Harvey FCAT Review

Question Answer
investigation A procedure carried out to carefully observe, study, or test something in order to learn more about it
science The study of the natural world through observation and investigation.
evidence Information collected during a scientific investigation.
opinion A personal belief or judgement that does not need to be backed up with evidence.
scientific methods Different ways that scientists perform investigations and collect reliable data.
experiment A procedure carried out under controlled conditions to test a hypothesis.
variable Any condition that can be changed in an experiment.
control The experimental setup to which you will compare all the other setups.
microscopic Too small to be seen without using a microscope.
balance A tool used to measure the amount of matter in an object, which is the object's mass.
spring scale A tool used to measure forces.
accurate Very close to the actual value.
solar system A star and all the planets and other objects that revolve around it.
planet A large, round body that revolves around a star
dwarf planet A nearly round body, slightly smaller than a planet, whose orbit crosses the orbit of another body
asteroid A chunk of rock or iron less than 1,000km in diameter that orbits the sun
comet a chunk of frozen gases, rock, ice, and dust orbiting the sun
astronomy The study of objects in space and their properties
star A huge ball of very hot, glowing gases in space that produces its own light and heat.
universe Everything that exists, including galaxies and everything in them
galaxy A group of billions of stars, objects that orbit those stars, gas, and dust.

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