Heroism Sample Essay

Who is your hero? People may have various answers to this question. Some will name the famous figures that made their impact on the society development; others will picture film or book characters. They are the ones, everybody knows about and praise for their actions. But what is the true heroism?

To be a hero one should not be famous. It is something deeper and more meaningful. Heroism is when someone is courageous, but this trait is not always defined accurately. It is not only to save somebody who is sinking or dying after an awful accident. There is no doubt that such people pretend to be called heroes, but the list of heroes does not end only by these examples. There are lots of situations in our everyday life in which we need this important quality with the title “courage.” And only those people who managed to show it in their lives are worth to be called the heroes.

One needs to be courageous to state against the injustice in the society. We can meet many people in the history and in our days who were not afraid to claim for the equality and stated against the caste system which divides people for the better and the worse. Some figure from the thousands of others dared to stand and fight for others rights. They are truly heroes and proved this by their lives. The courage is needed to tell the truth in the society where everybody used to lie and surround themselves with the illusion picture. Those who find the strength to stand up and name all things with their names are truly the heroes.

It is impossible to become a hero by doing nothing. This title can be received only by the significant actions. A hero always knows what to do and is always ready to help others. To be ready to help one needs to be delicate and sympathetic in order to understand the situation others appeared and feel on oneself what they feel. These are the main traits of the true hero: courageous, charitable and understanding of others. We live in the world where most people are worrying only about their own problems and do not try to notice someone else. But if they do, they can see that lots of from their surrounding are faced with bigger troubles, and they need other help to survive. Fortunately, there exist people who have the courage not to concentrate on their own lives and help someone who is in need.

The heroes are ready to sacrifice. It can be not advantageously for them, and they could lose something they have or miss the chance to improve their own conditions. However, they state the others’ needs higher than their own ones, and this makes them true heroes. They do it not waiting for the repayment; they do it because they are able to understand others and want to care for them. They do it because they know how to love sincerely and unselfishly.

It may sound easy from the first point, but it is not actually. Becoming a hero is hard work, and you are supposed to break your habits daily, to sacrifice yourself and stop being selfish at all. A hero is the one who cares about others and only after that about himself. He is the one who has developed in himself the most precious quality which is called the courage. He always proves his title by the good deeds and never attracts others’ attention to this. And the great news is that everyone can become a hero!


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