Have you ever wondered how the first spoken language began?

Have you ever wondered how the first spoken language began? How could one man explain a language to another man if there’s no spoken language to explain it with? Perhaps the source came from another source besides man. Perhaps there’s much credited to humans that came from a much higher power. Think about this for a second: When any of your senses are stimulated, your nerve cells relay this information to your brain, which then is accepted by your conscious thought.

However, as this information travels to your brain, there are many specific variables between one person to the next that can distort the sensation to the point where it holds no truth at all. Different people have very different tolerances to sensitivity; therefore, people will not consciously accept the same reality. From the moment you’ve been born, the reality you know could be just one big hallucination. Perhaps this hallucination is no coincidence. Perhaps it was created to delude your attention from the reality you couldn’t accept.

By saying “created”, yes, I am suggesting that your body was a creation of more than any evolution, but of an intelligent mind. In Buddhism, the belief is that the ultimate goal of life is reaching “nirvana”, or the freeing of your mind to eliminate all wants and ego. But what is the source of these wants? Just to keep your body working in healthy condition, you need to satisfy its needs of foods, water, air, and countless other everyday things. If the mind was freed of this prison, one’s existence could be one without mortality, and one of complete satisfaction at all times. So who has imposed this prison on the human minds?

You cannot seem them, but they are always there. Throughout all time, many people have always had feeling of paranoia of “others” among them. The existence of another intelligence is out there. They feel them. I have felt them. It’s a feeling of knowing… knowing the truth, but along with it, knowing the consequences of that knowledge. What would they do to control this environment that they calculatedly put us in. The average person only uses 10% of their brain. What could the other 90% be composed of? Your subconscious is a part of your mind that holds knowledge not known to the conscious.

It’s as if there’s a barrier between this consciousness and sub-consciousness. There have been thousands of accounts of people claiming to have dreamed something before it happens. But how could your brain assess these thoughts as a dream if your conscious mind hasn’t actually experienced it? Who knows what other answers lie in the depths of your subconscious that may drift into one’s everyday life and one’s experience. So maybe to free one’s self, all one needs to do is to tear down that wall between the two states of mind. Now could the brain handle such an immediate intake of knowledge?

To an average human, what they know is what society has illustrated for them. Whether this is the real truth or falsified truth, it is irrelevant to the fact that the average human doesn’t know if it is or not. Insanity is sometimes referred to as someone “snapping”. This term may not be too far off from the reality of the wall between your conscious and subconscious tearing down. However, if one let himself learn slowly from his subconscious bit by bit, then maybe the pieces would mold together instead to break into a reality of complete and absolute insanity. To be able to tap into this subconscious state of mind is where the problem lies.

They wouldn’t want that though. They wouldn’t want you to know the truth about the reality you think you live in, about the bodies you think are yours. They wouldn’t want you to know that your bodies were made as prisons to force you to have “needs”. If you could be completely satisfied with your life without anything in it besides yourself, what would you need money for? People would have no need for shelter, food, water, or protection. This would obliterate the whole concept of life on earth. They have made you slaves to your own body… slaves to their perfect society. The human race has been constructed around mathematics.

Math has been incorporated into every aspect of daily life to the extent that even ourselves, whether it be as population or death statistics, have become nothing but numbers to the world. As degrading as it may be, our whole lives have become constructed indirectly for the sole purpose of money. Even having a family, puts more money into society. Pictures and numbers, on small pieces of paper is the difference between life and death for some. Because of these pieces of paper, people have been forced to conform. They’ve been forced to conform to their system, to become a number in a business just so we have enough pieces of paper to live by.

The most important people to their system are at the tops of corporations and such, and receive the most money for their position to ensure their health and content. However, the ones at the bottom, who live on the street contributing nothing to the system, are given nothing. And it doesn’t matter to the controllers at all. Why should they care about anything that’s not part of their mathematical world? So is it that the superior race of animal on the world, the human race that has come so far, has been degraded to nothing but numbers in a giant equation?

Some people have been driven to the point of worthlessness; they don’t even feel like they’re human. Eric Fromm, a psychiatrist, has written of patients with such extreme conditions, they resort to self-mutilation just to reassure to themselves they’re real. The following Nine Inch Nails lyrics represent such a condition: I hurt myself today To see if I still feel I focus on the pain The only thing that’s real One female patient of Fromm’s who had been hospitalized in a mental institution had violently slashed her wrists. Her explanation of this was that she wanted to see if she had any blood.

How messed up must a society be for a person to be so bored and unresponsive to the world around them that they have to feel such an extreme physical pain to be reassured of their human existence? It is known that drugs such as marijuana and LSD provide realistic hallucinations to the user. It is also known that many writers, musicians, and other artists use such drugs to help excite their creativity. But where does this sudden burst of inspiration come from? It is my belief that users of such drugs temporarily break down the barrier between their conscious and subconscious, therefore slowly opening their minds to the truth.

It is “them” that know this and try to prevent it. They are the ones who create the anti-marijuana advertisements. After all, our bodies are nothing but cells created by them to keep us in a controlled environment. So with everything under control, they have the power to put whatever they want on T. V. and in magazines. They are very aware when you know too much. And they’ll come for you. So many stories of people disappearing… Why must it be the immediate assumption that they were killed or raped by someone?

If someone knows too much or possesses any potential for messing up part of the system, they have to dispose of the problem. And so they watch you. Anywhere you are, they can see you. There is no hiding. And some time, when no one is around, that’s when you disappear from society forever. Your number is erased from the equation, and the truth remains unknown. There are so many questions unanswered, so many wonders unanalyzed, so many mysteries unsolved. It’s time for everyone to take a good look inside themselves. You can’t settle for living a life that you’re not even aware of the purpose of. Don’t walk the path blindfolded.

After all, if everything you perceive is one giant hallucination, then how do you know everyone around you exists? How do you know you’re hearing someone talking to you, seeing someone’s eyes when nothing you experience your whole life is real? How do you know you exist to anyone else at all? I’ll leave you with thisI can believe whatever my mind wants me to believe. Some things may be wrong but it doesn’t matter what’s right and wrong. What matters is the belief in something. Whether it be Santa, Buddha, or the Easter Bunny as long as one believes and questions your still using that big old brain you have up in your head.


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