Green Eggs and Ham Essay

WHAT IS COMMUNICATED IN REGARDS TO CHANGE OR THE ACCEPTANCE OF NEW IDEAS? In this video, Sam is asking someone to try something new and different before even having an opinion on it. Even though it might seem a little weird as the author emphasize on the weird color of the aliments (green eggs and green ham), one might end up enjoying and getting pleased by his new discovery like the character in the video was. DESCRIBE A SITUATION AT WORK WHERE YOU PORTRAYED THE ROLE OF “SAM” AND EXPLAIN YOUR REASONS FOR BEING PERSISTENT IN PROMOTING A NEW IDEA OR A NEW CONCEPT.

I never had a job experience in any kind of field, so I am going to take another example in another context. I remember when my mother wanted to buy a new car. She wanted to go white while I preferred black. Having more knowledge than her concerning cars, I built my case so I could change her mind and switch to black. I was persistent because I had already seen the car in both colors in front of me and the white one was breathtaking. But still, the choice was not mine and I failed at having mine chosen. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE REASONS MANAGERS DREAD CHANGE?

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Green Eggs and Ham Essay
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Managers might dread change mainly because the risk of change is seen greater than the risk of standing still. Making a change requires a kind of leap of faith: you decide to move in the direction of the unknown on the premise that something will be better for you. Moreover, managers would not do a new move in the decisional process because they simply do not have a role model for the new change. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE REASONS EMPLOYEES DREAD CHANGE? Employees might dread change as well primarily because the usually feel onnected to the other people and other people’s way of interacting who are identified with the old way. They would rather take no risk and keep things as they are then risking for some kind of new move. WHAT ARE SOME BARRIERS TO TRYING SOMETHING DIFFERENT IN YOUR WORKPLACE? Barriers to trying new different things are various. Some of them can be your own bosses, who will not let you do your job as freely as you want, preventing you from having a margin for innovations. Money can also be an obstacle as well. If you do not have the appropriate budget, it will be hard to accomplish something.


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