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Diversity assessment in an organization is critical for success of many companies. Companies such as the Hard Rock through creation of evaluations in assessing diversity allow a process that is an integral part of a proper management system. Customized surveys are one of the many things that can be used to accomplish an assessment efficiently to provide the company with useful information. This is why proper management strategies are critical to help companies face innovated diversity challenges.

Reassessment management to eliminate the obstacles must be taken into onsideration. This allows the management team to have an implemented plan that creates continues to allow diversity in the workplace to be a positive aspect. From the beginning the Hard Rock has been a huge success. As the Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) looks to expand its presence in the international market it must be aware of impacts cultural diversity has on such an international company. Due to the large success it was able to imprint a concept that is now branched off worldwide.

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Hard Rocks main philosophy, “Love-All-Serve All,” which has guided the company to welcome everyone egardless of race, age, sex or class. The Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood is a great example where a variety of people with different ages, sexes, races, religions and culture work making culturally diverse an important aspect that needs attention. Diversity is company advantage but structural diversity training must be reassessed into employee training. Team building and diversity training are two of the most important and beneficial approaches that an organization can take in present times (Gibson & Ivancevich, 2012).

Luckily cultural diversity is branded into the Hard Rocks rganization structure. “Rock 101,” is the management training the Hard Rock provides to its employees. This training allows employees to learn about the company’s mission and values. The company values diversity and the company’s mission are to “Love-All-Serve All. ” In addition the diversity training allows personal development of every employee and allows employees to be more aware of them within the organization.

As stated in the questionnaire from a Hard Rock Manager” Having members of a team that originate from different cultures helps to promotes equality throughout the workplace. Diversity allows for individuals to be recognized for what they can do, rather than being part of a group. The company values individuality and allows employees to look the way they want and it is accepting. This overall management strategy, Hard Rocks freedom of cultural expression allows the company to create a more personalized customer service internally within the organization and externally. 70% Hard Rocks customers are from tourism (Heizer & Render, 2010). The HRC brand has helped the company to be a positive cultural force all over the world, enhancing the company’s reputation and if they want to continue his they need to take into consideration reassessing the training to make sure are challenges of diversity conflict can be avoided that why a diversity training program should be implemented. Diversity Training The Hard Rock values diversity and this has become the personality of the organization to accept all.

Through all levels of an organization the values must be clear for it to be successful and Hard Rock can continue to do this Just this with behavioral changes and it may be one of the most important. It is directly defined as attempts to make the participants more aware of themselves and of their effect on iverse others (Gibson & Ivancevich, 2012). Usually, a group of managers or employees meet to discuss their predisposed attitudes and perceptions on certain diverse individuals or groups. This is where they deem what is acceptable, offensive, or racist (Gibson & Ivancevich, 2012).

Diversity training is not only important in todays business world, but in everyday life as well. The lessons learned can be very beneficial in the overall outlook of different people and cultures. It has proven to raise awareness and lower prejudices for individuals and society. Hard Rocks uccess has a direct relationship with the business culture that is taught at the entry- level management course training but the company should create a weekly or monthly management meeting to continue provide employees information on conflicts, recommendations to keep all those informed on different aspects of different culture.

South Florida is a receiver city that accepts a wide range of diversity; this has played an important role in the concept of the Seminole Hard Rock of Florida. The customer and employee based community are of many different cultures and this concept drew in again, a wide variety of people. The challenge of multiculturalism is an issue that is faced within many organizations everyday and is a challenge Hard Rock employees have addressed.

When a survey was done to find out information on cultural diversity within managers and staff information such as, what are some disadvantages of working in a culturally diverse environment, employees stated that a lack of education about different cultures is a significant disadvantage to team members. But why does Hard Rock not assess issues such as these. The Hard Rock provides a taste of America and the different cultures. An organization should ave a balance of many other cultures represented in order to be effective in addressing multiculturalism and achieving a strong citywide appreciation of diversity.

The Hard Rock brand helped in creating this type of atmosphere for the inhabitants of the company and need to take such a challenge into consideration. Quality of services might be difficult to measure Oohnson et al. 2008). Current employees and future employees should understand the details this is why the Hard Rock could issue the questionnaire about the quality of diversity within the organization to get feedback from of the shareholders. Hard Rock should transfer their organizational culture to new territory by promoting self-control and personal motivation.

By this way, the staffs can realize the quality of their works. This control can start since recruitment process, selecting appropriate staffs in the first place. Integration new staffs through training programmed influencing role models and reward, in other words, recognizing appropriate behavior through pay, promotion and public praise. For example, Hard Rock can issue campaign ‘Employee of the month’ in order to encourage staffs to respond to organizational strategies Oohnson et al. 008). Hard Rocks cultural diversity training system has to be more controlled. HR should build up a new organization culture.

