don’t use tedious sentences. If you have a inclination to make this. seek to happen a more concise manner of showing yourself. and inquire person to read your bill of exchange. Read the missive aloud to hear if it sounds positive and critical. Are you bring forthing the right consequence? Avoid showing yourself in a manner that is excessively insouciant or familiar and temper is better kept for letters to friends and household. Further Beginnings of Information The Job Application Handbook. Judith Johnstone. How To Books. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. chances. Ac. uk and Prospects Directory Hobson’s Directory AGCAS Booklet: Applications. CV’s and Covering Letters Business Letter Writing. Trotman. Alec website. provides advice on CVs and interviews: World Wide Web. alec. co. uk All of these are available to confer with in Student and Graduate Careers.

14 April 2007 Dear Mr Brown I an composing in response to your recent advertizement in “Prospects Today” for a trainee market research analyst. I am in the concluding twelvemonth of a four-year grade class in International Marketing with French at UMIST and will graduate in June. My CV lineations my instruction and experience but I would peculiarly pull your attending to my linguistic communication accomplishments and market research experience. which I hope would be an plus to an international house like Summerbee and Partners. During my grade I have chosen options in both Marketing and Market Research and. in my concluding twelvemonth. I undertook an ambitious and demanding research undertaking looking at the differences between British and Gallic consumers’ purchasing wonts. This involved travel. interviews. informations aggregation and analysis: an of import debut to some of the cardinal characteristics of a calling in market research. My holiday occupation. with Skellett and Raymond. confirmed my committedness to this calling and gave me extra practical experience.

Equally good as holding relevant cognition and experience. I believe I besides possess the personal qualities that you ask for in your advertizement. I have shown imaginativeness and creativeness. particularly when seeking to excite world-weary Gallic concern executives and sell canoeing to doubting pupils. I am a good communicator and have seized every chance to give presentations both inside and outside university. I have the analytical accomplishments you seek. demonstrated by a good Maths A degree. relevant undergraduate classs and a demanding and responsible holiday occupation. Finally. I have shown myself to be motivated by concern and want to be portion of a successful international administration. To larn more about Market Research. I have attended callings carnivals. talked to practicians and read enlisting booklets. I foremost learnt of Summerbees at an eventide presentation at UMIST and was impressed with the enthusiasm of the staff I met. But what made me determined to use was your absolute committedness to preparation and development. which. as I learnt from my grade. are the requirements of a turning concern. I am available for employment in July this twelvemonth and I look frontward to hearing from you.

How to compose a personal statement when using for occupations Often when finishing an application signifier for a occupation. you will hold a infinite to give any excess information about yourself that you experience would be relevant for the occupation you are using for. This is your opportunity to convert employers why you are the best individual for the occupation. The personal statement may be included as portion of the application signifier and have a rigorous infinite and word restriction or you may hold to compose on a separate piece of paper. If this is the instance so one or two sides of A4 would be sufficient. The personal statement should ever be word processed.

General Guidelines for composing personal statements

Don’t merely reiterate information that you have already written elsewhere on the application signifier. Vary the beginning of each paragraph. and don’t usage cliched overused sentences such as “I have ever wanted to…” Read through your statement several times look intoing your spelling and grammar. and acquire person else to look into it for you. If your application is typed do certain you use a clear fount such as Arial or Times New Roman and utilize a minimal font size of 10. Always write a personal statement specifically for the occupation you are using for. don’t merely utilize a standard templet. Make certain whoever will read it knows you are interested in that occupation specifically.

Job Specifications Often a occupation specification will be provided with a occupation application foregrounding the indispensable and desirable accomplishments needed for the occupation. A utile manner to compose your personal statement would be to fit each of the accomplishments they require with grounds of you holding that accomplishment. Sometimes it can be utile to group together related accomplishments such as unwritten and written communicating. clip direction and organizational accomplishments and supply grounds that supports your claim. The individual specification describes the employers ideal campaigner and your personal statement should demo how closely you resemble that ideal campaigner.

It should besides demo your motive to make the occupation. supported by grounds of things that you have done. Your back uping statement can be written in an essay manner or in slug points. Evidence of the accomplishments needed can be from all kinds of countries of your life. non merely employment but besides voluntary work. involvements. athleticss squads etc. Think about your movable accomplishments and give plentifulness of illustrations of why you can make something. don’t merely state “I have good IT skills” give grounds to turn out this. When you have written your personal statement don’t bury you can book an assignment to hold it checked or you can e-mail it to [ electronic mail protected ]or [ electronic mail protected ]and a Careers Adviser will look into it for you.


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