Heroes, the topic was are there real-life Essay

A hero can come in all shapes, sizes, genders, and racial backgrounds. Heroes usually are oblivious to our knowing because, for the most part they are humble and may not know themselves that they are heroes. The truth Is that there are many real- life heroes among us whether famous or Just an average person doing their Job. A real-life hero can be divided Into three groups, “voluble heroes”. Action heroes” and “family heroes. ” A “visible hero” is a hero that is commonly seen and their acts of heroism are far more publicized. These are people who worked very hard to become the best at what they do. In addition to working hard they have became public figures and have strengthened and inspired many people. One example would be Michael Jordan. Sure he is an amazing basketball player, but that in no way is what makes him a hero. What makes is a hero is that he is an amazing person with a huge heart. He has hon. society how to remain normal when everything around us seems unreal.

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Heroes, the topic was are there real-life Essay
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He has climbed to the top time and time again and has never given up. Another example of a hero would be Mayor Giuliani. Regardless of the tragedy society suffers mayor Giuliani gives the public the courage and leadership to move on. Through his leadership and words he finds a way to make the public feel safe. One final example of a visible hero would be Christopher Reeves. On screen he will always be remembered as Superman, but off the screen he will be remembered for never going hope and continuously recovering from his paralysis.

He is constantly finding new ways to adapt to his lifestyle and to recover from his physical ailment. All these people are heroes because we look up to them and aspire to be like them. They are leaders and role models and inspire us through both actions and words. “Action heroes” are heroes that are changing the world around us everyday. These heroes change peoples live one at a time. They Include, but are not Limited to Police, Fireman, Paramedics and Teachers. Both police and firemen put their lives on the line everyday In order to protect society.

At any point a police officer could get shot or a fireman could get burned alive, and for this they are heroes. Paramedics work many hours and work to save lives. They arrive where medical attention Is needed and work very hard to help people survive their injuries. Lastly there are teachers. Teachers are dedicated to their work and their students. Many teachers are paid salary. But stay after hours to aid students or to do extra work in order to prepare he most rewarding Jobs. Finally there are “family heroes. These are the heroes that are most commonly referred to as heroes. They can include a person’s father, mother, grandmother, grandfather etc. These particular heroes provide us with a foundation to life. They give us life as well as love and all of life’s needs. They are there for us when times are at their worst and never Judge us on our personal decisions. “Family heroes” are often the most important people in someone’s life. These people my sacrifices in order to love and protect what they cherish most.

Most of all, these people love us unconditionally and will never let us down under any circumstances. For this they are heroes. Whether a hero is a visible, an action or a family hero they all are heroes and all inspire society to be heroes. Though visible heroes are usually famous, that does not make them more important than any other heroes. Action and Family heroes often have Just as much if not more inspiration for society. In the, end Just about anyone can be a hero, what makes them a hero is doing what they do and inspiring everyone around them.


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