Health And Safety Issues For Gas Companies Construction Essay

The current tendency in the work environment is based on a better quality of life and optimum working conditions in order to forestall the worker ‘s wellness may be affected by state of affairss that it can make, under this perceptual experience it is necessary the execution of direction systems regulating the safety and wellness at work, set uping bar as a signifier of action to extenuate the amendss that can take to wellness impairment. In this study it is discussed a Health, Safety and Environment ( HSE ) system that should be developed following regulations, Torahs and ordinances in response to the pressing demand of the companies to hold a recognized papers in safety and occupational wellness countries to measure their direction system and take part in command procedures for the proviso of services to the oil and gas industry. Besides, it is presented, in a general manner, an illustration of the before-mentioned framed on Venezuelan scenario. As decisions, contractors must hold a structured and integrated HSE system which must besides run into the national and international ordinances and criterions in order to fulfill the outlooks of operators and win a stamp every bit good as guarantee a high-quality workplace to forces.


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Health And Safety Issues For Gas Companies Construction Essay
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Presently, the Oil and Gas Industry has experienced a great enlargement in its activities due to the huge demand of hydrocarbons worldwide. For this ground, chances for contractor companies to take portion in the Industry nucleus competences have besides increased because the largest oil-business operators have had the necessity of outsourcing several undertakings to them. All these activities consist in bad procedures and operations which can impact negatively to people, installations and the environment.

A successful wellness and safety system is that which has identified all jeopardies involved in activities and has taken into history the steps to handle them ( Mearns and Flin 1995 ) . In this manner, contactors that want to cover with the oil and gas industries must carry through certain proficient and safety demands to transport out the services that Operators need to be executed and to carry through their concern public presentation due to their forces have often to cover with risky environments and activities.

For the above-named, most of the contactors companies make great attempts, by first case, to beef up their Health, Safety and Environment ( HSE ) policies and public presentation with a high degree of duty and efficiency.

The aim of this study is to demo the chief facets which contractors should province their HSE theoretical account system harmonizing to the demands from the authorities entities ( statute law ) , oil companies ( operators ) , international criterions certifiers etc, and the benefits that contractors might comprehend by implementing a HSE program. Besides, an illustration framed on Venezuelan legal and wellness and safety conditions is mentioned. At the terminal, a set of decisions are given to summary all the issues discussed.

Regulation and Legislation Framework

In every oil and gas undertaking certain conditions exist at the beginning, saying the standards to develop them. Therefore, a set of understandings are established based on the regulative scenario where the undertaking will take topographic point. These ordinances are merely the national statute law of a specific state every bit good as some criterions and other legal considerations. All this represents the holding where undertaking relationships Begin and trade with the demands and demands of the operator.

An of import facet of regulative scenario often consists in revenue enhancements, working norms, HSE policies, societal duty, operative demands etc. The national and international HSE ordinances every bit good as the contractor 1s itself form the model that defines actions and avoid surpluss. The best patterns make recommendations based on experience but it is a managerial attack which must guarantee statute law and HSE objectives conformity.

In Venezuela, for case, all of undertakings within the Oil Industry are regulated by several national Torahs, such as the ‘LOT ‘ ( Ley Org & A ; aacute ; nica del Trabajo -Work National Law ) and the LOPCYMAT ( Ley Org & A ; aacute ; nica de Prevenci & A ; oacute ; n, Condiciones y Medio Ambiente de Trabajo -Prevention, Conditions and Work Environment Law ) . The latter has its ain establishment that disseminates all the regulations, legal processs and verifies conformity with the jurisprudence to avoid the happening of any accident in the workplace, hence, to guarantee a safe work environment. This entity is named INPSASEL ( Instituto Nacional de Prevenci & A ; oacute ; n, Salud y Seguridad Laborales -Prevention, Health and Safety National Institution ) . All of this represents the legal HSE scenario where operators and contractors define their committednesss, functions and duties in the undertaking development sing Safety and Health countries.

The LOPCYMAT has specific actions and processs to advance a well-established HSE Model in companies every bit good as countenances and mulcts in instance any abnormality is raised. In this manner, a contract represents the concluding legal papers puting Forth all clauses which are based on all labour interrelatednesss between the operator and the contractor, leting acknowledgment of all duties and duties stipulated on the national Torahs and wellness and safety international criterions that each of the parties must follow.

