Have access to a companies customers Essay

Call Centres

Customers are able to hold entree to a companies clients support system by either calling them or sing their web site. The usage of call Centres is increasing and concerns use them to maintain in contact with their clients. A company may take to name a client to seek and sell a merchandise or service and clients may name the company to do an question, obtain information, study a ailment or petition aid.

Most major concerns use call Centres to interact with their clients. Examples include public-service corporation companies, mail order catalogue retail merchants, and client support for computing machine hardware and package. Some concerns even service internal maps through call Centres. Examples of this include aid desks, retail fiscal support, and gross revenues support.

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Have access to a companies customers Essay
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Growth and application of e-commerce in the UK

E-commerce is the purchasing and merchandising of goods and services utilizing computing machines and the Internet. The Internet has transformed the manner people conduct concern. Businesss can utilize web pages for advertisement and selling, sharing information with clients, administering package and paperss, and having client responses.

Since the Internet has become a concern tool alternatively of simply a research web, concerns both big and little have seized the chance to research how to utilize it to go more productive and competitory. Research has shown that 30.4 per cent of the value of all purchases made by non-financial sector concerns was made over the Internet or other ICTs in 2007.

Businesss use the Internet for so many grounds. Businesss use these web sites for a assortment of grounds apart from selling, including entree to catalogues or monetary value lists ( 29.8 per cent of concerns ) and entree to occupation vacancies and occupation application signifiers ( 19.2 per cent of concerns ) .

In 2007, concerns continued to more actively use the engineering they had ; more employees had entree to the Internet from their work topographic point ; more was being bought and sold on-line, by more concerns.

In 2007, 7 million people had Internet entree through their work. This represented 44 per cent of the employees covered by the study and an addition of 245,000 since 2006. Of the entire proportion of people utilizing computing machines for work, 80 per cent had Internet entree.

Internet gross revenues by UK concerns rose to & A ; lb ; 163bn, an addition of 30.2 per cent on the 2006 figure of & A ; lb ; 125.2bn.The proportion of concerns selling on-line rose from 13.4 per cent in 2006 to 15 per cent in 2007. On-line gross revenues represented 7.7per cent of the entire gross revenues of non-financial sector concerns surveyed in 2007, compared with 6.2 per cent in 2006 and merely 1.1 per cent in 2002.

I produced a graph to demo the sum of gross revenues used by medium sized concerns from 2002 to 2007.

The gross revenues over the Internet by medium sized concerns in the UK produced a per centum addition of a monolithic 4016.7 % over 5 old ages. I so worked out the sum of gross revenues over the cyberspace for medium sized concerns in the wholesale, retail, providing and travel sector as the KAB Company falls in this subdivision.

Gross saless over the cyberspace for medium sized concerns in the wholesale, retail, providing and travel sector from 2002 to 2007 produced a per centum addition of a 1316.7 % over 5 old ages.

The proportion of concerns with a web site has remained at around 70 per cent for the last three old ages. KAB should see all this information and utilize the Internet as an advantage to their concern.


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