“Guernica” vs “Les Demoiselles” Sample Essay

When comparing the two pictures “Guernica” and “Les Demoiselles” by Picasso. there are several clearly noticeable differences. Notably. the most distinguishable difference between the two pictures is Picasso’s usage of colour in “Les Demoiselles” as opposed to the predominant usage of black and white in the picture “Guernica” . Both pictures are evidently abstract in their manner. yet “Les Demoiselles” displays the usage of colour much more drastically than in “Guernica” . Each piece of the picture seems to be connected to the other by a contrastive line or colour of some kind.

Another difference between the two pictures is the usage of nakedness. In “Les Demoiselles” . Picasso shows a word picture of five adult females in really deformed signifiers yet all of them are portrayed in the nude. This could be deciphered in many ways but the most common reading is that they are cocottes. In “Guernica” there is really small human word picture at all yet what word picture there is. is non so brazenly displayed. The human signifiers seen in “Les Demoiselles” is either no more than a caput or facial position or the organic structure itself is covered or distorted beyond anything recognizable.

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“Guernica” vs “Les Demoiselles” Sample Essay
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The feelings conveyed by each of the pictures is yet another difference. In “Les Demoiselles” 1 seems to be overcome with a feeling of repose and peace at the same clip a sense of erotism emits from within the picture. The feeling Picasso is seeking to pull from the spectator seems about blatantly clear. When looking into “Guernica” . feelings of decease and danger and sheer utter panic seem to ooze out of the assorted lines and scenes of the picture. “Guernica” seems to me to be a really angry painting full of concealed images and subjects. It is really close in nature. about as if Picasso did non desire anyone to cognize the true significance behind this work of art.

The specific political statement Picasso is seeking to do within “Guernica” most decidedly caused him to alter his attack to the manner of painting he was making at the clip. In “Les Demoiselles” . Picasso was merely coming out of his rose period and doing a bold statement in art. Many feel that this work was a landmark in art. With this image. Picasso marked a decisive interruption within the traditional impressions of beauty and harmoniousness in art. “Les Demoiselles” rapidly became a major influence in the art of the 1900’s. which in bend led to the development of the cubist manner.

On the contrary. in “Guernica” . Picasso has created a mural that expresses the deep feelings of panic caused by the bombardment of the town of Guernica during the Spanish civil war. Picasso was non trying to pull feeling from the spectator ; instead he was seting his ain feelings on the canvas. He was utilizing his art as a arm. striking out against the actions of the warring state. There is a great trade of concealed imagination within “Guernica” that depicts assorted scenes of decease or decease related points. Each and every line within the picture seems to hold some kind of concealed significance. This is how Picasso changed his attack to the picture of “Guernica” as opposed to “Les Demoiselles” . He was utilizing his art as a arm. destructive and violative in nature instead than a method of exposing beauty and harmoniousness.


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