Greek Architecture 3rd Grade

Term Definition
axis An imaginary line through the center of an object
Constellation A group of stars that forms a pattern shaped like an animal person or object
Equator An imaginary line that circles the Earth halfway between the North and South Poles
Revolve To move in a path around another object
Rotate To turn on an axis
Season One of the four parts of the year spring summer fall and winter
Star A ball of hot gases that gives off light and other forms of energy
Phases of the Moon The different ways the Moon looks through the month
Full moon The phase of the moon when all of the Moon near side is sunlit
New moon The face of the when the moon's near-side appears totally dark
Quarter moon The phase of the moon when half of the moon's near side is sunlit.
Waning moon The phase of the moon when a decreased saying amount of the moon's near-side is sunlit
Waxing moon The phases of the moon when an increasing amount of the sun's near side assembly.

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