Health And Safety Risk Management Practice Processes Construction Essay

In a building site employers of labor have a general responsibility to guarantee those sensible patterns that concern the wellness, safety and public assistance of people under their employment are followed. The responsibilities of employers are besides to protect the wellness and safety of everyone that uses their work premises in respective of the individual being their employee or non and should guarantee that satisfactory public assistance installations are provided for people at work this steps are channelled towards cut downing the happening of accidents at work sites.

In accessing assorted Health and safety practises that will take to project success in the building industry analysis was carried out and the consequences that were received based on the analysis that was carried out suggested that organizational failure and mistakes are the major causes of accidents ( Hollnagel 2004 ) . These organizational failure and mistakes have proved to be really fatal as Statisticss released by Health and Safety Executives ( HSE ) indicates that 62 people died as a consequence of building work within the first six months of 2000. Compared to 39 deceases in the same period in 1999 ( HSE 2001 ) .

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Health And Safety Risk Management Practice Processes Construction Essay
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In recent times building work there were 41 fatal hurts, with a rate of 2.0 deceases per 100,000 workers in 2009/10 compared to an mean rate of 3.2 for the old five old ages. This means that the rate in 2009/10 is 37 % below the old norm for the past five old ages ( HSE statistics 2009/10 ) . The chief causes of deceases and hurts during building work are falling from roof swill and through delicate roof, falling from ladders, falling from scaffolding, Struck by excavators, lift trucks, dump trucks and other works separate, Crushed by fall ining constructions and Electrocution. These accidents that lead to hurts and deceases can be reduced if Health and Safety Torahs are complied with.

These ordinances helps guarantee that building undertakings is safe to construct, safe to be used, safe to keep and the bringing of good value. Good wellness and appropriate safety planning will guarantee that undertakings are good managed and avoid or understate unexpected costs and jobs ( HSE 2007 )

An employer can cut down these causes of accidents on site because he has a large influence over the manner work is done in a instance where possible wellness and safety hazard are comparatively low there is small the employer is required to make. Where they have higher hazard there is the demand to make more.

Construction ( Design and Management ) CDM 2007 is all about taking a competent squad and assisting the squad to work safely and efficaciously as one ( HSE 2007 ) .

Overview of the instance survey

Bad wellness and safety pattern is a major issue in the building industry this have further increased the rate of accidents in the full UK building industry. The building industry in the UK losingss 1000000s of lbs yearly as a consequence of hapless wellness and safety direction patterns. Poor wellness and safety direction cost lives and the building industry is said to be one of the most risky industries to work ( Griffith 2001 ) . In the same position, the importance of wellness and safety practise lead to a joint attempt by the UK Government and wellness and safety committee ( HSC ) to organize a treaty ( joint venture ) set ends to work and cut down deceases related to work, hurt and ill-health in the UK which cost the UK about ?18 billion yearly ( Anno 2000 ) .

Griffith 2001 while mentioning to the Egan study rethinking building ( DETR 1998 ) stated “ the wellness and safety record of building is the 2nd worst of any industry ” and made a suggestion that “ accidents can account for 3-6 per centum of entire undertaking cost ” . Accidents, unsafe state of affairss and hurts are regular in the industry. The building industry has suffered hapless wellness and safety records over the past 20 old ages. This point is farther highlighted in the Health and safety statistics 2008/09 with the undermentioned figures.

Ill wellness: 1.2 million people who worked the old twelvemonth were enduring from unwellness ( Long-standing every bit good as new instances ) believed was caused or aggravated by current or their past work. 551,000 of this were new instances. 216 people died as a consequence of mesothelioma ( 2007 ) , and thousand died from occupational malignant neoplastic disease and lung diseases ( HSE statistics 2008/09 ) .

Injuries: a entire 180 workers were killed at work ; this rate signifies 0.6 per 100,000 workers. 131,895 of other hurts to employees were reported under ( RIDDOR ) Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations, a rate of 502.2 per 10, 000 employees. Labour force study ( LFS ) recorded 246,000 a rate of 870 per 100 000 workers ( HSE statistics 2008/09 ) .

Working yearss lost: a sum of 29.3 million yearss were lost overall ( 1.24 yearss per worker ) , 24.6 million due to work-related sick wellness and 4.7 million due to workplace hurt ( HSE statistics 2008/09 ) .

In a related position COHME ( 2009 ) , stated that more than 2 million people employed in the UK building industry have a high happening rate of occupational wellness related jobs because of the type of work they carry out in their work topographic point. The attendant impact of these jobs leaves a long term consequence on the quality of life and the fiscal security to the building workers and their relations in general.

