Hca/210 Week 2 Assignment Essay

Assignment: Staff and Administration Week Two HCA/210 The daily duties and responsibilities of a CNA depend on his/her work setting, and include the following: Observing residents, reporting any health issues to the supervising nurse, Taking care of a resident’s personal hygiene, including bed bath, shaving, nail care etc. Toileting residents, Emptying catheter bags, Monitoring vital signs including temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure, Setting up of meal trays, and documenting food / fluid intake, Feeding residents, Making beds, Keeping the residents space clean and tidy, Bringing the resident to the therapy area, and turning bed ridden residents to prevent bedsores. The role of an Office Administrator varies from organization to organization.

Hospital administrators play a vital a role in saving lives, without having to perform surgery, physicals, or rehabilitation. For example, hospital administrators manage hospitals, hospices, outpatient clinics, and drug-abuse treatment centers. In large hospitals, there may be several administrators, one for each department. In smaller facilities, they oversee the day-to-day operations of all departments. Administrators make sure hospitals operate efficiently and provide adequate medical care to patients.

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Hca/210 Week 2 Assignment Essay
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Their responsibilities are numerous and sometimes require the assistance of the medical and support staff. They act as communicators between governing boards, medical staff, and department heads and put together the activities of all departments so they function as a whole. Following policies set by a governing board of trustees, administrators plan, organize, direct, control and coordinate medical and health services.

The roles of a CNA and a Hospital Administration they both are about the same just the Hospital Administration has more authority plus they get to do the hiring and firing of the employee’s and plus they have to make sure the whole hospital is running properly daily. They both have to care for the well being of the patient and make sure the patient get the adequate care that they need. The CNA they get more hands on experience and they become close to their patients and make sure they make their patient comfortably while their stay at the hospital.


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