Group of Kutch region initially engaged in the business of salt manufacturing and trading Essay

Executive Summary
Group Introduction

Neelkanth Group is over 30 twelvemonth old and renowned group of Kutch part ab initio engaged in the concern of salt fabrication and trading. Over the clip group have diversified itself into assorted other Fieldss like, Construction, chemical, Coal trading, Met-coke and assorted port based services like Warehouse, Open Bonded & A ; Non-Bonded Plot, Logistic supplier and Oil tank terminus with a present turnover of over Rs.150 Crore.

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Group of Kutch region initially engaged in the business of salt manufacturing and trading Essay
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Group is known for the Quality, Service and committedness at that place client and it is the lone ground which have help them to cover over 80 % of Industrial salt market of India. Innovation is Key to sustainable growing, by larning this we have able to open new skyline in the field of logistic, building and service.

Patel building co. is groups ISO 9001:2008 certified company and it ‘s the prima contractor of Kandla Port Trust ( KPT ) .

In 2009, Group has signed a MoU with Govt. Of Gujarat for proposed investing of Rs.500 Crore in the field of Chemical and Fertilizer which can be produced from Salt. This undertaking is in Implementation stage right now and with the success of this undertaking group would be enable to traverse Rs.300 Crore turnovers within 3 old ages.

Group is in complete control by Family Member.

Trade and Logistic
The proposed Jetty aims at explicating an efficient transit system supplying speedy entree, safe, energy efficient and economical transit of goods and riders, pollution and congestion free travel.

Keeping this in position, the following cardinal aims are sought to be achieved:

Serving the demands of colonies, nodal developments and industrial concentrations, supplying high degree of entree to Port and treating zone in KASEZ and countries with possible for growing in the influence country of Port.

Giving high precedence and complete accent on conveyance orientation without restraint or limitation and easing optimum operation of the system.

Developing high / medium capacity coach conveyance and structuring development maintaining in position populace every bit good as personalized manners of conveyance, minimising limitations or restraints and guaranting free flow of vehicles.

Rational arrangement of workers ‘ high-density residential vicinities to minimise travel. In the short scope ( say 10 old ages ) , countries will be zoned for this intent in the locality of work topographic points and industrial countries on modular footing to incorporate work trip journeys.

To advance incremental web development to conserve resources and guaranting reserve of land for corridors and terminal installations.

Bettering connectivity to colonies in the influence country of the SEZ widening up to NH-8A through spinal columns, north-south assorted -use streets and high streets.

 Developing multi-modal cargo and rider conveyance substructure.

 Configuring web on hierarchy footing for signal free motion linked with port and processing zones. This will affect developing arterial roads at a high degree of service with grade-separators and multi-modal rider terminus in the cardinal country and belongings development around terminuss, station and nodes.

Gujarat Maritime Overview
The State of Gujarat, located on the West Coast of India, has about 1600 Km. long coastline, stand foring a 3rd of the state ‘s H2O forepart. Gujarat is strategically positioned to serve the huge North and cardinal Indian backwoods.

The State has 40 child and intermediate ports geographically dispersed across South Gujarat ( 13ports ) , Saurashtra ( 23 ports ) and Kachchh part ( 4 ports ) . Besides there are 3 private ports in the State.

There is besides a major port of Kandla, under the administrative control of the Cardinal Government in Gujarat State. In order to speed up the development of ports and seting their working on commercial picking a nodal maritime authorization viz. Gujarat Maritime Board ( GMB ) has been constituted on 5th April- 1982.

11 intermediate and 29 minor ports of Gujarat State are being administered by GMB.

The entire lading handled by the Kandla Port in quantitative footings has increased from 459.07 hundred thousand tones in the twelvemonth 2005-06 to 529.82 hundred thousand tones in the twelvemonth 2006-07, demoing an addition of 15.41 per centum over the old twelvemonth ( including transshipment ) . With this public presentation, the imports from Kandla port have increased by 14.95 per centum during the twelvemonth 2006-07 as compared to the twelvemonth 2005-06 and the exports have increased by 15.33 per centum during the twelvemonth 2006-07 over the old twelvemonth.