A transfer of knowledge from staff to managers can achieve direct experience of conflict that’s have occurred. When the personalized survey asked employee is awareness of cultural difference, Describe a positive experience you had with a person of another culture members have stated that the work with people from all over the world. Cultural diversity is a learning experience that makes them a better leader because its shapes their views differently. Diversity creates a free society nvironment where equality is recognized and promoted, everyone is recognized and rewarded for their skills and knowledge that is expressed and exercised.

Employees stated that respecting and awareness of individual differences could increase productivity. Rather than hanging onto the reasons we are different, we focus on the common goal we have. All cultures, races, sex and gender are all equally loved and received within the organization. Hard Rocks warm service environment is what has continued to keep customers coming back. Hard Rocks strong values are centered on their philosophy. Building on its rich heritage and innovative achievements, the Seminole Tribe of Florida is now poised to expand its horizon even further (Hard Rock, 2011).

Being independent and authentic is of much importance and a market- based management would do Just this. Market base management strategies should be not being overseen and should be perceived as a fundamental part of the business. This focuses on the four Ps of product, price, promotion and placement. Organizations that have an international market and cultural differentiation such as the Hard Rock need to pay critical attention to this. As stated by Hamish Dobbs (Hard Rock Caf?©’s Chief Executive Officer), the basis of the company’s strategy is, not be on every street corner, but to be on the best street corners. Mason, 2009). The Hard Rock needs to be a company that is best at what it does and knows the market they are in and how to satisfy that market and employee are the impact of such. The Hard Rock has taken aim at separating itself from competition by providing experience that is exclusive (Trivellas, P. , Reklitis, P. & Konstantopoulos, N. , 2007). Being culturally different is positive and focuses on strategy of differentiation that is engaged. The Hard Rock Caf?© a place where tourists love to visit because of this a kind experience and employees need to see the things that are rightly done within the company.

Adapting to changes of HR strategies will let the Hard Rock to thrive. Positive attributes that the Hard Rocks can contribute to its value are its global overview focus. The company has been around for many years and still has strong brand recognition. The management team knows what its take to adapt to changes in any given market. As part of the hard rocks value system, employees are aware the cultural diversity causes clauses but it Just needs more focus. A staff member at the Hard Rock stated an experience of a clash. One member was American and the other was a Spanish descent from South America.

They have many different values and working cultural views. The American viewed the workplace should be fun and the foreign was a serious worker who all business. This prevented them from seeing eye- to-eye and even communicating and conflicts during company projects were created. This is why remaining flexible is the key to success and this is a Job description that should be instilled in the Hard Rocks “Rock 101 . ” In the employee survey members tated they were aware that in order to manage and interact among a largely diverse environment, it is important to be unprejudiced.

Employees must be open-minded to learning all aspects of diversity differentiation among cultures. But several aspects of diversification, technology, stakeholders, geographic scope and task all are considered when applying the structure that a company will use (Ahlstrom & Bruton, 2010). If all internal and external focuses are properly structured it can be correctly applied to the diversity training strategic plan. Factors of Diversity Plan Two critical facts that are assessed in regards diversity. When a basis for a group to relate is established, trust is built which then employee can be more efficient in productivity.

Identity information of different employees will be understood and shared. Within the cultural diverse group this can build a robust of pride and employee motivation. But its important to be aware that It is important to remember that cultures are self-motivated and generation changes from generation to generation occur. The organization is focused around functional structure, where it has headquarters with departments that handle specific tasks such as marketing, ccounting, finances and exporting (Hard, Rock 2013. ) Corporate entrepreneurship is a trend for established companies to view new ways of operating.

This is where a reputable company takes a look at its operations as if it was Just starting. This gives it the advantage of getting rid of practices that are ineffective as well as benchmarking those that work well (Ahlstrom & Bruton, 2010). Being internationally diverse company, implementing an organizational structure will allow a company to be able to facilitate communications more effectively between those of other cultures. Current employees even stated that strengths in working in a multiethnic and cultural environment enhanced to be open minded.

In the event that teams and groups do not see eye to eye or do not agree on the same aspects, communication needs to occur. Asking questions can determine why members are not agreeing on certain views and at times all a better conclusion to be reached because one members suggestion could have been the better way of thinking in the certain project topic. Different staffs can have different skills, knowledge and experience. To increase communication of staffs, supervisors can effectively examine processes of mployee to reinforce that issues are directed properly and given attention to.

Therefore, Hard Rock can have employee equality internally. Prentice Hall. Hard Rock. (2011). Corporate. In Hard Rock. Retrieved May 22, 2013, from: http:// www. hardrock. com/corporate/contactus/#devel. Ahlstrom, D. , & Bruton, G. D. (2010). International Management. International Market Entry. Ohio: South-Western Cengage Learning. Rowena Mason. (19 Jul 2009). The Telegraph. In Chief Executive Hamish Dodds keeps it fresh at Hard Rock International. Retrieved May 22, 2013, From: http:// www. academia. edu/794452/lnternational Business North, B.


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