Hardware Components Essay

There are several types of hardware storage devices invented and designed to ease encoded and retrieved informations storage in computing machines. Some of the illustrations of these storage devices include the ff. : the difficult disc. floppy disc. RAM. Cadmium ROM. and tape. Furthermore. these storage devices together with hardware constituent of clock velocity play their distinguishable functions to find the velocity and velocity rate of a computing machine ( MSD. 2006 ) .


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First. introduced in 1956 and developed during 1973. by the IBM company. the difficult disc. or “hard disc drive” as mentioned. is one illustration of a stable and dependable secondary hardware storage device that expeditiously facilitates velocity. It functions as some sort of an optimum and purposeful storage room which saves accumulated and encoded numeral and digital information. and it is besides appropriate for running application plans on whirling magnet-plated platters that is performed by executing and bid by the user. Hard disc thrusts were created for personal computing machine use.

It has characteristics like audio playing. picture gambling. picture entering. etc ( MSD. 2006 ) . Second. the function of difficult discs in finding the velocity of a computing machine is really important because with the usage of difficult disc. it can makes the entree of files easier and faster as it runs or rotates. The bigger the platters or dishes used by the difficult disc to run. the faster its velocity and the smaller the platters. the lower the capacity of the computing machine to run. work. or entree files faster. The figure of discs in a specific computing machine may change at a minimal figure of 3 discs to a maximal figure of 5 running discs go arounding 60 per second.

Most difficult disc thrusts make usage of removable cartridges while some do non. Most people create back up from the files they saved from the disc since the recent difficult disc is created with such a sensitive characteristic. It can hive away informations from 20 M up to 40 M ( MSD. 2006 ) . Third. a floppy disc coming in two sizes: 5? and 3? inches. is a detachable or unfixed storage device which is already disused. It is secondary as compared to the immense capacity of difficult disc when it comes to informations storage memory. The utilizations of floppy discs though. go popular for it is much cheaper than the cost of a difficult disc.

Furthermore. it is more convenient to transport floppy discs wherever you go and save informations for the usage of backup intents. Furthermore. floppy discs make usage of the delicate. magnetic and pliable disc which is film-like in colour and enclosed in a protective plastic shield or instance. The functions of floppy discs portray no function in finding the velocity of a computer—speed is determined by the Central Processing unit and its memory instead. For practical grounds. difficult discs are favored over floppy discs particularly when the cost of the first ( difficult discs ) becomes more cheap than the latter.

Further. floppy discs are truly basically slower and more sensitive than difficult disc that is why it is more prone to damage ( MSD. 2006 ) . Fourth. random entree memory ( RAM ) is the chiefly appropriate for storage of informations that occurs in the computer’s memory and is stored straight at the computer’s Central Processing Unit ( CPU ) . The two types of RAM are the SRAM and the DRAM. SRAM stands for Static RAM and the latter significance. Dynamic RAM ( DRAM ) . With the usage of RAM. user can plan the CPU to read. compose. and locate informations.

The function of RAM is to transport out and put to death computations at high velocity which is made possible by the said characteristic of RAM or computing machine memory that operates random to turn up points or applications in the computing machine system ( MC. 2008 ) . Fifth. with the usage of compact discs. the CD-ROM operates and exemplifies the usage of read-only memory for sharing and directing applications like music files. games. and other multimedia files and desktop applications. The capacity of CD-ROM when it comes to informations storage is up to 650 M.

Recently. CD-ROMs tend to be much cheaper than other storage devices. CD-ROM is appropriate for enlargement of one’s personalized computing machine system. In add-on. Compact disc read-only memory does non play a function in finding the velocity of a computing machine. In fact. user retrieves informations slower than any other available informations computing machine storage device in the market if the computing machine is non supported by CD-ROM’s “data transportation velocity ( MSD. 2006 ) . ” Sixth. tape is a thin strip of plastic. magnetic coated device used chiefly for entering and it is known to be appropriate for secondary informations storage or backup.

Furthermore. this tape is most appropriate for the intent of computations or “personal computer science. ” There is a no function that a tape plays in order to find velocity in a peculiar computing machine ; further. informations entree is slower than expected together with its incommodiousness for the needed retrieval of informations in orderly and chronological mode ( MSD. 2006 ) . Last. clock speed—as measured in MHz ( MHz ) . is the “speed of the internal clock of microprocessor. ” Clock velocity is appropriate for working in operation in the internal processing of a computing machine.

The clock velocity plays an of import function in finding the velocity of a computing machine and it affects the overall public presentation of the computing machine ( MSD. 2006 ) . Conclusion Several types of hardware storage devices are invented for informations storage in computing machines: the difficult disc. floppy disc. RAM. Cadmium ROM. and tape. All mediums except for the floppy discs. CD-ROM. and tape play a function in finding the velocity of a computing machine. These devices except for the other three are hardware constituents that determine the velocity and public presentation of a computing machine.


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