Hardware and Software Essay

Hardware and Software Paper Shanta Leonard CIS/205 August 19, 2010 Steven Hultgren, PHP Hardware and Software The combination of the hardware and software components used by an organization determines that organizations failure or success. The hardware and software that an organization decides to implement should assimilate throughout the company and be easily transformed and understood. The organization that I will discuss within this paper is within the Health care Organization. This paper will provide information about the hardware and software components within the health care field.

Computers were once used primarily as back office record keepers and financial calculators within the healthcare field. However, today computers and their networks play a major role in patient care. People within the healthcare field are now using computers to keep track of patient information, communicating with colleagues, interpreting lab reports, keeping records, research, and planning strategies for patient care (Quigley, 2010). Health care organizations integrate hardware and software that enables them to run in a sufficient manner.

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For example, when a patient visits the doctors off ice or even the hospital their information is electronically entered in the computer with practice management software. This software assists health care staff in scheduling procedures that patients may need and it helps with managing financial matters within the organization. Workstations are being incorporated into the exam rooms to provide doctors access to lab results, patient information, and educational material as needed. Doctors are even able to use computer based systems to submit prescriptions without having to manually write the prescriptions out.

In some instances doctors are even provided with handheld computers that can be used to take down notes on a patient and check medical references. The Internet has also become an integral part within the health care industry. The internet enables patients to view their medical records, find information on experimental and clinical trials, and research drug interaction information. There are even internet applications that provide telemedical services, such as long-distance mammograms to underserved women. Then there are those applications that assist patients who are suffering from chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes (Quigley 2010).

It is important that whatever hardware or software used within an organization meet the needs and requirements of that organization. These tools are the leading factors that will determine whether or not there will be success or failure within any given organization, whether its in the health care field or some other profession. References Quigley, A. (2010). Computers in Health care: Encyclopedia of nursing and allied Health. Retrieved August 24, 2010 from http://www. findarticles. com/p/articles/mi_gGENH


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