Gujarat handles about 79 % of Entire Indian Port traffic through its 41 Minor and 1 Major port.

Growth of Private port and traffic in Gujarat is about 46 % ( 2007-2008 )
At present Kpt handles 75Million tones of lading every twelvemonth.

During Peak season there is waiting of around 15 – 17 yearss at Kpt for ship to Berth

Ahir Salt & A ; Allied Product Pvt.Ltd [ Ahir Port ] Brief Report on Proposed Land
Location: Survey no.574 paiki Village Mithirorar, Kandla

Organization: Ahir Salt & A ; Allied Products Pvt Ltd ( ASA )

Land: Latitude: 23’02’51.07

Longitude: 70’13’10.02

40 Acre for Liquid and Dry cargo terminal allotted by State Government on ownership base.

1317.56 Acre On rental allotted by province authorities for fabrication of salt.

Available Water Front:
165.07 Meters from the shore in Length at North Corner
147.91 Meters from the shore in Length at South Corner
220.00 Meter in breadth from North to South.
Depth: Approx. 7.5 – 8.5 Meter Draft at Present which can be dredge if required.

History sing Proposed Land of the Undertaking
His Highness Maharaoh of Kutch allotted Land to M/s. United Salt Works and Industries Ltd. ( Company ) in the twelvemonth 1934 for the intent of Salt Manufacturing boulder clay 1974.

This Lease was later on renewed by the Govt.of Gujarat for a period of 20 twelvemonth i.e. upto 1994.

In the twelvemonth 1994 the above referred 2.00 sq. Miles i.e. 1357.56 Acres land of the company was allotted to M/s. Ahir Salt & A ; Allied Prod. Pvt. Ltd. on rental by Govt.of Gujarat upto 2016

Subsequently on Kandla Port Project was formed in the twelvemonth 1953 and the State of Kutch allotted 346 sq. stat mis of Land for the development of Kandla Port. Out of the sum of 346 sq. stat mis of Land allotted to Kandla Port Project 2.00 sq. Miles ( 1357.56 Acres ) of Land of the Company was withheld vide Notification No. 463/54 Dated 22.11.54 passed by Land Acquisition Officer, Adipur – Kutch therefore the said land of the company was outside the bounds of the Kandla Port.

Therefore the said land was in the ownership of the Company from 1934 to 1994 and the Salt Manufacturing Process was being carried out on the land. The company besides developed a Jetty on the Water Front that was available on the said land for the intent of Salt Export since 1934.

Initially the Salt was exported/transported through Country trade than company used flatboats for the same since 1986. Than the Jetty was

Un-used and damaged in assorted Natural Calamities like Cyclone and Earth Quake

Origin and History of Ahir Salt & A ; Allied Prod. Pvt. Ltd.
At present Ahir Salt and Allied merchandises Pvt. Ltd. , has

1317.56 Estates of Lease Hold Land for the intent of Salt Manufacturing

40 Estates of Self Occupied Land for the intent of Liquid and Dry Cargo Terminals With the development of Kandla Port and increase in the demand of Liquid Cargo many Private Liquid Cargo Terminals developed in the surrounding of the Port Area to suit the demand for the storage of Liquid Cargo being Imported and Exported through Kandla Port.

M/s. Ahir Salt & A ; Allied Prod. Pvt. Ltd. , the company has decided to develop Dry & A ; Liquid Cargo Storage Terminal every bit good as revamp/revive the bing construction of decennaries old Jetty on its bing Salt work land and therefore had taken up necessary stairss in this respect. In this connexion, Govt. Of Gujarat allotted 40 Estates out of the sum of 1357.56 Estates of Lease Hold land on out-right

To Fully Utilized the Capacity of Land Allotted by govt. Company needs to resuscitate its old Damaged and fresh Jetty.
Vision and Mission
Vision: To be the Excellence Maritime service supplier with complete End-End Solution to the client

Mission: To set up the Hub for Trade and Logistic with development of Jetty and Ancillary service this would enable us to entertain our client with 100pc consequence.

