Greek Contributions

The Greeks contributed many things to todays society. Their ideas were extremely innovative and they lived in a time of great discoveries. Their influence has touched on subjects such as philosophy, politics, medicine, math, and art, to name just a few. The men who developed these important ideas many years ago benefit each one of us and have an important effect on todays culture. There are many famous Greek philosophers. One of the most famous is Socrates. Socrates believed in a persons character, virtue, and justice. He thought that no person is purposely bad, instead, they are bad because they are ignorant.

He also believed if one was virtuous, he had knowledge and knew what was right. Therefore, that virtuous persons actions were good and just. That can be applied to todays society by looking at the importance we put on education and giving knowledge to each other. Another great philosopher was Aristotle. His views looked at human nature and later influenced politics. Aristotle believed in the I Philosophy. This philosophy stresses the individual. It is directly related to the concept of the republic. On the other hand, the concept of communism is associated with the We Philosophy, as discovered by Pericles.

This concept states that the whole is greater than its parts. Both of these ideas are very important parts of politics, as we know it today. The Greeks also had a great effect on medicine. Today, doctors take the Hippocratic Oath when they become physicians. This is a direct effect of the work of Hippocrates. He was a man who believed in using science to treat the ill, rather than using less exact methods, like superstition, as was common in that day. Because of the work of Hippocrates, medicine as we know it today was formed. Another area where the Greeks have had a lot of influence is mathematics.

Euclid was a very respected mathematician. His research and discoveries in geometry and other areas of math are still used in modern society. He also discovered the Pythagreom Theorem, a concept still taught in schools today. One more area where the Greeks have had a famous and long-lasting influence is in the world of art. Through the use of sculpture, architecture, and dramatic plays, they excelled. The Greeks immortalized their gods through the use of sculpture and form. The pieces created in this time are still revered today. The Parthenon is one example of great Greek architecture.

Its lines are strong and balanced and represent the ideal in proportion and beauty. The play Antigone is a great drama that represents how faithful the Greeks are to their gods. It also tells a captivating story that is still entertaining today. In conclusion, the ancient Greeks lived in a time when many great discoveries were made. The theories of great thinkers like Socrates, Aristotle, Hippocrates, and Euclid are world famous. These ideas range from science to math to philosophy and the arts. One can still feel its influence in todays society in many ways.


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