Grateful Essay

English 20 6 September 2013 It’s not so easy being grateful since it’s really hard to be happy with what you already have and realizing how lucky you are to have them. I honestly wasn’t grateful for anything, I thought I never had enough, I always wanted more. Till the day came that reality slapped me across the face and helped me open my eyes to somethings I thought I would never notice. I didn’t learn to be grateful all by myself, I had the help of an amazing friend that and I’m glad she came around because if it was for her, I’d still be the same old ignorant person I used to be.

Before my sister passed away I as very distant from friends and family, never really liked associating with anybody or even make eye contact. Until the day came that I lost her and I Just lost it, I wouldn’t eat nor sleep. My older sister tried to be there for me but I kept pushing her away and also my cousins. I seriously thought I was going to hit rock bottom again. My sister was the only person I will really talk to, she was my favorite person and she was only person who understood my pain. Four days after I got a message from an old friend named Sonia asking me if I still lived in the yellow house with the cool ramps, I responded, mies?

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Why? ” I didn’t get a response after till 20mins later I saw her walking to my porch with roses in her hand, I opened the door and gave her this weird, shocking, confused look. I didn’t mean to but I haven’t spoken to Sonia after 5th grade not because we got in a huge fght or that we were too cool to talk to each other, we Just both went with different crowds. I welcomes her in and she gave me and hug and said that she wanted to stop by because she knew how much my sister meant to me and that she thought it was right for her to come here and show her respects in person than through via internet.

I didn’t speak much cause I was shocked I mean this was my best friend in elementary. Since I wouldn’t speak much Sonia, she asked my sister how have I been doing and my sister told her how IVe been acting and Just losing it. After that day Sonia sticked around and helped me get back up, she’ll make sure I will eat my daily meals and that I was doing 0k for the day. She’ll keep me entertained as much as she could, Sonia will take me out so I wouldn’t be alone and will always give me the advice I needed to hear and tried to be there for me as much as she could. It’s like she was taking over my moms and psychiatrist Job ut I was 0k with that.

Then there was this day I told Sonia she didn’t have to do all this and I remembered her exact words she said, “l do this because I’m your friend, we have always been friends since 5th grade and I owe you for the times that you were there for me with when I was in need of someone. I always saw you as a sister even though it was Just a hi and bye friendship after elementary. I don’t want you to ever fell upset, If you ever need me you know I’m Just a phone call away if I don’t answer I live Just down the block, if you need a place to get away from everything here’s my house” At that moment I thought “Angle, don’t you dare push her away. I couldn’t help it bust out in tears and feel so grateful to have her be part of my life her, “It’s 0k ma, I’m here to help you through this pain. ” I hugged my sister and told her sorry for pushing her away. I looked around my house and saw every family member I know here, even the ones from Mexico came down with a one ticket to be here for us, I felt this energy rush through my body that I Just couldn’t help it to smile at everyone and feel so thankful cause not every family gets this kind of support.

It took me years to be grateful for the family I have, and for the most amazing friend I thought I never had. I guess what I’m trying to say is be grateful for those who help you in life, the good vibes. Be thankful for those who promised they will never leave and are still standing next to you. Don’t do the mistake to push them away cause once they are gone no guarantee theyll give the second chance. Stop taking things for granted, if you Just pause for a moment, take a breather and look outside to the sun or moon and be thankful you got to see than today because many did not have he chance to.

Be thankful for humanity, about your parents for giving birth to you because if there is no them, there will not be you. Your family for being the closest people to you, yes many of you have problems but why not be the bigger person to change that and make it all better. Friends for always fighting your battles with you and strangers who will soon become your friend in the future. Humanity is what we mostly take for granted and it’s what we shouldn’t be taking granted at all because without humanity there will be no family, friends, or a significant other.


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