Guidelines of the Malaysian Construction Industry Essay

I. Gifts, cordial reception, payoffs and incentives ;

Accepting the direct or indirect offer, payment, solicitation, bribes or incentives goes against the criterions expected from person or company. The giving or having of gifts of low value for strictly advertisement or selling intents may be acceptable. Hospitality received in the class of a concern meeting and which can be reciprocated, may besides be acceptable.

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two. Health and safety ;

It is of import to pull off the wellness and safety affairs as any other critical concern activity, puting marks for betterment and measurement, measuring and describing on public presentation. Condemnable prosecutions and loss of repute may ensue.

three. Equal chance, favoritism and sexual torment ;

It is the duty of everyone to move openly, reasonably and respectfully at all times. Harassment on the evidences of race, faith, coloring material, nationality, disablement, cultural beginning, sex or matrimonial position is inconsistent with the position as a professional. Besides that, it is besides illegal. Organisation need to do certain that their enlisting policy and methods of deriving new clients are of a high criterion. For case, enrolling specialist staff from a rival to sabotage their effectivity is considered unethical. Or utilizing the place in an administration to advance the involvements of his household over others of equal or greater competence is inconsistent with the standing of


four. Conflicts of involvement ;

The demands on struggles of involvement are set out in the Code of Ethics. But as a practician, need to see whether revelation is adequate in each peculiar instance. Clients will sometimes appreciate immediate presentment and backdown from the instructions a more acceptable action.

v. Insider dealing ;

Insider trading places a individual with particular cognition gained through their place at an advantage over others. The revelation of information gained through the work to another individual, other than in the necessary class of concern, may be damaging to the administration. Practitioners are non to take advantage of inside cognition. It is besides illegal.

six. Money laundering ;

If person become inadvertently involved with a money launderer he may perpetrate an offense even if he is simply leery of his clients’ activities. There does non hold to be sensible evidences for the intuitions. Practitioners need to set processs in topographic point to minimise the hazard of perpetrating a offense.

seven. Disclosure of confidential company information ;

Avoid unauthorised revelation of confidential and sometimes monetary value sensitive information about practicians ain house, clients or providers. Trade secrets belong to the administration concerned and the careless, foolhardy or negligent handling of rational belongings can do considerable injury. Prosecution may ensue.

eight. Fiscal minutess ;

All company minutess must be accurately and wholly accounted for and reported in the records of the house. This is in line with good accounting pattern and corporate processs.

nine. Fair competition ;

Avoid all actions which are anti-competitive. Make non utilize market power or information in a manner which may curtail competition. Make certain that the company

patterns avoid monetary value repair or other collusion with rivals and make non unduly limit choice or pricing available to clients. Fines may now be imposed for disputes.

ten. Alcohol and drug maltreatment ;

The usage of intoxicant or drugs may make a safety jeopardy ; it may besides be illegal. If practicians act under the influence of drugs or intoxicant he is non in a place to give his best services to the client, house or employer.

eleven. Whistle blowing ;

A basic ethical quandary is that practician has the responsibility to describe to the appropriate authorization a possible hazard to others from a client or employer neglecting to follow the practitioner’s waies. Harmonizing to first rules, this responsibility overrides the responsibility to a client and/or employer. Practitioner may be disciplined, or have their licence revoked, even if the failure to describe such a danger does non ensue in the loss of life or wellness. In many instances, this responsibility can be discharged by reding the client of the effects in a blunt affair, and guaranting the client takes the practitioner’s advice. However, the applied scientist must guarantee that the remedial stairss are taken and, if they are non, the state of affairs must be reported to the appropriate authorization. In really rare instances, where even a governmental authorization may non take appropriate action, the practician can merely dispatch the responsibility by doing the state of affairs populace. As a consequence, whistle blowing by practician is non an unusual event, and tribunals have frequently sided with practician in such instances, overturning responsibilities to employers and confidentiality considerations that otherwise would hold prevented the applied scientist from talking out.

Employers need to do certain there are suited agreements for the internal reappraisal of determinations, policies and actions in instance a member of the administration raises concerns of unethical behavior. Peoples should be encouraged to raise affairs for reappraisal, without being penalized, even if this consequences in a loss to the house, a client or another person, unless it is done with malicious purpose. This is now covered by statute law.

twelve. Non executive managers ;

Anyone accepting an assignment as a non executive manager should non anticipate favors, committee, or other benefits for themselves or their immediate household, concern or stockholders in return.

thirteen. Copyright and ownership of files ;

The reproduction, distribution or change of copyrighted stuffs ( computing machine package, books, sound and ocular tapes, etc ) without the permission of the right of first publication proprietor deprives the right of first publication proprietor of their rights. This besides can do the administration or practitioner’s organic structures into discredit. Practitioner must ever aware of the regulations for ownership of files, which is entitled to entree them and how long they should be kept. Condemnable countenances may use.

fourteen. Standards in advertisement ;

It is practitioner’s duty to guarantee any advertisement stuff with which are linked is true, accurate and non misdirecting. Comparisons drawn with rivals and co-workers must be based on fact and avoid insinuation and depreciation. Otherwise it is likely to devaluate the profession in the eyes of the populace.

fifteen. Protection of the environment ;

Practitioners must do every attempt to avoid pollution and harm to the environment through his owns actions and the advice from employers. Practitioners are looked to for puting an illustration of high environmentally sensitive criterions.

sixteen. Relationss with local communities ; and

Practitioners work in most countries of the universe and must acknowledge that the local community will utilize their actions to judge practitioner’s public presentation and that of other professionals. It is of import that practicians treat the autochthonal population of an country reasonably and honorably.

seventeen. Political and societal behavior.

Practitioners must move in a socially responsible mode within the state in which he works. Practitioners must distinguish between activities carried out in a personal capacity, such as doing payments to political or other administrations, and practician activities as a professional. Practitioners must put his responsibility to the client or employer before his ain political and other beliefs or activities.

Organization has to meet jobs with placing unethical behaviour and deciding an ethical struggle. When confronted with ethical issues, practicians should follow the organisation ‘s established policies on the declaration of such struggle.

There are many attempts taken to increase the ethical criterions and unity among the practicians in building sectors worldwide ( Hamzah et al. , 2010 ) . In order to make equity, answerability and transparence for any concern dealing, ordinances are necessary, peculiarly in a competitory environment. These properties may be achieved through assorted mechanisms of conformity, Code of Ethics ( Johari 2001 ) . In Malaysia, the authorities is really serious about bettering moralss in both public and private sectors. For case, the building industry has introduced the Codes of Ethical motives by the Construction Industry Development Board ( CIDB ) to advance the importance of unity and enhance organization’s moralss in the local building industry ( MBAM websites, 2006 ) .


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