Contractor Approach and Operator Needs

The huge portion of oil and gas companies has good defined its ain HSE theoretical account system that must include all the policies, procedures, map and process descriptions and a elaborate duty model where everyone of its activities are based. These HSE theoretical accounts are by and large incorporated in international criterions accepted worldwide. However, it is common that some undertaking activities require specific policies or norms. Therefore, it is really of import this attack is taken into history when the undertaking commences with contract holding.

It is besides deserving contractors holding a proper HSE direction system that can be integrated seamlessly to bing operator HSE system.

It is besides known that harmonizing to the nature of the undertaking, there are certain proficient demands and occupation demands to execute. From these, operators will find the conditions under activities will be handled and why the contractors should hold a coherent system that could run into the operator needs, being indispensable to make understandings. Furthermore, the foreseen costs should be discussed by both operators and contractors to be certain that budget demands are adequate to accomplish the ends in the HSE countries.

In Venezuela, the State Oil Company Petr & A ; oacute ; leos de Venezuela, S.A. ( PDVSA ) begins with the gap of a stamp procedure where the undertaking description is provided and framed on a proficient, economical, societal and HSE demands every bit good as the outlooks about duties of contractors. The interested 1 must follow to the full with those petitions in order to vie in the command procedure.

Once a contractor has classified, PDVSA reviews its HSE system to verify whether it can be integrated with its ain and it satisfies all the national ordinances and licenses. In add-on, PDVSA besides reviews the contractor fiscal position to measure if it truly can carry through HSE demands without utilizing the budget allocated to other activity petitions.

Therefore, contractors must hold a elaborate manual named ‘Plan Espec & A ; iacute ; fico SHA ‘ ( HSE Specific Plan ) where must stipulate the HSE program: policies, schemes, committedness, hazard direction, safe working patterns, processs, monitoring, forces preparation, HSE execution betterment, rating, audit etc. All of this must be present during the whole undertaking lifecycle turn toing the duties, statute law and budget conformity.

Contractor Health and Safety Model issues

Once a contractor wins the stamp to put to death services, it must implement an appropriate program that incorporates the Health and Safety issues to be applied during the undertaking:

Hazard Management: Contractors must place and weigh the hazards involved for services rendered or material supplies. The prioritization in public presentation monitoring is the ground why these must cognize which services or activities are those over which they have direct control.

Operative tools: During the undertaking lifecycle it is of import to develop some tools that permit implementing the HSE system, supervising the betterment program, place strengths and failings and to transport out best patterns, such as: appraisal visits, effectual audits, equipment confirmation, creative activity of worker ‘s wellness profiles etc.

Improvement program and Personnel preparation: Harmonizing to the outlooks of the operator at the beginning of the undertaking, it is important to configure a HSE betterment program in order to guarantee a safe workplace and positive consequences. It is besides of import that contractors provide a complete preparation about HSE patterns to the forces in a sustain manner based on specific duties and functions in Health and Safety. Therefore, by making this, it is easier to guarantee the incorporate direction by beef uping the steps that mitigate hazards.

Learned lessons and coverage: It is deserving describing all the statistics, achieved ends, troubles, identified critical countries and future challenges in order to demo a way to follow, and if a incident occurs to distribute the causes, the facts and the steps to avoid farther harm. Therefore, an effectual and diffusing communicating is compulsory for a successful HSE theoretical account.

Benefits of a well planned Contractor Health and Safety Model

Among the chief benefits gained by contractors from the execution of a well designed HSE theoretical account, they are:

Industrial safety helps to guarantee the continuity of a business/project ( satisfaction of the operator )

Provides advantage over other contractors with less Health and Safety experience when stamps

Strengthens the corporative image as a solid and responsible contractor

Ensures a safe workplace framed on high-quality national and international criterions and ordinances to forces

Brands concern rentable because it is ‘cheaper ‘ to implement an efficient Health and Safety program in order to avoid unneeded deaths due to carelessness and overproductions by keeping operations in a steady flow


In order to be effectual, contractors must hold a good structured HSE system that can be integrated with all activities which involve planning, organisation, way and control

It is compulsory that contractors adhere to the current national ordinances and Torahs and international wellness and safety criterions

Prior services start, contractors must subject the relevant programs for reappraisal and blessing by the operators, following the stamp certification that gave rise to contract and organize portion of the proposition presented

Contractors are responsible for conformity and commissariats for wellness and safety at work to forestall and minimise hazards or fix amendss caused by their activities originating from the executing of the contract

It is of import that contractors identify developing demands and guarantee that all staff have received proper developing about HSE

Contractors shall fix studies on accidents, hurts, incidents and other statistics and paperss specified in the HSE program to better it


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