Harmful Effect of Tv on Children Sample Essay

In my sentiment. Television screening has truly harmed the kids. Their head is the most waxy 1. Anything incorrect printed on it. is hard to take. I submit that the most revealing consequence is on children’s wellness. Many have to have on eyeglassess because of weak seeing due to uninterrupted screening of Television. The regularity of life suffers a batch. Homework is its victim. Surveies are non done decently to salvage clip for Television.

I feel strongly that Television screening exposes the kids to an easy life as it is seen in movies. But outside. the life is different. Children think that life is similar that every bit is seen in movies etc. So this causes defeat at a ulterior phase. The spread between dream ( things are shown happening in a minute in the programmes more popular with kids as in a dream ) and world additions and consequences in disenchantment. So Television screening is non assisting kids in doing them as responsible and understanding grownups. In my sentiment. we are giving them an environment which will float them off from the worlds of life. I submit that life is non merely a bed of roses. This will take to defeat and disenchantment. We. in fact. are weakening the very foundation of our immature India by exposing it to TV screening.

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Harmful Effect of Tv on Children Sample Essay
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My last point of statement is this that the most serious and harmful consequence of Television screening is the exposure of immature heads to force. I feel really strongly that fighting’s in movies. wars between states. presentations or work stoppages shown in News bulletins or in intelligence strips deaden the to other finer esthesias necessary for a peaceable co-existence. Sometimes. these take them on a way of force. I feel strongly that our adolescent young persons are taking to offenses. counterfeits. dakoities in conformity with what they see on screen.

I whole-heartedly support that Television screening. therefore. is most harmful for human development.


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