Industry SWOT Analysis
Strength: Proximity to Kandla Port, Just 1 Sea Mile.

Private Land.

Congestion at Kpt

Low wharf age rate

Large port backup country

40k Tones /24 hour Loading rate

Failing: Merely 1 Jetty would be develop.

Surrounded by KPT Land.

Opportunity: Low Loading-Unloading rate at KPT

Bulk & A ; Liquid cargo managing together

High volume of Cargo

Menace: Private port in Kutch part.

Development Plan
Revival of Jetty.

The Proposed Jetty would be 220 Meter long and 50 Meter in breadth this would be one of sort breakwater in this country and it would be Merely 1 sea stat mi from KPT Jetty.

This breakwater was ab initio used for burden of Salt into flatboats and state trade during 1980-1990. At that clip ASA was the lone salt maker in India to export salt to Japan. This breakwater was to the full mechanized with conveyer system which would lade a flatboat without any helper it had a capacity of 400 tones/hr capacity.

The New Jetty would be Multipurpose and Multi cargo breakwater which would manage both liquid and dry lading along with rider trade. This breakwater is design to manage about 2million tones of Cargo per annum. It would be holding a hi-tech 2way conveyer system which would enable to lade and Drop the with individual point and lading can be dump at backup country.

This conveyer system would be of 40K tones/24hr along with Hightech Crane which would be Fail-safe option at Jetty.

For Liquid lading there would be a Pipe Network at the Jetty and a Booster pump at the terminal terminal which would easy reassign the liquid to the Tanks.

This breakwater would be of RCC-Reinforced and with a bill of exchange deepness of 12 metre when the country would be dredged which would enable house to manage the big vas up to 70K DWT.

For this permission from Gujarat Maritime Board would be required and the house is in the procedure of geting permission from necessary authorization and Environment clearance would be besides required as it fall in CRZ-1 country of Indian Govt.

Option 2: Build Barge Jetty.

With the available H2O forepart and bill of exchange it would be economical to construct a flatboat Jetty which would be little and Less expensive this would give an option to straight name up the Large VLCC, Panmax and Capsize Ships with capacity of 60,000-100,000 Mt per theodolite this would salvage cost for the company importing the stuff.

Though this pattern would increase the managing cost but it would be adjusted with the cargo saved by the party and it sum to be doubled.

Eg. Coal imported in 100,000 Mt. ship would salvage USD 12/pmt to the party and the cost addition in the handling of the lading would be merely USD 6 so party save USD 6/PMT

Storage Facilities
Dry Cargo positions are available with Quay Length of 2532 mtrs aˆ?1 Oil Jetties.

Total Custom Bonded Port Area inside the usage fence is 253 hectares.

One deep bill of exchange moorage and Four Cargo moorages in the interior Seaports country for watercourse handling Container Handling Facilities

545 mtrs. Of quay length

2 Harbors mobile Crane

4 RTGC 4 range stackers, 18 premier moversA A A A A A

40 hectare secret plan for Container pace

6 Container Freight Stations functioning the Port A Reefer stopper points.

Most economical handling charges & A ; concessional TAMP duty for coastal vass.

 Nearest Port from Delhi and environing countries.

Separate Stacking country for unsafe goods.

Railway line next to Container Yard. Steel Floating Dry Dock A T

Breadth maximum up to 17 mtrs. aˆ?Draft maximum up to 4, 5 mtrs.

Lift supplanting maximum up to 2500 tones.

A bill of exchange of up to 33 metres at SBMs and Lighter age Point Operations ( LPO ) .

Three Nos. of Single Buoy Moorings available. Managing VLCCs holding 3, 00,000 Wand more.

Excellent substructure and tranquil Waterss facilitate trans-shipment operations even during monsoon season at Vadinar.

