Health Care System Essay

New Health Care System Brenda Miller The University of Phoenix Develop a unique proposal that describes a new health care system. Considerthe current us health care systems strengths, weaknesses and challenges. Be sure to include the following: what is your vision for the new health care system? who benefits most from this new system? are there any populations that would be disadvantaged by this new system? If so who? What current challenges would be solved by implementing your new proposal would the proposed system create any new problems?

For a new health care system I would impliment free health care for the poor and elderly. No longer would people that are struggling on a day to day basis have to pay for there medications or hospital bills. Also I think that everyone that recieves the free health care should be drug tested. This would prevent people abusing the government. No longer would someone be able to get benefits while sitting at home and doing drugs. I would make it so that the wealthy would pay more taxes so that this would be possible. I think that everyone would benefit from this new system in the long run.

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Health Care System Essay
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I think this because even though the wealthy would be paying more in taxes, ultimatly for the people that cannot afford it, it would be fair for everyone. I believe that if you have money for frivolous things then you should help someone that is less fortunate. The wealthy population may feel as a disadvante in this situation, however it is what we need in society to get out of debt and have fairness for everyone. The current challenges with the current health care system would mostly be the cost. Many americans cannot afford to get their medications that are crucial for survival, others are stuggling under a pile of debt.

My new health care system would solve these problems. No longer will poor americans have to struggle and wonder if they will make it through the following week. They wont have to worry about the pile of hospital bills on their counter. This will also prevent stress in americans. The less stress that a person has the less likley they are to get sick, and it even reduces the chances of a heart attack. I think that this new system may cause some new problems, just like every new system, however I think that it will help more than it would have the opposite effect.


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