Rational of Study

The research is focussed on the building industry because of the under listed grounds:

The research worker has a peculiar involvement and a professional background in the building industry.

The research will be of great relevancy to the building industry in general and besides the undertaking director in how important are the hazard to wellness and safety and how it can be managed to accomplish undertaking success in the UK building industry.

The research will give an penetration on wellness and safety direction pattern in the building industry and do recommendation that are sensible and applicable in the direction of wellness and safety in the building industry.

Aim and Aims

This research is aimed at critically measuring the wellness and safety direction pattern as it relates to project success in the building industry.


Undertaking aims are concrete statements detailing what a undertaking hopes to accomplish and they should be specific, mensurable, accomplishable, realistic and time-based. It is of import that they are shared and clearly interpreted by all relevant undertaking participants and cardinal stakeholders in order to construct a common apprehension and way every bit good as avoid struggles ( Kerzner, 2006 ) .

The aims of this study hence, include:

To look into the execution of wellness and safety Management patterns in the UK building industry.

To place the best patterns in Health and Safety programmes in building undertakings.

To indentify the key jobs that needs to be addressed in order to better the wellness and safety public presentation in building.

Scope inclusion

The research will fundamentally be carried out as secondary research and will include best patterns that will help in building undertakings, cut downing the rate of wellness and safety affair like Accidents, unsafe state of affairss and hurts which are regular in the industry and will ease in undertaking success.

Scope exclusion

This research will non include carry out of any primary research in the wellness and safety in building industry.


This research will include the following deliverable when concluded.

The complete research study on the capable affair that will hold 5 chapters in the undermentioned sequence get downing from an debut chapter and 4 other chapters which include literature reappraisal, methodological analysis, rating and recommendations.

A Gantt chart demoing the clip agenda of the research study saying the start and the finish day of the month of each of the chapters.

A proposed inquirer designed for primary research intent.

Premise and consideration

It is assumed that all stuffs that were used for this secondary research difficult right information at the clip of the survey.


Consideration of wellness and safety direction practise in the building industry because of its high rates of accidents.

The UK was considered because the Location of my school and handiness of stuffs for the secondary research.


For a research to be meaningful and fulfil the intent for which it was intended, it has to be set abouting utilizing an appropriate method. Common research methods include studies, focal point groups, experiments, informations excavation, events survey, historical research, grounded theory, action research, literature reappraisals, descriptive anthropologies and instance surveies ( Miles and Huberman 1994, Cooper and Schindler 2003, Salkind 2003 ) .

The survey is a secondary research which is achieved by transporting out critically measuring on relevant literature on the capable affair from diaries, text editions and the usage of wed sites from the cyberspace sites.

Health and safety marks: advancement to 2008/09

hypertext transfer protocol: //

A good start. Section 1 ( the debut ) is still weak and need a better construction. You still besides need to include all the subdivisions discussed in the tutorial as follows:

vA Introduction

vA Overview of the instance survey

vA Overview of the research

vA Rationale: -Academic, Business, Personal

vA Aims and Aims

vA Scope

vA Deliverables

vA Premises and considerations

vA Methodology

vA Undertaking agenda

vA Structure of Research


Chapter 2 literature reappraisal

Moss harts ( 1998 ) defines literature reappraisal as the aggregation of accessible paperss ( both published and unpublished ) on the capable affair that contains information, thoughts, informations and grounds. This choice is written from a peculiar point of position to carry through certain positions or show certain purposes on the nature of the subject and how it should be investigated, and the efficient appraisal of these paperss in relation to the research being proposed.

A literature reappraisal can be said to be an appraisal ( secondary research ) of a survey that has been conducted in a peculiar field of research country.

The literature reappraisal in this research will be aimed at replying the undermentioned research inquiries.

To look into the execution of wellness and safety Management patterns in the UK building industry.

To place the best patterns in Health and Safety programmes in building undertakings.

To indentify the key jobs that needs to be addressed in order to better the wellness and safety public presentation in the UK building industry.

Every twelvemonth 1000s of people die from work-related diseases chiefly due to

Exposures, several old ages ago, the figure of malignant neoplastic disease deceases from findings estimates the one-year work-related malignant neoplastic disease deceases is around 8000. About 4000 malignant neoplastic disease deceases each twelvemonth is due to exposure to asbestos and about 15 % of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ( COPD – including bronchitis and emphysema ) could be work associated. This implies there could be some 4000 COPD deceases each twelvemonth related to past occupational exposures to exhausts, Chemicals and dusts ( HSE statistics 2008/09 ) .

