Hannibal Lecter the Character Sample Essay

It’s been rather some clip since there’s been new stuff on this web log. but with summer cooking like it has been. I’m afraid I’ve been excessively busy to post! However. I don’t want to go forth my web log a dust-covered corner of the Web so in the following hebdomad or two I will be posting some material that’s merely been sitting about on my computing machine. The undermentioned is from an essay originally titled “Human Beast: Analysis of Dr. Lecter” which I wrote for my Textual Analysis category last twelvemonth. Man is the world’s most unsafe animate being. Though we do non possess crisp dentitions. claws. toxicant stingers. or the ability to comprehend heat radiated by other animals. we do possess an unexcelled ability to ground and think. Man has intelligence. the deadliest natural arm of all. In Thomas Harris’ The Silence of the Lambs. readers are introduced to Hannibal Lecter. the cannibalistic head-shrinker. who fuses a razor-honed mind with the barbarian qualities of a animal. He is both adult male and monster. but it is the balance of these two facets that gives him the deepness that still fascinates and horrifies to this twenty-four hours.

Even before the readers see Lecter. other characters make mentions to his monstrousness. giving him the presence of a Bogeyman. In the first chapter. Jack Crawford warns Clarice Starling to non allow Lecter into her caput and tells her to retrieve “what he did to Will Graham. ” Without even seeing Lecter. the readers know he is unsafe in more ways than one. He non merely has a preference for devouring human flesh. but besides for feeding on the emotions of his victims. Frederick Chilton fans the fires of fright when Starling goes to the refuge to see Lecter. He shows her the exposure grounds of what Lecter did to a nurse when he was freed from his restraints.

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Like a wild animate being. Lecter had broken her jaw. eaten her lingua. and ravaged the remainder of her face. The image is adequate to do Starling call. which is important because she merely cries a few times throughout the novel. This scene adds to Lecter’s dark shadow. but it is an supplement by Chilton that makes it even more hideous. “His pulsation ne’er got over 85. even when he swallowed it. ” Chilton says. mentioning to the nurse’s lingua. Lecter ate the nurse’s lingua. an action one would impute to a wild animate being. but did so with the composure. imperturbability of a rational homo being. This suggests that Lecter’s powers of self-control — a human trait — are amazing.

If intelligence is the deadliest natural arm of all. so Lecter is like a king of beasts. the apex marauder of the Savannah. Yet. for all his beastly qualities. Lecter besides possesses features that are undeniably human.

For one. discourtesy is detestable to Lecter. He may be a cannibalistic consecutive slayer. but he is nil if non polite. When Miggs surprises Starling with his semen. Lecter summons her dorsum to his cell. He is agitated by what has happened to her and tells her. “Discourtesy is ineffably ugly to me. ” Then he helps Starling out by clewing her in to look in Benjamin Raspail’s auto and therefore puting her along the way of runing Buffalo Bill. Lecter is besides proud. though it seems that he has every right to be. Surrounded by lunatics like Miggs and Sammie and pestered by who he considers a quack. Chilton. Lecter holds himself above those around him. When Chilton tried to utilize Lecter for psychiatric trials. Lecter turned the tabular arraies on him and alternatively published his ain findings on Chilton and made a sap out of him. In fact. Lecter refuses to speak to Chilton. holding the adult male unworthy even of his attending. This pride is another human trait that separates him from a mere animate being.

To go through his clip. Lecter amuses himself by playing with people’s emotions. acquiring into their caputs. and torturing them. It is in this mental and emotional anguish that he derives his pleasance. When Starling goes to him for information on Buffalo Bill. it is readily evident that he knows more than he lets on. He teases the FBI with information. swinging it in forepart of them. but ne’er stating them outright. He takes great personal enjoyment in denying them their quarry. It takes Starling several visits and the “trading” of personal information to convert Lecter to eventually give her the inside informations on Jame Gumb. though this is thrown astray by Chilton’s tampering. When Chilton interferes. Lecter returns to his villainous ways and gives the infirmary manager false information. and when he is brought before Senator Martin. he foremost takes “a individual sip of her pain” by examining for personal inside informations about Catherine Martin before giving her the made-up information about William Rubin Lecter’s love of sadistic head games is another characteristic that is clearly human. Few animate beings torture their quarry for the sheer joy of it. but Lecter does so strictly to while away his long yearss in maximal security. He feeds on the hurting of his victims. like a lamia. For more hints on Gumb. Starling had to give up personal memories from her childhood and let Lecter to figuratively root around in her caput for juicy spots of information.

