High Rise Storages Condominium Building Construction Essay

A building undertaking was given with a high rise 25 storages condominium edifice has been constructed which located near the residential country in Manjung, Perak. Entire country for this building site is 7000 square foot. Procedures majorly consist of four phases, that is started with site readyings and site probe which is before building starts. Following process will predate to sub-structures which structures below the land so followed by super-structures and in conclusion which is external work. In this study we will demo the activities for site readying, readying of site probe study, job that may hold for sub-structure and super-structure and etc.


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High Rise Storages Condominium Building Construction Essay
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Before building started, some readying should be done so that the building procedure can be continuing swimmingly. A bad site readying will detain the whole building procedure and it will loss company money and clip.

2.0.1 Activities that involve in the site:

Site clearance: glade or taking the stuff that above the land such as tree, debris, stone/rock and etc.

Earthwork: Activities such as digging for cut and make full on the building site, foundations.

Venturing: a board that shows intent for this building, contractor, site applied scientist which O.K. by local authorities.

Margin fence: a fencing that cover the whole building site which do non let foreigners come in or cognizing the whole building procedure.

Dewatering: foundation colony intent, by pumping out the land H2O which consider affect the stableness of whole edifice.

Impermanent edifice: edifice that build for impermanent such as labours hostel, site office, shop house, lavatory.

Impermanent entree route: soil route or crushed rock route which is impermanent concept for transit intent.

2.0.2 Equipment and information should cognize before building started

Construction stuff.

Site office, shop house, lavatory and etc.

Inactive Crane and tower lift.

Position of H2O pipe, electric overseas telegram, drainage system

Local province of by-laws


Site probe is a assemblage of information about the proposed location of undertaking such as main road or edifice. All of site probe was followed by codification of pattern which given the most safety, economical and stable building.

2.1.1 Code of practice- site probe

Determine either the dirt is suited for site building

To acquire specific information for complete design, safety and economic system

To fix for building options

2.1.2 Requirement and job facing for SI


Soil Profile and Ground H2O tabular array

In-situ trial and research lab experiments

Short term and long term bearing capacity of foundation



Lateral Earth force per unit area

2.1.3 Phases of SI

Desk of survey It was a making the site to acquire information every bit much as possible for both geological and historical. Information can be gain through geological map, site reconnaissance study and aerial picture taking.

Preliminary Investigation Mainly focal point at foretelling geological constructions, dirt profile and place of land H2O tabular array by doing few boreholes at the site. Preliminary design of the construction can be done in the terminal of this phase.

Detailed probe Proceed the existent subsurface dirt geographic expedition by utilizing suited equipment. Stairss of dirt geographic expedition: drilling and unmoved testing, sampling, and research lab testing.

Monitoring To detect on the site whether the outlooks of the proceeding probe have been realized. Measurement were made during the monitoring phase such as colony, supplanting, distortions, disposition, and pour H2O force per unit area


Sub-structure is the construction that builds below the land such as stacking & A ; foundation, cellar, column stumps and land beams.

3.1 Problems that may go on for sub-structures

Soil profile non suited for high rise construction.

Land H2O tabular array excessively high, possible happen upheaval force to the constructions

Majority content soft stone ( limestone ) which non suited for pilling.

Bed stone in incline form that will impact the edifice in future such as colony, slide distortion in a portion of the sub-structure.

3.2 Solution to get the better of

For GTW excessively high, process dewatering to drive the H2O out by doing the dirt more compactable.

For soft stone under the land, procedure boring to more deeper until the location of strong stone range.

Procedure pouring concrete cement into the empty infinite under the land which building pilling can be done more stable.


It is a construction that builds on the land. These constructions will non being behavior if the sub-structure is non complete.

4.1 Problems that may go on to super-structures

Cracking in the slab and walls

Honeycomb occur at chief column and beam

Missing stuff such steel saloon to back up the storage of edifice when edifice is building.

4.2 Solution to get the better of

Make more checking on those critical parts by site applied scientist and supervisor

Make certain those bring arounding procedure on concrete constructions is adequate.

Finding another stuff to replace, such as cement


It is a finishing work at the terminal of the building. In this undertaking the external work will be behaviors such as roads, landscape, vehicle parking, trough, sewer and fencing.


Street lamp pole will be done in 14 yearss either approve or reject

Procedure on application of license route digging will O.K. within 2 hebdomad

Contractor enrollment will be done in a hebdomad by propose complete papers and payment

Process stamp a ) for local council will giving to contractor in 8 hebdomad.

-b ) for state/federation, it will be shown by board of stamp in 12 hebdomad

Example for bad site lay out

Figure below shows a bad sample of site layout. As you can see the first error they have been make is the shop house. The location was set at far off from the site, plus they have to traverse the route during reassigning stuff to the site. Following error is the entree point, if the shop house located at that side, the entree point should put at near to the site office so the site director can look into every the stuff when it reassign in.

The 3rd error was made is the undertaking mark board. As you can see it put at the dorsum of the site which non everyone can easy saw it. Last is the place of the site office or lavatory. Both should be topographic point close together so the workers on the site no demand walk a long distance through it.

By holding a good site layout, such as the entree point should shut to the shop house where the shop house have to shut to the site. Another one is the site offices which need near or near to the entree so that the site officer can look into each stuff when they brought in. Most of import is the undertaking sign board which need to put where everyone can cognize what aim for the building edifice for.


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