Greek Mythology and G. Aphrodite Pg. Essay

INTRODUCTION 1 . How were the Greek gods different from those of the Egyptians? Be specific Pg. 5 2. Though they were considered to be immortal, what negative characteristics did the Greek gods often display? Pg. 9 3. Hamilton says that Greek mythology was more explanation than religion. What types of things did the myths explains? Pg. 10-11 PART ONE 4. List several identifying details about each one of the following A. Cronus Pg. 18 B. zeus pg. 20-22 C. Hera pg. 22-23 D. Poseidon pg. 23-24 E. Hades pg. 24 F. Apollo pg. 25-27 G. Aphrodite pg. 29-30 H. Ares pg. 31-32 1. Arternts pg. 27-29 J.

Athena pg. 24-25 K. Hephaestus pg. 32-33 L. Hestia pg. 33-34 M. Hermes pg. 30-31 5. What was the function of the Muses? pg. 36 6. What did the Fates control? pg. 46 7. From where, primarily, did the Romans get their gods? Pg. 46 8. Where were the Lares and Penates worshipped? pg. 47-48 9. What were the Greek and Latin names for the two gods who were most important in the everyday lives of the people? Pg. 18 10. What roles did Prometheus and Epimetheus play in the creation of mankind? Give Details. pg. 87, 85, 81 1 1 . Why might a young man today be referred to as an “Adonis”? Pg. 118 PART TWO 12.

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Greek Mythology and G. Aphrodite Pg. Essay
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What forbidden thing did Psyche do that almost caused her to lose her husband? pg. 127 13. Who was Galatea? pg. 147,150 PART THREE 14. Cite one identifying fact about the following: A. Perseus pg. 202-204 B. Theseus pg. 209 C. Hercules pg. 225 D. Atalanta pg. 248 PART FOUR 15. What role did Aphrodite play in causing the Trojan War? pg. 255,257 16. What cause the fall of Troy? Pg. spark notes 17. How did Circe help Odysseus? pg. 18. Which goddess especially hated Aeneas? Why? PART FIVE 19. What was the gods’ punishment of Tantalus? pg. 347 20. What happened to Agamemnon when he returned from Troy? pg. 352, 356 21 .

What the riddle of the Sphinx and what was Oedipus’ answer to it? Pg. 377-380 22. What terrible crimes did Oedipus commit (unknowingly) commit? Pg. 380 Key word (Murder) 23. Why, when turned into a bird, could Philomela not sing? Explain Pg. 397,399 part Six 24. Why was king Midas given the ears of an ass? pg. 411 25. Why did Circe turn Scylla in toa monster? pg. 418, 419 26. Why spiders are called Arachnids? pg. 425, 426 27. How did The Norse Asgard differ from Olympus? pg. 443 28. Which Norse god was mankind’s major benefactor pg. 453 29. Who were the Valkyries? pg. 455 30. What was Valhalla? Part Eight Look up on Interweb c: .


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