Additionally. Lecter is well-versed in affairs of manner and civilization. In his first visual aspect in the novel. he is seen reading an Italian edition Vogue. He besides knows adequate about aroma and tegument pick to acknowledge what Starling was and wasn’t erosion. On the walls of his cell. he has put up a study of Florence. drawn from memory with felt-tipped markers. and of the crucifixion. citing the Italian creative person. Duccio. Lecter besides derides Starling when she tries to “dissect” him with the FBI’s questionnaire and calls her a “well-scrubbed. hustling yokel with a small gustatory sensation. ” He mocks her beginnings. her speech pattern. and her manner. implying that he considers himself culturally superior.

However. Lecter warms up to Starling and assumes a function that is about mentor-like towards her. He guides her throughout her probe. nudging her along to delve deeper into what she finds. But merely when Starling and the reader have become less discerning towards Lecter. and when he seems less a monster and more human. is when the animal within him is unleashed. After their last meeting in the Tennessee courthouse. Lecter makes his barbarous and bloody flight. When his prison guards. Pembry and Boyle. underestimate him. Lecter outwits them. liberating himself and so overmastering both officers. armed with nil but his ain dentition and the strength of his ain weaponries. He sinks his dentition into Pembry’s face. like a wild animate being uncaged. and savages it “like a rat-killing Canis familiaris. ” This animate being simile reflects the beastly nature that lurks within Lecter.

But this isn’t the coronating treasure of Lecter’s flight. Once once more showing his all-too-human mind. Lecter tricks the regular ground forces of constabulary officers by cutting Pembry’s face off and utilizing it to mask himself as a hurt officer. thereby gulling the constabulary into transporting him right out from under their olfactory organs. Like Houdini. Lecter disappears and rapidly goes to land.

It would be easy to throw one’s hands up in the air and merely name the cause of all of Lecter’s behaviour as the actions of a mentally disturbed lunatic. But that would rend away the beds of complexness that surround Lecter and do him such a memorable character.

The about affectionate relationship that he develops with Starling – It is both perturbing and capturing. It leads one to inquire: Is a individual like Lecter capable of developing existent relationships with other people? Or is he a true psychopath. who sees other human existences as playthings at best?

Lecter has what could be described as a professional regard for Crawford. sufficiency that he would direct him a note of commiseration for Crawford’s deceasing married woman. Some could reason that Lecter does this merely to increase the hurting that Crawford is traveling through. but despite Lecter’s verbal derision. there is a sense that there is a common regard between them. It is the regard a king of beasts would pay a crocodile. Crawford knows what Lecter is capable of and Lecter knows that it was Crawford who was responsible for seting him off.

In his correspondence at the terminal of the novel. Lecter sends Barney “a generous tip and a thank-you note for his many courtesies at the refuge. ” Like Crawford. Barney knows what Lecter is and does non undervalue him The orderly is one of the few people that have Lecter’s regard and. polite as of all time. Lecter wishes to pay him a favour.

The apposition of wild animate being and civil. rational human being gives Lecter the deepness and complexness that is matched by few other characters in literature. He is undefinable. exceeding simplification and summing up. The beastly monster and the extremely intelligent. cultured human have found mutualism in Lecter’s signifier. like a contemporary Jekyll and Hyde. Lecter defies the quantification and decrease to simplistic definitions such as a sociopath or psychopath. When he discards Starling’s questionnaire. he tells her. “You can’t cut down me to a set of influences. ” And when Lecter asks her if she thinks he is evil and she tells him she thinks he is destructive. Lecter connects the points by saying. “Underwriters lump it all under ‘Acts of God. ’”

Lecter is non a adult male or a monster ; he is both these things. and more. His supremely gifted intellect sets him above his fellow adult male. He is a force of nature. like a hurricane or a fire. and he puts to the inquiry whether such a force is capable to man’s jurisprudence. It is about poetic that Lecter. who perceives himself above adult male. Earth’s apex marauder. Hunts and chows adult male. To this twenty-four hours. he remains one of literature’s most persistent figures. gaining him a well-deserved topographic point in the hall of scoundrels with the greats. like Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Milton’s Satan.


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