Gravity - Space Exploration

Term Definition
Gravity The force that causes objects with
mass to attract one another.
Gravitational Attraction The force that pulls two objects towards each other; the
greater the mass of and object, the greater the attraction;
the further apart the objects, the weaker the attraction.
Newton’s Law of
Universal Gravitation
The law that says every object in the universe attracts
every other object, and that the force is affected by mass
and distance: the greater the mass of an object, the
greater the attraction; the farther apart the objects, the
weaker the attraction.
Mass The amount of matter in an object
Space Exploration The investigation of physical conditions in space
and on stars, planets, and other celestial bodies
through the use of satellites, space probes, or
spacecraft with human crews.
Rocket An engine that provides thrust directly through the
burning of its fuel without requiring the intake of air.
Spacecraft A vehicle or device designed for travel or
operation outside Earth’s atmosphere.
Space Shuttle A reusable spacecraft designed to transport
people and cargo between Earth and space.
Space Probe An unmanned spacecraft designed to explore the
solar system and transmit data back to Earth.
Rover A vehicle for exploring the surface of an
extraterrestrial body (such as the Moon and Mars).
Satellite Something that orbits around another object; for
example, a moon orbiting a planet or
a human-made object orbiting Earth.
Telescope An instrument for viewing or
detecting distant objects.
Observatory A building or place given over to or
equipped for observation of natural phenomena.
International Space Station An orbiting space satellite, construction of which
began in 2001 with the cooperation of 16 nations;
used for scientific and space research.
Galileo Galilei The father of modern science; made
improvements to the telescope and discovered
the four largest moons of Jupiter, among many
other scientific accomplishments.
Astronauts A person trained to be part of a spacecraft crew
NASA National Aeronautics and Space
Administration; the American governmental
agency dedicated to space exploration.

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