Health and Safety in the Workplace Essay


Human resources are one of the most of import characteristics of many concerns. A concern ‘ success relies to a great extent on the effectivity to which this resource is managed. Policies and patterns used by the house, set out the criterions to which they seek to draw a bead on. They are designed to regulate the operation of the concern ; particularly in today ‘s economic system where there is such a rise in service industries ( Biz/ed, 2010 ) . This subject is of importance to us because it has proven to be a ignored field in today ‘s corporate universe ; particularly in Grenada. In this respect, this paper seek to foreground the importance of Workplace Health and safety to the concern, to develop an apprehension of how its effectual direction can impact the public presentation of a concern, sketch how this can be efficaciously carried out with the involvement of the company in head.

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Health and Safety in the Workplace Essay
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It is frequently said that, “ the wellness of a state is the wealth of a state ” ( Fraser, 2004 ) , the same construct applies to concern. The wellness and safety of a company ‘s human resource is an tremendous subscriber to the success of that concern. Human resources account for a big proportion of many company ‘s ‘ costs ; it is the people that constantly drive a concern ( Biz/ed, 2010 )

Harmonizing to the Bureau Veritas, Workplace Health and Safety refers to, the rating of hazards associating to the wellness and safety of an organisation ‘s workers and others ( including the populace ) who may be affected by its activities ( Bureau Veritas, 2007 ) .

Who set up workplace wellness and safety?

The wellness and safety of a workplace is established through different beginnings. First, on a national degree occupational wellness and safety is instituted in conformity with legal ordinances that were created by legislative determinations and is enforced and monitored by bureaus such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( OSHA ) , for the U.S. , and the Ministry of Labour in Grenada. OSHA, an bureau of the U.S. Department of Labour, has the duty of guaranting the safety and wellness of America ‘s workers by puting and enforcing criterions ; supplying preparation, outreach and instruction ; set uping partnerships ; and promoting ( OSHA, n.d. ) .

On a national and/or on a company degree there are besides cases of regular reviews by a safety representative. This can be self requested or lawfully mandated. This is done to guarantee that companies follow the stipulated guidelines that are set to regulate the safety and wellness of the workplace. Besides, from a corporate point of view, the wellness and safety criterions of the company can be set up by the declaration of it in the Company ‘s general worker manual and/or in the separate manual set aside for clearly puting out, the criterions by which the company seek to maintain its work environment and the people that use it safe and healthy. A more informal, but still an effectual method is employee observation. This is merely employees describing jeopardies that go unnoticed to the review representative and/or direction.

These options are in topographic point to guarantee conformity of a company to supervise and command the wellness and safety of the workplace, and to keep it. In-adherence of ordinances set by the above regulative organic structures can ensue in an employer being fined or sentenced to gaol clip ( Cascio, 1998 ) .

Reasons for Keeping Workplace Health and Safety
There are grounds why a concern should keep a safe and healthy workplace. It purges the environment of possible hazards to everyone that uses the installation. An organisation ‘s productiveness is straight related to the wellness and safety of its work force. Therefore, proper wellness and safety patterns safeguard the productiveness of its employees. When the work force is unhealthy it affects productiveness ; measure and quality. Proper patterns maintain the wellness of the workers and it protects human rights ; the human right to a safe and healthy environment and the human right to a safe and healthy workplace ( PDHRE, n.d. )

A major ground for keeping wellness and safety in the workplace is that failure to make so be excessively much. The effects of non up maintaining proper wellness and safety patterns can run from holding expensive pecuniary payouts, to decease ( users of the workplace ) . Other reverberations are

Lower productiveness degrees – sick or injured worker do non bring forth the same quality and measure every bit do wellness workers.

Poor quality merchandises and services – the direct relation between quality of work force and quality of merchandises or service they produce.

High degrees of ailments from clients – lower quality of merchandises or services delivered to clients would do them unhappy.

Loss of clients and later lower grosss – if the quality of the production is n’t addressed it can ensue in a loss in the client base and ulterior loss in grosss because of lower gross revenues.

Higher costs – this addition in cost can come from different beginnings including: payment of insurance claims for amendss, cost of permutation for ill or injured workers ( preparation and rewards ) , and benefits for ill or injured workers.

Higher staff turnover – as individuals get ill or injured on the occupation they tend to go forth. If the wellness and safety patterns of the workplace are awful employees would non remain hence higher turnover.

Poor industrial dealingss – hapless wellness and safety patterns would pull attending from brotherhoods who fight for the rights of employees.

