Group Work Essay

Group Work Working in a group, what does this actually mean to me? For me working within a group/team terrifies me. It means coming out of my comfort zone and sharing my thoughts, beliefs, ideas, culture and experience’s with a group of people who are strangers to me. A feeling of anxiety looms over me when I express my ideas within my group hoping that my ideas will be accepted and valued and not laughed at and dismissed. In this paper, I will be discussing my experiences of working within a group and its implications it has for my future work as a chartered accountant.

Group Work Group work can be very differcult and challanging as you are dealing with a group of people who are most likely going to have different thoughts, ideas and opionons, these can be determined by what they believe in, their professional ethics, how they were brought up, their personality and their own personal experience’s. Working in a group terrifies me, it makes me feel uncomfortable and sometimes breaks my confidence which is always quite high.

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I listen to others express their ideas and thoughts and it sometimes makes me feel like they are much more intelligent than me and that if I voiced my ideas they my be laughed at and dismissed making my fear become a reality. This is not always the case though as sometimes I will participate in a group and I can see the same fear that id possesed previously in one or all of my team members and strangly but true, this gives me confidence and strengh to take lead. As time has passed, I have come to know my group members and feel comfortable to fully participate in group activies without the sense of fear

Understanding and getting to know each of your group members is important as some members may feel a bit uncomfortable amongst a group of people they do not know. The initial introduction of each team member and discussing a bit about themselves will allow others and themselves to feel more comfortable, allowing them to feel apart of the group. ease Each member of the group will have his/her individual strenghs and weakness and working within a group you should identify these to enable Previously working within a group, I have recognised the importance of


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