Health Decisions Essay

Health Decisions and the Biopsychosocial * Describe an example of how biological factors influenced a decision you made, and how the decision impacted your health. Biological factors include physical conditions you have either inherited or developed over time. Sample response: Heart disease runs in my family. When I turned 21, I decided to speak with my doctor about what I could do to control my risk. She provided me with Web links to help me tailor my diet and exercise to help lower my risk of getting sick, and she scheduled regular blood tests to help monitor cholesterol.

The decision to see my doctor and stick with her advice will help me live a longer, healthier life. Both of my parents have really high blood pressure. They control it through the use of medication, but the thought of being on medication for the rest of your life does not appeal to me. I read everything I could on the subject of high blood pressure, consulted my physicians, and talked to friends who have experience with high blood pressure, either through their parents of in themselves.

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I learned that excessive salt intake, a diet high in fats and too much protein all contribute to high blood pressure. I changed my diet, read labels to determine the sodium content of my food, reduced my intake of fats, and increased the fiber in my diet. I do not have high blood pressure and never have, but I think taking preventative measures now will help me have good heart health in my life. * To give an example of how psychological factors influence health decisions, describe the thought process and emotions that influenced a health decision you made in the past.

What motivated you to make the decision, and how did the decision impact your health? When I found out that I had skin cancer, I had a choice to make. I could do nothing, or I could go through with aggressive treatment. As a student with a course load that is challenging, at best, I knew that I might have to sacrifice the quality of my school work if I underwent the treatment at this point in the school year. My life, however, is more important to me than school. What good is a diploma if there is not life?

So I chose to go ahead with the chemotherapy, and to try and maintain my studies as best I could. The impact on my health what role do social factors play in your health decisions? Reflect upon the influence of your values or the values of someone else. Share an example of how your values or others’ values influenced a health decision you made in the past, and describe how the decision impacted your health * In my social group, hugs and handshakes are the normal. When we greet one another, we laugh and smile, shake hands, and hug.

It is our thing. Since I became ill and was diagnosed with cancer, however, I have been more cautious. I don’t shake hands as much, and if I do, I use hand sanitizer. My friends understand this, and some are using hand sanitizer themselves, but I miss the handshakes and our routine. However, the impact to my health is to keep germs at bay, at least while I am being treated. I cannot wait to be finished with the treatments and return to our old routine. It might be the first thing we do!


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