Accidents are another cause for concern as fatal hurts to workers in 20008/09 ( probationary ) was tantamount to a rate of 0.6 human deaths per 100 000 workers, the building sector histories for 53 human deaths. While reported non-fatal hurts to employees in 2008/09 were 27594 major hurts, the rate of hurt was 105.1 per 100000 which over one tierce was caused by stealing or stumbling or stumbling, 103,301 other hurts to employees ensuing to absence from work for over three yearss, which is tantamount to a rate of 397.2 about two fifths were caused by managing, raising or transporting and about a one-fourth due to stumbling or stealing ( HSE statistics 2008/09 ) .

Health and Safety is fast going a norm in most industries ( Hoorebeek, 2004. )

Investigate the execution

Fatal diseases

a- a- Each twelvemonth 1000s of people die from work-related diseases

chiefly due to exposures many old ages ago.

a- a- The figure of malignant neoplastic disease deceases must be estimated instead than counted.

Emerging findings from work to bring forth up-to-date estimations suggest

the one-year figure of work-related malignant neoplastic disease deceases is presently around

8000. The following stage of the undertaking will seek to gauge the figure

of malignant neoplastic diseases that will ensue from current conditions.

a- a- About 4000 malignant neoplastic disease deceases each twelvemonth are due to past exposure to


a- a- In 2007 there were 96 deceases from asbestosis ( as underlying

cause ) , and 156 from other types of pneumonoconiosis, largely due

to char dust and silicon oxide.

a- a- Around 15 % of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ( COPD –

including bronchitis and emphysema ) may be work related. This

suggests there could be some 4000 COPD deceases each twelvemonth due

to past occupational exposures to exhausts, chemicals and dusts.

80. Besides in 2005 and as predicted at the H & A ; S Summit earlier in the twelvemonth, OGC published Common Minimum Standards for the procurance of reinforced environments in the populace sector ( CMS ) . The consequence of a desire by Ministers for a commonalty of attack to better value for money, the CMS describe those policies that, as a lower limit, the wider populace sector must use to building undertakings. The wellness and safety Standard, drawn up in coaction with HSE encompasses all the earlier counsel mentioned above.

81. OGC has really late published a Case Study entitled DWP Jobcentre Plus roll-out Occupational Health & A ; Safety, which describes the good wellness and safety pattern the Department of Work and Pensions has employed to present their Jobcentre Plus undertaking in an model manner whilst accomplishing value for money.

82. Presently HSE, OGC and the DTI have jointly commissioned research to set up current take up of best pattern, so that lessons can

105. BWF have undertaken the aggregation of accident statistics for member companies, and have carried out a value-added appraisal of the popular BWF Machinery Safety Cards. This has reinforced the concern instance for wellness and safety by supplying grounds that each Safety Card, when decently used, has the possible to salvage a member company ?1300 over its life-time.

107. CECA has now begun the bite of one-year accident statistics from its members.

108. The Major Contractors Group ( MCG ) have revised their Health and Safety Strategy in 2005 to include the undermentioned committednesss:

Site Initiation

o Everyone working on an MCG site will travel through a wellness and safety initiation procedure that will dwell of an MCG Site Challenge, and a site wellness and safety familiarization. The initiation procedure should whenever possible include:

o A ‘Site Challenge ‘ , delivered by the most senior director on site for that undertaking for all workers before they start on site. This is to take topographic point at a set clip and suited locale whenever new workers are get downing on site. Merely in exceeding fortunes can a worker start on site if he misses the Site Challenge.

o MCG Companies will bespeak of every client, a short CEO statement sing their committedness to the highest criterions of wellness and safety. This statement is to so have in the ‘Site Challenge ‘ .

o Immediate designation of supervisors to take topographic point at the challenge through the issue of colour-coded helmets for supervisors, and a clear statement of outlook sing their cardinal function and demand for them to dispute hapless pattern and reinforce safe working. Supervisors to be available to all secret agents to decide wellness and safety jobs on site.

o Publishing at the challenge ( or briefing ) stuff puting out the undertaking ‘s nucleus information and criterions

o Follow-up with a site familiarization, undertaken whenever possible on-site instead than in a schoolroom.

o Site Hazard Boards to be used on all MCG sites to reenforce the cardinal messages.

Elimination and Reduction of Health Risks

o MCG companies will necessitate permutation of smaller merchandises or acceptance of mechanical handling techniques for certain edifice stuffs as specified in this policy.