Therefore, turn toing safety and wellness issues in the workplace saves the employer money and adds value to the concern ( OSHA, n.d. ) . When workers remain safe and healthy, the direct cost-savings to concerns include:

lower workers ‘ compensation insurance costs

reduced medical outgos

smaller outgos for return-to-work plans

fewer faulty merchandises

lower costs for occupation adjustments for injured workers

less money spent for overtime benefits

Safety and wellness besides result in significant lessenings in indirect cost ( OSHA, n.d. ) . This is as a consequence of:

increased productiveness

higher quality merchandises

increased morale

better labour/management dealingss

reduced turnover

better usage of human resources

Employees and their households benefit from safety and wellness because ( OSHA, n.d. ) :

their incomes are protected ; no fiscal daze because of unwellness or hurt

their household lives are non hampered by hurt ; no loss of income destabilization because of unwellness and hurt

they have less emphasis ; because of a com

Workplace wellness and safety extend manner beyond the boundaries of the worksite. The households of workers and other users of the worksite can besides be impacted by wellness and safety in the workplace ( OSHA, n.d. ) .

It is of a misconception that wellness and safety in the workplace merely entails guaranting that there are n’t any jeopardies on the worksite nevertheless it should be noted that the jeopardy can be the employees themselves. Employees who are ill ( communicable/non communicable ) , who have a drug or intoxicant job, who have psychological jobs can besides present great menace to the wellness and safety of others in the workplace. Violent employees can besides be classified as a jeopardy ( Cascio, 1998 ) . In this respect testing of the single together with the worksite is necessary ; drug and intoxicant testing, psychological trials etc.

Whose duty is it?

The wellness and safety of a workplace should be portion of the concern ‘ HR scheme. It should be an enterprise that is profoundly rooted into the civilization of a concern. No one individual should be responsible for it. Given this, all employees, supervisors and directors should undergo preparation in this country to accommodate their place. Directors particularly should possess an attitude that support good wellness and safety patterns because it is normally mirrored by employees ; if the director attention about wellness and safety, the employees will make excessively ( OSHA, n.d. ) .

Both the employer and the employee are responsible for guaranting that the workplace is healthy and safe for all users. Employers are lawfully obligated to keep and supply a on the job environment that is contributing for comfy operations. They besides have to supply safe systems of work and installations that would prolong the public assistance of its employees. They are besides responsible for supplying employees with any information, direction, developing and/or supervising that is needed to guarantee that workers are safe during operations no affair the occupation. As a consequence of this duty to guarantee employees are safe at work, an employer may establish ordinances and policies that would name for the attending from and conformity of employees ( Directgov, 2010 ) .

Employees are besides expected to play a portion in guaranting proper wellness and safety of the workplace. They are to do certain their ain personal wellness and safety and that of other individuals in the workplace ; whether co-worker, client, provider, etc. Importantly, workers are expected to adhere to the waies given by direction to vouch wellness and safety. If workers are to disregard these directives it creates a jeopardy in the workplace non merely for themselves but besides for others ( Directgov, 2010 ) .

Effective direction of the resource

Each workplace is different and dynamic. Therefore the scheme used to efficaciously pull off the human resource should besides be different and dynamic. This scheme should include clear and concise programs for the turn toing the types of accidents that and exposing the wellness and safety jeopardies that could happen at the worksite ( OSHA, n.d. ) .

An effectual program, as based upon the safety and wellness plan direction guidelines given by OSHA in January 1989 is the Four Point workplace Program.

The Four Point Workplace Program as its name suggests, it is a plan that contains four elements in nearing optimal effectual wellness and safety criterions. These elements

Committedness and Employee Involvement

The director or direction squad leads the manner, by puting policy, delegating and back uping duty, puting an illustration and affecting employees.

Worksite Analysis

The worksite is continually analyzed to place all bing and possible jeopardies.

Hazard Prevention and Control

Methods to forestall or command bing or possible jeopardies are put in topographic point and maintained.

Training for Employees, Supervisors and Directors

Directors, supervisors and employees are trained to understand and cover with worksite jeopardies.


The success of a concern rests to a big grade on the quality of the work force – successful direction of this important resource is critical ( Biz/ed, 2010 )

The Employer has a duty to guarantee that his/her employees are safe at work, and so may establish ordinances and policies to guarantee this. It is now the duty of the employee to do certain that they follow these regulations. As an employee, one has rights and duties for their ain well-being and that of their co-workers and by extension the populace ( clients ) ( OSHA, n.d. ) . ” The key to the success of a safety and wellness program is to see it as a portion of the concern operation and to see it reflected in the daily operations.A As the enforced program is incorporated into the concern civilization, wellness and safety consciousness will go engrained into the mind of everyone. ( OSHA, n.d. ) . Protecting people on the occupation is in everyone ‘s best involvement – our economic system, our communities, our fellow workers and our households. Safety and wellness add value to concerns, workplaces and lives ( OSHA, n.d. ) .


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