Gun Education Essay

Respect is very important, and plays a giant part in any person’s life. The children of today learn respect from their parents. If people are indifferent, or disrespectful of others, how can anybody expect a child to behave any differently? Education is important, and that is the one thing anyone can agree on. Along with education and the right to own a gun, a lot people use guns for self- defense. Women and weaker individuals may have no means of self-defense from rape or other crimes, especially in the inner city. According to research by renowned Florida State University criminologist Gary Click, guns are used between 800,000 and 2. 5 million times every year in self-defense” (Goodman, 2012). Crimes are often prevented by the deterrent effect of the possibility of victim gun possession. To go along with self-defense, police are often too overwhelmed to protect citizens from violent crime. Citizens who own a gun, and carry are more likely to protect themselves from certain situations and will be able to prevent others from happening, if the time comes.

There is nothing inherently right or wrong about guns. It is foolish to project a world without weapons as the solution. A world without weapons could never be a good thing, unless human beings no longer had free will and all were programmed to be peaceful and civil. So long as there is a possibility for even one person to be criminally violent, then we need weapons. Weapons will be in the hands of a bad person no matter what. That is why a peaceful person should always retain the right to self-defense. There will always be people for and against guns.

There is one saying that a lot of people do not agree with, “guns do not kill people, people kill people. ” Yes, guns are used to kill people, but that goes without saying a gun typically needs a person to pull the trigger to make the gun shoot. A gun does not get up and decide to kill someone. Telling a gun to get up, and go kill someone is impossible. Someone trying to say that a gun is the reason people die from shootings is uneducated. There are multiple shootings every year, but those people doing the shooting are usually insane and should seek help for mental issues.

The incidents are very sad, and should not have happened in the first place, but trying to blame a gun for all the killings is not right. Taking away the right to own a firearm is not right, even though that is what the government is trying to do. Going against the constitutional right to bear arms, Just because of some lunatics going and killing innocent people is no reason to punish the citizens who follow the law and are educated. The people who argue against guns, and blame everything on the use of nuns need to be educated and shown that guns do not kill people; the people using the gun kill people.

Educating people on the gun rights of today is something that needs to be done. Too many people are uneducated about guns, and often do not know how safe owning a gun can be. Even though there are multiple crimes every year involving the use of guns, those people committing the crimes are usually not right in the head and believe they can get away with anything. Self-defense is something everyone should not have to be taught. Protecting people is one thing that every person snouts nave In common.

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