Head Girl Essay

Prefect Choices: Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl, Head of School Council I would like to be a prefect as it would be a privilege to be elected to take the part of a key role in the functioning and representation of Marlborough Girls’ College. In addition to this, I would benefit personally by becoming prefect giving me the opportunity to be able to develop my public speaking and leadership skills, which will be useful later on in life. Another reason as to why I would like to be prefect is because I would like to be able to be seen as an approachable person for pupils of all ages to be able to talk to about any queries or concerns they may have.

As Prefect I would hope to bring different parts of the school closer together with ideas of how to do so, coming from the other students themselves. Throughout my time at girls’ college I have contributed greatly to school life as well as outside school. For instance, I work and interact with the other students of any year group as well as taking part in the role of senior school leader, peer supporter, international supporter, lab assistant, bus monitor, international committee and I’m also a proud member of the Marlborough Volleyball Committee.

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Head Girl Essay
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I have always enjoyed working with other students as well as teachers and I would like to continue to do so as I feel working together with others helps build friendship and develop a sense of equality and easiness around the college. I was the member of the 2010 Formal committee; I mentor a student from the junior school and I also helped out at the 2010 Quiz Night held at Girls’ College. All of these positions require leadership skills and a lot of work and preparation outside school.

Through my contributions around school and outside school, I have learnt how to seek and accept opinions from other students and teachers to improve my performance around college. As prefect I would aim to reduce boundaries, which exist between year groups. The principal change I would make is to remove the invisible but occurring barriers, which exist between year groups, form groups, senior school and junior school. I would help to strengthen the unity of the school by initiating an initial brainstorming session to work with the rest if the prefects to come up with ideas of ways to break down these barriers.

I would also like to carry out changes, which students would like to see occur, if agreed by senior management. I would be able to manage the additional workload by continuing to balance extra-curricular activities with school work as well as work needed to be completed by the Prefect. I would ensure that the senior students as well as I continue to play an important role around school by motivating them to uphold standards since senior school are the oldest students in the school and must set a good example to the rest of the college.

And finally some qualities that I have which I believe would make me a good role model as a prefect are that, I’m an energetic, cheerful and positive person, I love interacting with students from different year groups/nationality, I care, respect and understand others, I’m academically focused and overall I’m proud to be a part of Marlborough Girls’ College, so I believe working with other prefects and students won’t be a duty but a privilege.


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