Hamlet; Act Iv, Scene 6-7 Essay

Hamlet; Act IV, Scene 6-7 Summary; Scene 6 Horatio receives a letter from hamlet. In the letter, he writes that the ship he was on bound for England was attacked by pirates. In the battle, Hamlet boarded the pirate ship, when the ships disengaged from battle Guildenstern and Rosencrantz continued on their way to England, while Hamlet was on his way back towards Denmark. To keep the pirates from keeping hamlet hostage, he promised them a good deed in future times. He tells Horatio to give these letters to the king. What is the dramatic purpose of this scene?

Moving the plot forward, Hamlet will possibly complete his revenge plot. Devices that add interest ( surprise, suspense, coincidence, etc…) Suspense- Word of Hamlets return builds suspense in the wait for the action to take place. Surprise- Big surprise that Hamlet is returning. Foreshadowing- Scene 6, line 28-30- Hamlet states that he has much to tell about Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to Horatio. Foreshadowing- Scene 6, line 20- Showing that Hamlet might do a future deed for the Pirates. ————————————————- Examples of imagery, symbolism, etc… ———————————————— ————————————————- Summary; Scene 7 Claudius informs Laertes that his father, Polonius, was killed at the hand of Hamlet, this Angers Laertes and he is mad at the King for not taking action. A messenger presents a letter to the king stating that hamlet is returning to Denmark and will apologize and ask for the Kings forgiveness. With Laertes, the king conjures up a ”Fool proof” plan to get revenge for Polonius’ death and kill Hamlet. The Queen then brings them the news that Ophelia had drowned in the Brook Under the willow tree.

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Hamlet; Act Iv, Scene 6-7 Essay
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What is the dramatic purpose of this scene? Whole planning of Hamlets death > theme of revenge. Character development- Claudius is a good manipulator of the minds. Laertes is very emotional, “Once I stop crying like a woman” (191) Devices that add interest Pathos- When word of Ophelia’s death is stated. DRAMATIC IRONY- The king does not know that Hamlet is returning Denmark, he plans on hearing news about Hamlets death Examples of imagery, symbolism, etc… PARADOX – Scene 7, king seems nice and remorseful towards Laertes but he is just using Laertes.

ALLUSION- Scene 7, 88-89- The centaurs of classical mythology. IMAGERY- Simile- Scene 7, line 181-182. Comparing Ophelia to a creature that lives in the water. Symbol – The willow tree is a symbol of lost love. – flame symbols of love Quotes: “They have dealt with me like thieves of mercy; but they knew what they did; I am to do a good turn for them. ” (IV. 6. 19-21) “It warms the very sickness in my heart. ” (IV. 7. 56) “The rather if you could devise it so that I might be the organ. ” (IV. 7. 70-71) “No place indeed should murder sancturize; revenge should have no bounds. ” (IV. 7. 128-129)


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