Hades Essay

Did you know that Hades is the richest god? He could buy
anything. He has a lot of gold and he could buy Mexico or better
artillery for our country. Hades is the king of the Underworld
and is married to Penelope. Hades can watch the country in his
Underworld, and if someone breaks a law he can take them to the
Underworld where they will stay for the rest of their lives.

Hades already rules the Underworld, don’t you think he can rule
this country? Hades is the choice for President of the USA.

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Hades could solve a lot of the bad problems. He would know
what is going on. He could move the White House underground and
watch everybody from there. He wouldn’t come up unless he had to
capture a criminal. He would take them underground just like he
did to Penelope.

Since Hades is so rich he could just pay for more jobs and
give them to homeless people. People wouldn’t have to pay for
taxes because Hades would. People wouldn’t have to pay for
electricity because Hades would. He is so rich because he has
all these precious metals and gold. He has a gold chariot that
he and Penelope would ride in so people would know it was him.

Hades can have his pet Cerberus, a three-headed dragon
tailed dog, guard the nations money and other stuff that might
need to be guarded. So if anyone tries to rob it, they won’t be
able to get through.

And for all the people who can’t afford an education, Hades
will pay for it so everybody is qualified for a job.

So if your going to vote, vote for Hades, because he is the
best god for President. Why? Because he can solve a lot of
problems and he can make this country a better place to live in.


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