Hca 220 Plathens Essay

•Use Appendix B to identify patterns in nutrition essentials from birth through old age in Part A. Describe health consequences when nutrition requirements are not met in Part B. 4. Exercise: Name That Pathogen •Complete the Name That Pathogen multimedia exercise located on your student Web site at http://corptrain. phoenix. edu/axia/hca240/name_that_pathogen. html. Once you have achieved a score of 100%, take a screen shot of the results by pressing Ctrl + Print Screen. •Paste the screen shot into a Word® document. . Discussion Questions •Each year in the United States, almost $100 billion dollars are spent on health issues related to obesity, and about 300,000 people die of conditions related to obesity (Mulvihill et al. , 2006). Watch the Why Weight Matters video listed on this week’s Electronic Reserve Reading page by clicking the orange WATCH VIDEO button. As you observed in this week’s Why Weight Matters video, eating habits and lack of physical activity are the most common and preventable causes of obesity.

What short-term and long-term health conditions are direct consequences of the obesity epidemic? What individual and societal changes can help reverse the obesity epidemic? Reference Mulvihill, M. L. , Zelman, M. , Holdaway, P. , Tompary, E. , & Raymond, J. (2006). Instructor’s resource manual: Human diseases: A systemic approach (6th ed. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. •Select a genetic disorder from the list below. oHuntington’s disease oAchondroplasia oCystic fibrosis oSickle cell anemia oPhenylketonuria oDown syndrome

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Hca 220 Plathens Essay
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Navigate to the healthfinder® Web site. Use the alphabetic index under Diseases, Conditions and Injuries on the left side of the page to locate your selected genetic disorder. Describe to a 7th-grade student what they would expect to see if a person was diagnosed with your selected genetic disorder. How would you express the disease symptoms and at least one current treatment method in a way the student could easily understand? Respond to your classmates’ posts by asking clarification questions a 7th-grade science student would ask. ?


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