Port Equipments Wharf Stephen cranes
Wharf Cranes of the undermentioned capacities:

2 of 12 Tonss

 4 of 16 Tonss

6 of 25Tons A

he rated capacity of 16 dozenss cap. Crane is 400 MT/hour A

The rated capacity of 25 Tonss cap. Crane is 600 MT/hour.

Weighbridges Nine weighbridges inside the port, which includes: aˆ? Two Weighbridges of 40 MT capacities

One Weighbridge of 50MTcapacity.

One Weighbridge of 60MTcapacities.

 Two Weighbridges of SOMT capacity.

 Three Weighbridges 100 MT capacity. A More weighbridges in coaction with Private houses are being commissioned Other Support Equipment

Easy handiness of other support lading equipments such as Forklifts, Tractor, Trailors, Pay-loaders of assorted capacities.

Private handling, equipments like Mobile Cranes, Top litters, pay-loaders, Forklifts, Heavy-duty Trailors etc. available on hire at competitory rates.

Liquid Storage Terminal
Liquid storage terminus would be Tanks made of SS Steel and Iron which would be able to manage the assorted Non-Hazardous lading as notified by the GoI, and which are permeable under CRZ-1 norms and farther amended from clip to clip. Major liquid merchandise would be petroleum merchandise and Edible oil which can be stored in these armored combat vehicles. Entire capacity of this Terminal would be 5 lakh KL / Annum.

Entire operation of this terminus would be Automatic and control by the cardinal control room at the site with a Sensor to keep a temperature of this armored combat vehicles. Among the assorted of import lading the Fuel oil is a merchandise which would be stored in this SS Temperature controlled armored combat vehicle as there is merely 1 armored combat vehicle in full Kandla composite of this type and this would be Differentiation characteristic of this terminus. We intend to develop at least 20 armored combat vehicle of about 40,000 KL for such storage and care.

This terminus would be next to show warehouse and would be spreader over 40 acre of land.

Picture: Degree centigrade: UsersSquad_7Pictures all55_mduuga.jpg

Railway siding
This would be extra characteristic of this undertaking at would be around Rs.4 Crore. There would be 2 parallel siding at this site and would provide the demand of Bulk every bit good as Liquid lading which would be handle by the Jetty. At present there is no 1 in Kandla composite with incorporate railroad siding except CWC which is a Got corporation.

As per the Data collected by us the present capacity of Kandla railroad is merely 30 % used that means there is adequate range for us to use the staying capacity and it would besides bring forth extra income for railroad.

The lone hurdle at nowadays is permission from KPT to utilize their 2 acre of land for set uping railroad paths which can be done with the aid of railroad.

Other option is to utilize “ function siding ” at KPT which is merely 3 KM off from present site.


Degree centigrades: UsersSquad_7Picturesscan0d001.jpg

Kandla Port Trust – Position Occupancy Chart
Berth Occupancy Chart: hypertext transfer protocol: //

Traffic HANDLED at Kandla: hypertext transfer protocol: //

NO. of SHIPS HANDLED AT KPT: hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20Ships.gif

Average Pre-Berthing clip in Dayss: hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20time.gif

Average Turnaround clip in Dayss: hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20time.gif

Overall scenario of Port state of affairs in Gujarat
Highlight Loading/Unloading A
C: UsersSquad_7Picturesgmb port.JPG

The overview of Traffic handled at Major Ports, Non Major Ports of India is as under. GMB has handled traffic of 205.51 MMT during the twelvemonth 2009-10 compared to the traffic153 MMT handled for the twelvemonth of 2008-09. GMB has attained a considerable Growth Rate of 34 % in the twelvemonth of 2009-10 compared to old twelvemonth. This is an accomplishment for the Gujarat State economic system and GMB every bit good. Looking to the tabular array appended hereunder, Total National Traffic Growth Rate is 13.14 % about. Major Ports Traffic Growth Rate is 5.90 % and the growing rate of Non Major Ports is 35.07 % . Import Growth Rate is 33.73 % and Export Growth Rate is 37.39 % .
Entire Traffic Analysis

