Hawkes- Cell theory and scientists.

Question Answer
Robert Hooke -Was the first person to describe cells
-He looked at cork under a microscope
-Hooke looked at cells in plants and fungi
Anton von Leeuwenhoek -He discovered protists in pond scum
-He called the protists “animalcules”
(Animalcules mean “little animals”)
-First to see blood cells, bacteria and yeast cells
-He made his own microscope with 2 glass beads

Schleiden He concluded that all plants are made of cells.
Schwann He concluded that all animals were made of cells
Virchow Stated that all cells come from other cells.
How many parts are there to the cell theory? 3 parts
Parts of the Cell Theory – All organisms are made of one or more cells
-The cell is the basic unit of all living things
-All cells come from other cells.

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