O MCG will develop a group hazard appraisal strategy for the appraisal of hazards from noise and quiver from building works and equipment

Health Surveillance and Rehabilitation

O MCG will seek to hold industry criterions for the proviso of specialist occupational wellness practicians active with member companies, by puting up a Working Group.

Provision of Training and Information

o Information ensuing from the MCG Group Risk Assessment Scheme will be made freely available to all.

o The Major Contractors Group ( MCG ) , states that 77 % of all workers were CSCS qualified by October 2005 with 87 % rank common amongst direct employees of member companies and 71 % amongst subcontractors.

o Other CC member federations besides report advancement with the National Contractors Federation ( NCF ) , accomplishing 71 % CSCS enrollment and the Civil Engineering Contractors Confederation ( CECA ) making 80 % take up for all workers. CECA members have made strong advancement in 2005 prosecuting the supply concatenation on CSCS ensuing in a return up of 75 % amongst sub-contractors.

o The National Contractors Federation ( NCF ) are in the procedure of developing an occupational wellness scheme that will be completed in 2006.

o The National Federation of Builders ( NFB ) continue to develop an Accredited Membership strategy where members can go ‘accredited ‘ through audit and must put out developing programs to develop their employees.

O NFB and UCATT have made strong advancement widening worker engagement in wellness and safety, with about 120 little NFB members actively involved in the Workers Safety Adviser ( WSA ) Project. Feedback from employers has been positive throughout. Year 3 support ( if granted ) will see the strategy move to the NE, whilst go forthing a sustainable hindquarters service in the Midlands.

o Scottish Building have provided over 50 free wellness and safety preparation yearss to its members in 2005, and have set up a partnership on wellness and safety with NHBC.

o Scottish Building will be establishing its occupational wellness support service in 2006, and are looking to heighten the service in partnership with UCATT.

Safe Site Access Certificate 120. The Certificate – available on the SEC Group Website – – comprised of a checklist that enabled member houses to decide site wellness and safety hazards with the chief contractor before the member house arrived on site. SEC Group is seeking indorsement of the Certificate from the Major Contractors Group and the Health and Safety Executive.

124. The British Constructional Steelwork Association ( BCSA ) have now established a regular and accurate accident informations aggregation from a dedicated figure of members that allowed the everyday monitoring of statistics. From December 2005 the BCSA would be able to supply a 12-month peal statistic analysis if needed to their members. This would be used to back up the Revitalising programme and, of class, be available to portion the information with other SEC Group member associations.

The TUC supports a continuance of support for the Worker Safety Adviser ( WSA ) strategy. The success of partnership undertakings between the National Federation of Builders, the Construction Confederation, Federation of Mater Builders, TGWU and UCATT demonstrates that battle of workers in little and average sized companies is possible utilizing WSAs. The undertakings have focussed on assisting employers to put up constructions that encourage worker battle. Both undertakings have improved workers ‘ apprehension of wellness and safety issues, led to improved concern public presentation and established sustainable partnerships between those involved in the undertakings.

To indentify the jobs that needs to be addressed in order to better the wellness and safety public presentation in building.

The jobs confronting wellness and safety direction pattern in the UK building industry are as follows.

Designs that meets all H & A ; S criterions in building ( with a position to the function of interior decorators in forestalling such accidents has been published by )

The chief causes of accidents relate to workforce attitudes towards H & A ; S.

The work force ‘s ability and willingness to use safe attacks to working and consciousness of their ain and others ‘ H & A ; S.

Lack of equal preparation and instruction, of wellness and safety practises

Clients ‘ attitudes and attacks to building.

The Great Britain wellness and safety ordinance has been in being, traveling back over 150 old ages. The current system came into being with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act ( HSW Act ) in 1974 with further considerable alterations in 2008. This was to supply a incorporate institutional construction and legal model for wellness and safety ordinance ( HSE 2009 ) .

Overview of wellness and safety in building industry in the UK

Hart, C. ( 1998 ) . Making a literature reappraisal: Let go ofing the societal scientific discipline research imaginativeness. London, Sage.

Pull offing wellness and safety in building. Construction ( Design and Management ) Regulations 2007. Approved Code of Practice L144 HSE Books 2007 ISBN 978 0 7176 6223 4

Health and safety in building HSG150 ( Third edition ) HSE Books 2006 ISBN 978 0 7176 6182 4

Workplace wellness, safety and public assistance. Workplace ( Health, Safety and Welfare ) Regulations 1992. Approved Code of Practice L24 HSE Books 1992 ISBN 978 0 7176 0413 5


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