Hair Dye Types Essay

?Callie Taylor English 101 9/6/13 Here is the writer’s checklist for this essay: Writer’s Checklist for Evaluation Essay 1. Have I included a clear description of the subject I am evaluating? 2. Does my thesis clearly state my opinion of the subject I am evaluating? 3. Have I used effective criteria to evaluate my subject? 4. Have I made a clear and fair judgment about each evaluative criterion? 5. Have I supported each judgment with specific details and examples? 6. Have I ended with an effective conclusion? 7. Have I proofread thoroughly? Callie Taylor

English 101 9/6/13 Hair Dye Hair dye has always been a controversial product. Many believe that it is harmful to not only the consumer but to the environment. While other believe that it is perfectly okay to use and that the only cons to it is that it can dry your hair out or turn it orange. But what really are the pros and cons of hair dye? Is it safe? No doubt there are many different kinds, and colors as well as purposes. Let’s take a look at the various kinds and see why hair dye is one of the most sought after beauty products in the today’s world.

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Hair Dye Types Essay
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Looking for something that you can wash out in a day or two? Temporary color would be your best option. Temporary color is just that, temporary. It is great for last minute touch ups, costumes, etc. Temporary color only last 2 to 3 washes before it is gone. You can buy temporary color in sprays, mascaras, hair crayons, and rinses. Semi-permanent and demi-permanent are also options. The difference in the two are that semi-permanent is so mild that it can be used on any type of hair. It won’t lighten your hair, but it will help blend grays for up to 5 washes.

As where demi-permanent last up thirty shampoos. And covers up to at least 75 percent of gray hair. Permanent hair dye is whole other ball game. It can lighten or darken your hair. It is usually done in a one step process. But does sometimes have to be done in a two-step process to get the color that you are really wanting. As you can see, hair dye comes with choosing the right process for you. Whether it be getting rid of gray hair, just wanting a change, or dressing up for a Halloween party.

There are so many choices. And depending on your hair, and skin, well, the side effects are a case by case basis. None the less, hair color is one of the most sought after beauty products in today’s society. Bibliography Clairol Professional. n. d. Clairol Professional. Accessed 09 15, 2013. http://www. clairolpro. com/hair-color-professional/temporary-color. Sally Beauty. n. d. Sally Beauty. Accessed 09 15, 2013. http://www. sallybeauty. com/beauty-hints/BEAUTYSOLUTIONS_HAIRCOLOR_HAIRCOLOR101,default,pg. html.


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