Import Export Traffic

Traffic of last 5 old ages

Gujarat handled bulk portion of 79.84 % of traffic in India ‘s child and intermediate ports in 2006-2007 and 71.5 % of the entire lading traffic in India ‘s Non-major ports

Gujarat handles 11.5 % of the entire lading traffic in India ‘s major ports

The non-major ports of Gujarat handled a lading traffic of 147. million metric tons in 2007-2008 an addition of 11.44 % over old twelvemonth

The entire port capacity of Gujarat grew at 46.6 % , from 135

MMT from 2001 to 198 MMT in 2007-08

Port substructure like confined terminuss, direct berthing ports, rail linkages, private sector ports and private breakwaters exhibited considerable growing The entire imports traffic handled during the twelvemonth 2007-2008 by the ports sums to 86.75 million tones, while that of exports traffic during the twelvemonth is 50.10 million tones.

Over and above container lading of 1241617 TEU was been handled in the twelvemonth 2007-2008

Degree centigrades: UsersSquad_7Picturesgmb 2.JPG

Connectivity to Gujarat
Degree centigrades: UsersSquad_7Picturesguajr port.JPG

We can see that there is a enormous volume of concern which can be developed and there is a demand of such type of port as there is increasing concern in Gujarat province and all over India.

This port would be act like a blessing to a little exporter and importer who wants to make concern in little volume this would make Niche for itself and it wo n’t pull attending of bigger participant which can harm it in future.

Therefore we predict to make concern of about 2 Million tones / Annum for foremost three twelvemonth and so after 5 million tones/ annum with the enlargement of current undertaking,

Technical Overview
Dry Cargo Handling:
2 Gottwaldov and 1 Libber nomadic seaport Cranes with a managing capacity of 750 dozenss per hr ( TPH ) per Crane

22 bagging lines capable of 1008 TPH in entire.

One 1,000 TPH ship stevedore

3.6 kilometers long import and export conveyer system capable of managing 1,500 TPH of import and 1,000 TPH of export lading

2 nomadic hoppers for direct discharge into the import conveyers

6 nomadic hoppers for direct discharge into dump trucks

Wheat cleansing and rice screening systems

State of the art to the full mechanized fertiliser lading composite

03 Nose 20 MTS Goliath Cranes with vacuity managing pipe fond regards capable of managing 8 ” to 56 ” diameter of pipes

60 Nose 40 foot dawdlers for internal transit.

4 Nos 32 MTS kalmar forklifts.

Wheat cleaning installation with a capacity of 1,200 MT / twenty-four hours

Rice sorting and scaling installations with a capacity of 500 MT / twenty-four hours

6 weighbridges for dry lading

2 in-motion rail weighbridges

Project Cargo Handling:
Capability to manage outsize and fleshy lading

Handiness of sole sea front/berthing every bit good as common user positions

Opportunity for on-site fabrication and assembly in the port backup country

Backed with SEZ installations to put up units in SEZ

Provision for flatboat operations

Multiple position options with possibility of precedence berthing of hired vass possible

Liquid Cargo Handling:
4 Nos. Dock Pipelines with diameters runing from 8 inch to 24 inch ( including 8 ” Defense Intelligence Agency Stainless Steel line ) , linking Liquid positions to the shore armored combat vehicles.

Dedicated pump with single armored combat vehicle for route oiler burden ( 88 pumps )

50 burden bays for uninterrupted bringing from every armored combat vehicle i.e. 3 route oiler coincident lading from single armored combat vehicle and 12 unloading bays.

Bulk Bitumen storage armored combat vehicle installation inside port. 2 armored combat vehicles each of 2000 Kiloliter and one service armored combat vehicle of 330 KL

Fire combat, N, hot H2O circulation, wastewaters intervention works ( ETP ) and oil-water centrifuge systems

3 pump houses and 1 Weighbridges in the liquid terminus

Tank terminal with200 armored combat vehicles with entire storage volume 200,000 kilolitre for storage of assorted liquids like comestible oils, crude oil merchandises, bitumen in majority and chemicals.

