High School and Best Possible Education Essay

Biographical Essay for Sequestered (Outline) 800 Word Limit Constant: A situation or state of affairs that doesn’t change. [1] When I think constants, I think of things that might not come to the mind of the “average person” (it there truly is such a thing) These things include the speed tot light, gravitational acceleration on Earth, and, as a teenage boy. My desire for food. ‘ [2] The concept of constants really fascinates me because they provide d surefire way of knowing, and I look to incorporate constants Into my life for that very reason. [3] I never outgrew the curiosity possessed in the first few years of life. Although now a bit more sophisticated and focused, my curiosity is still as exuberant as the days before I could even say the word constant Education is the one thing that satisfies this unconquerable hunger tort intimation. A hunger that parallels my constant appetite. Constantly satisfying this hunger Is Just one of many constants I wish to pursue In life. Growing up, there weren’t many constants in my life.

My parents divorced when I was three, ensuing a custody battle that left my older brother, younger sister, and I in the care of a foster home. [4] Eventually we landed in my dad’s parent’s house where e lived for two years until finally reuniting with my dad. I’d visit my mom every other weekend, continuing that tort a couple years until my dad decided we were making a Lorene across the country, twenty-one hundred miles from Phoenix, Arizona, to the heart of the south; Charleston, South Carolina. [5] After having spent the first eight years of my life virtually nomadic, this was Just another adventure. Also, changes of scenery always fascinated me. I Dinner at La Hacienda transformed into Sunday morning breakfast at Granny’s, a small diner run by elderly women in the community, ammos tort authentic soul Todd and southern hospitality (New Paragraph)Tater a brief year situated In a thriving suburb of Charleston, moved forty-five minutes away to North Charleston; d much different environment. 61 stayed for three years and attended third to fifth grade with the friends I made. These were the first real relationships I had formed with people my age and they helped open my eyes to an entirely new culture. L [7] I recently discovered statistics regarding the school I attended and they were quite shocking. My memory doesn’t match the way the rankings portray the school. Tater all, I had many memorable experiences there and never a negative thought about the place. Of the 224 middle schools ranked In the South Carolina, Mornings Middle School was 24th. 6% of the students were black. 8% were Hispanic, and the remaining 6% white. The change in diversity opened my eyes and mind to an equally fascinating way of life. (New Paragraph) [8] After a small taste of establishment, it was time to move yet again. My dad, looking to start a business, led us to a suburb south of Jacksonville, Florida. Just as with South Carolina, we didn’t settle long upon arriving In Florida. Tater moving twice In the first two years, we settled Into the house I have lived for four years now, In d suburb south of Jacksonville.

I I started taking classes deemed “gifted” in the 2nd grade, and continued them until I entered null cocoons. I enjoyed ten small classes AT students Like me, thriving to learn and truly enjoying the process. I In the array of schools I attended, these classes all had a unique approach to education, which really helped feed my curiosity accompanying the introduction of all these new concepts. [10] After excelling throughout schooling, my education became my number one priority. I sired to learn and to go wherever to receive the best possible education.

This led me to Ridgeway High School, the only school in the area offering the International Baccalaureate program. Here, I was certain I could receive an education that would prepare me for my next level of education (hopefully Just one of many more). I Attending the same school for a fourth consecutive year is the closest Eve come to a constant in my life, and it’s something that I would never dream of experiencing any other way. However, there’s still that part of me, that curious little boy, itching for adventure and a new environment to develop in and explore. 1] And in the process, fulfilling my priority of receiving the best possible education? That’s a dream come true. This opportunity is the stability I crave in life; places where I can thrive and pursue my dreams. These places are new maps, unlocked in the game of life, open for me to fully submerge myself. It’s a constant where I know I will be settled and form new friendships, equally as strong as the ones I have now. I know my education is not only my own priority, but the priority of those providing me with it. I couldn’t envision a better environment to take the next step in life. I

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