Grolsch Case Sample Essay

A related inquiry: Would you reason that Grolsch’s current geographic presence internationally accurately reflects planetary chances for them? Be specific. * Grolschs’ current geographic presence reflects the planetary chances and presently represent the best chances for the company. * Grolsch has chiefly focused on developed markets such as the UK. US. Canada. Australia. New Zealand. and France. * Grolschs’ cardinal markets chiefly consist of Western Europe. which accounts for 88 % of its grosss. and 94 % of its part borders. * Grolschs’ gross revenues in the Netherlands accounted for about one half of its entire domestic gross revenues. * Though Grolsch was antecedently sold in Russia and Poland. the Asiatic Financial crisis resulted in the devaluation of the ruble in Russia which led to Grolsch to concentrate on developed markets once more. * Since so. the Russian market has recovered from the fiscal crisis. it can be inferred that states such as Russia have a market for luxury goods. * Possibly through reintroducing the Grosche trade name. it can be inferred that a premium beer would be successful in such a market.

Though Amsterdam is a non- luxury trade name. it could perchance be sold in countries such as Latin America as it is assumed that lighter beers are more popular in these countries as compared to trade names such as Corona. * Grolsch has decided to concentrate on developed markets which is a fresh thought sing it will convey the trade name the most net income. Developing states would non be able to keep a premium trade name as most consumers may non be able to afford the high monetary value ticket. which coincides with increased trade name quality. * Despite Grolschs’ success in developed states. I think that they may necessitate to reconsider distribution among several states such as Russia and Poland. * Grolsch may besides seek to see assorted new selling schemes which could help in better overall planetary marketability. Though the Grolsch name may be well-known and accepted by the Dutch and within Europe. the name can sound instead unpleasant to some. and manner non vibrate good among consumers as say Heineken or Corona. Companies frequently underestimate the power of a strong trade name name which Fosters trade name trueness and in bend increased gross revenues.

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Grolsch Case Sample Essay
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