All Pipeline with cup pigging system for forcing pipe line merchandise and effectual cleansing of pipe line.

Export pumps installed 100×3 Nos. and 300x 2 Nos. cu.m/HR for export from armored combat vehicle to vessel.

Encl-9 armored combat vehicles ( 16 nos. ) with Radar Gauges and Mass flow metres at bringing terminal.

Railway connectivity for Edible/vegetable oil loading/unloading

Future Plan: –
About expand for 3,20,000 Kiloliter bunkering armored combat vehicle farm with dedicated Jetty with lading arm.

Railway Load/unload installation for Black POL Merchandises

Bulk lading Handling capacity Expansion to 8 Million tones / Annum

Corporate Planning and Structure
Corporate Planning
Corporate construction, planning, scheme and control mechanisms are the cardinal vehicles for any organisation to drive and accomplish its vision. The following are the cardinal aims of the corporate planning:

 To accomplish the organisation ‘s vision and ends while fulfilling the interest

holders ‘ involvements.

 Harmonizing to the corporate vision, mission and ends, drive the long term, midterm and short footings programs and pull the route map for the execution by each concern unit in the organisation.

Measure the marks and run into the spreads through operational, organisational and service efficiency.

 Develop flexible and proactive schemes to win over the competition Although the organisation should non be people driven, but instead procedure driven, it is the people and their cognition as assets which is the cardinal component taking the organisation along the right way. Furthermore, the right people at the right topographic point and at the right clip do the organisation more proactive and extremely reactive to the market needs. Hence, updated cognition, motive and determination devising accomplishments are critical accomplishments required from the people in the organisation.

Here the current corporate planning and determination devising procedures are mapped and analyzed.

Top Level Management:
Chairman: Shamji Kangad
Operation Head: Mihir Kangad
Marketing Head: Hetab Kangad
Oil, Logistic Head, & A ;
Custom Affair: Raj Kangad
Key Observations

Bonded Warehouse
Ship repairing activity
Open Non-Bonded infinite for mineral storage
Logistic service
Crane service for KPT
Barge Loading / Droping
Bunker service
Clearing & A ; send oning service
Set-up degasifies Plant for Distribution in Grid
Container managing / mending & A ; storage
Development of Logistic park
Refrigeration installation for cherished lading etcaˆ¦
Develop a Barge Jetty
Multi Cargo Berth Development
High Loading/Unloading rate require
Automation of procedure
Work as a Transit port
Focus on Bulk Cargo.
Further survey assorted European Ports
Exit Scheme

It may look odd to develop a scheme this shortly to go forth your concern, but possible investors will desire to cognize your long-run programs. Your issue programs need to be clear in your ain head because they will order how you operate the company.

Exit Schemes for Long-Term Involvement
Sell our portions: We can Exit by selling the portion in this Port undertaking which account to be about 75 % of the entire portion capital.

This can be done when there is demand of farther development of the port and the present enterpriser does n’t hold the resource to manage such undertaking. This is merely option where the name of the Business remains but the proprietor is changed.

Liquidate: To neutralize is really hard option before the enterpriser as the undertaking itself is at that place Child, but due to coerce majure and act of God this status may originate that we have to neutralize and than expression for other concern.

This can come into force when there is any major accident realted to environment or homo or even due to misdirection of financess and port plus.

Exit Schemes for Short-Term Involvement
Go public: Company have program to travel public in 5 old ages of its beginning of concern and turn this concern into a public company which would be than able to prolong the growing phase and go a corporate.

Though non program but the same theoretical account can be replicated at assorted location in India
Be acquired: Promoter can inquire for Big participant in this field to get itself so that the Investor and Venture capitalist can be freed from there investing and acquire a fine-looking return on it.

This Strategy is chiefly for VC so that they earn a good sum from at that place investing.


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