Grant Proposal Writing Process Essay

Grant Proposal writing process University of Phoenix Axia College Date Name, Title (Grant maker Contact) Foundation, Bank, Corporation (Grant maker) Address City, State, and Zip Code RE: Name of Grant (PEACE: A safe house) Grant Proposal Summary: It should provide details of your background, all information t o help contact you, the reason why you are seeking the grant, a brief introduction of your project, your experience in previous projects, and how the project will be helpful to the community as a whole. Asking the funding for $150,000 for 3 years would be enough to fund the program I am asking.

Proposal Summary * Limit to one page. * State the organization making the request and link organizational background to the proposal purpose. * State your project purpose. * Briefly state how your project will be implemented. * State the results you expect from your project. Include your total budget amount, other funds that are committed and the amount of your request. The body: 1. Next is the body of the proposal. This contains information about the safe house you want to set up. It should clearly outline the vision of your organization, its past successes and a brief description about the management and staff.

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Grant Proposal Writing Process Essay
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In case you had taken any other funding for your company, details of these funds should be furnished in your proposal. A proper assessment should be presented about how you plan to utilize the money. If the project is addressing any social problem, then you need to project how it will solve the problem. The realistic goals and objectives of the company need to be defined properly. This will require a specific as well as overall understanding of the entire project. You also need to write about the methodology to be used including the tasks to be performed and the resources which will fund them.

A detailed report of the number of people working on the project, the equipment needed and the designated time for completion of the project also needs to be discussed. Introduction to the PEACE: A Safe House * History of safe houses * General Purpose * Goals and objectives as they relate to the safe house, and in overview, as they provide a context for the work you want to undertake. * Accomplishments, especially as they relate to this project or to your capacity to provide this project. Service areas and population served.

Project Goals and Objectives Each safe house will be opened to a large diversity and back ground including men, children and women. When we can help those populations then we will know that the program is running great and we have reached a milestone. * What specific goals are you trying to achieve? * What measurable milestones will you reach in meeting those goals? * How will you and the founder know that you are making progress towards your goals? Methods and Schedule * What actions will you take to have an up and running safe house? * What steps must you take to achieve success? Who will do what? (Include here job descriptions and background statements of staff or the qualifications you will seek in staff for the project. This is true even if “staff” will actually be volunteers. ) * When will these actions take place? * Evaluation Criteria and Process * How will you know whether you are achieving your goals? * What will you measure to evaluate your progress? * What records and information will you keep to allow you to measure your progress? ( including all receipts and planning memos) Statement of Need:

Domestic violence is on the rise and many people are faced with it every day including men, women and children. There are many situations on why and how domestic violence occurs throughout many different communities around the United States. In the community I am setting up my safe house over the last 5 years the city of Portland has seen abuse ranging from spousal abuse, child abuse, assault, domestic/ youth violence to road rage. I believe the abuse occurs in these communities due to the lack of knowledge of abuse and the continuing of abuse, because people have nowhere to go when the abuse occurs.

There are many people and organizations that help in these domestic violence cases by providing counseling and resources to domestic violence groups, but there are not many places for people to go when these violence’s occur and my Safe house provides these services. Giving those who need to remove themselves from the situation and giving then a safe place to go while they set up more permanent situations can be greatly needed. * Use a funnel approach. * Start with the generalized problem as it occurs in your community. * Move to the conditions which make this a problem. Outline current resources that address this problem and identify gaps in those resources. * Identify how your proposal will fill these gaps. Project Goals and Objectives Providing temporary shelter for those are faced with situation of domestic violence and help find permanent resources so they can live healthier lifestyles. * What specific goals are you trying to achieve? * What measurable milestones will you reach in meeting those goals? * How will you and the funder know that you are making progress towards your goals?


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