Question Answer
A push or pull on an object in order to change the motion of the object measured in newtons. Force
The force used to move something a distance. Work
Vibrations inside a medium. Wave
The point in which the wave is the highest. Crest
The point in which the wave is the lowest. Trough
When wave particles move back and fourth in a coil. Longitudnal Wave
When the coil is compacted. Compression
When you spread spring coils apart. Rarefraction
Spring coil waves moving up and down. Transverse Wave
Waves that require a medium. Mechanical Waves
Waves that can travel through empty space. Electromagnetic Waves
The measure of how far particles in the medium move in the rest position. Amplitude
The distance from any point on a wave to the next identical point on the same wave. Wavelength
The number of waves that pass a point in a given amount of time. Frequency
The measure of frequency. Hertz
The speed the wave travels Wave Speed
The ability to do something Power
A material in which waves can travel through. Medium
If 68 W of power is produced in 18 seconds, how much work is done? 1224 Joules
How much time is needed to produce 720 Joules of work if 90 watts of power is used? 8 seconds
A set of pulleys lifts an 800 N crate 4 meters in 7 seconds. What power was used? 457.1 Watts
A person weighing 600 N gets on an elevator. It lifts the person up 6 m in 10 seconds. How much power was used? 360 Watts
If 360 Joules of work are needed to move a crate a distance of 4 meters, what is the weight of the crate? 90 N
If a group of workers can apply 1000 newtons to move a crate 20 meters, what amount of work will they have accomplished? 20,000 J
If 68 Joules of work were necessary to move a 4 Newton crate. How far was the crate moved? 17 M
How much work is done in holding a 15 Newton sack of potatoes while in line at the grocery store for 3 minutes. 7.55 Joules

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